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God's Truth

Of the Religions of Men


     In a night dream while in the wilderness ...Within the dream ...all was darkness round about ...and I say even black of black as it was ...no light at all ...then there appeared afar off a woman ...and I was brought nearer unto her ...whoa ...for she was most beautiful to look at ..and she was covered with the rarest and most costly apparel.
     Now I was immediately taken to the woman and whoa ...even was I brought so close to her that I could see the sheer thin fabric of her garment that adorned her ...whoa for it was made of the finest silk with threads of silver and gold ...and costly jewels sparkled as a similitude of stars from all over the garment ...Now I became enchanted by this woman for her nakedness did appear through her garment ...and my flesh did rise up that I might lay with her ...and I found myself looking upon her closely and desirously as a groom might look upon his new bride ...
     Then behold ...she began to stink and as she turned her face to me ...the other side of her was putrid diseased and vomitus to look upon ...filthy rags covered her other side ...draping over as it was a body long dead and rotting ...Behold I jumped back as someone startled in sudden terror ....and I trembled at the thought of her seducing me ...
     Then behold I was taken back and away from her ...and again she turned so that all I could see was her beguiling side ...then behold ...round about her appeared buildings ....such as elaborate churches and temples of all manner and description ...and behold these buildings did align themselves up one amongst the other, gathering up ...as it were to show unto me the history of all manner of religions ...as it was close round about the woman... where the most recent and greatest coming together of all these was...as it was all gathered up close to her ...yet even as I looked did the whole of the history of all religions appear ...as more and more buildings were shown me out of the blackness...and as far as I could see into the darkness of the past... were there buildings and temples until they faded into blackness... where I could not see... And with this I woke up and thanked the Lord and my Father God almighty for saving me from the temptations and beguiling of this woman...


     Now it came to pass as a vision from the Lord as to the matters of people gathering together in a "church" like setting... for I was taken in the spirit to a high place on the mountain side ...to a local "church" familiar to me ... and I stood in the gravel parking lot and looked at the building ...and I asked the Lord "what am I doing here, for you know I want nothing to do with these places" "nevertheless" He said " I have somewhat to show you" and I stood there looking at the building and some how knew there were folks inside... and I said "Lord I am disquieted here and have nothing to say to these people" And He said "nevertheless tell them to come out of there naked" now to this I mightily wondered, yet as the Lord willed I called out "come out of there naked" and behold all came out of the building naked ...now said the Lord "tell them to sit out here in the gravel" (upon the stones) and so I told them this ...and behold all that were of this place sat there in the gravel ...naked!
     Now said the Lord "ask them what they want" and I said unto them "what is it that you want?" and they said "we want some clothes." So I turned to the Lord and He said "tell them this ...that they can have clothes ...but they can not dress up one above another" and so it came to pass that all were clothed ...yet still sitting in the gravel ...and I turned to the Lord again ...and he said "ask them what they want" and so I did ...and they said "we want chairs to sit on for the stones are uncomfortable and do poke us" so I turned to the Lord and He said "tell them this ...that they can have chairs ...but they can not sit one above another"... and so it was they all sat on chairs ... and I turned to the Lord again ...and he said "ask them what they want" and so I did ...and they said "we want a building for shelter for it might rain or cold may come." So I turned to the Lord and He said "tell them this ...that they can have a building ...but they can not build it higher or proudly better than others"...and so it was that a building appeared ...and all these rose up wondering what this was all about ...and started to go in ...the building... and I turned to the Lord again ...and he said "stop them" and so I did for those that would hear.
     Now said the Lord "tell them this, Behold; all these things that you do ...with your dressing up, your glorious pews, altars, and high pulpits ...your fancy buildings and magnificent structures ... you do these things for yourselves"
     As I might add and I pray I am in the spirit ...that these be received of the Truth and Love of God that He might open their hearts to it ...that they "think" not ...in themselves... that they are clothed with false doctrine and religious ceremonies...that they might know truly that they be covered by the Blood of Christ only ...for only for Christ's sake are we reconciled unto our Father ...and not of any of our own doing ...and sit not upon stones to be poked and prodded by the false judgements of men, but that they receive that: yea, even does Jesus ask us to come sit with him on the mercy seat before God, that we might through Him be taught perfectly, by Him; to know the Love and Truth of God ...that they not pride themselves in temples made with the hands of men ...but that we cherish the temple of our hearts, that we might be dear hearted towards God and our blessed Jesus... that we seek not the false shelter of dogma and denominations...but seek to be carried by Jesus to comfort... as He lays us in our Fathers arms, where we might lay our head, our hearts and our bodies... to be at rest and peace by his nurturing ...in perfect Love and Truth.

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