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DEATH for not going to church !!..in america ??

why did these take the word "church"

out of these passages ? mmmm!

theron creteis@yahoo.com

     TRUE WORD...The Acts of the Apostles 14....

Then Jupiters priest, which dwelt before their city, brought oxen and garlands unto the church porch, and would have done sacrifice with the people....(refering to a church as a pagan temple)

     TRUE WORD...Oseas (thats Hosea chp 8 :14 for you kjv folks)

The Lord will have no pleasure therin: but will remember their wickednesses, and punish their sins. Israel turneth again into Egypt, they have forgotten him that made them, they build churches, and Juda maketh many strong cities: therefore will I send a fire into their cities, and it shall consume their places.

     TRUE WORD...the Prophet Amos... Then said the Lord: behold, I will lay the trowel among my people of Israel, and will nomore oversee them: but the high hill chapels of Isaac must be laid waste and the churches of Israel made desolate:

     see the very Original 1527 - 1534


MARK and don't forget; the religious and churchly ...added the word "religion" AND added the word "church" many times to the text of God... they wouldn't doooo thaaat!.. would they ? mmm Yup! they did :( ...109 times in the NIV ..111 times in the KJV ...109 times in the NASB ...106 times in the RSV...125 times in the NKJV ...yeeesh !

     Dreams and visions that the Lord Jesus Christ himself has given me about "religions and churches of men"

     speaking to the churches...      inside the church...      Religions of men      churches in hell      city church; spiritual drugs       freedom of whorship

     preparing; gathering up      plainfaced harlot and her daughters      hot, cold, luke warm  captives and the angel of light

     three things about the churches of men...      our tents      white church of men  church captives

     woman and the church      body and head

  •  " the church whore...

  •  " the church ...and laying down the "bibles of men"

  • NEW! "idols ...churches...witchcraft"

  • NEW! "weeping against wickedness ...and the few ..."

  • NEW! "the pinnacle of the church ...and the whorish wife ..."                                            


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