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     There is no doubt that our heavenly Father uses many ways to speak to his children. One way is through dreams and visions.

After this, I will pour out my spirit upon all flesh: and your sons and daughters shall prophesy: your old men shall dream dreams , and your young men shall see visions in those days I will pour out my spirit upon servants and maidens. I will show wonders in the heavens above, and tokens in the earth beneath: blood and fire, and the vapor of smoke.

Those that come from God need to be shared with the real body of Christ.

If you feel you have a dream or vision that you feel should be listed below please submit it to the following address: creteis@yahoo.com

look see the dreams,visions and answers to prayers ...that others have surely received Look see ! :)

     The Recorder of God's truth, has received several dreams and visions. The following segment reveals his heart on the matter as well as a list of personal dreams he feels should be shared with those who would listen.
NEW! Dreams
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     I lay this at your feet...even as I have received the Truth of God...and have been led to the source of the True recorded Word of God. God does give us dreams and visions ...for I have received ...in truth ...the witness of many folks declaring these blessing from our father and Christ Jesu...even so I have received them myself...for others. receiving is believing.
     Again, I lay these visions and dreams at your feet... in the holy fear of God and plainly as they were given.

Before we begin
     As touching these matters ...as the Lord would have it ...I bear this witness ... Beware as to the receiving of dreams ...as dreams are manifest of God for two reasons: First reason ...to bless his children with love and truth...that they might be comforted as the will of God is revealed to them ... for them.
     Second reason ...God has put a curse on those who love their own ungodly imaginations... that they might have dreams also...unto their destruction ...that they and those that follow them might be under strong delusion ...ever swifter going to damnation ...for they would not Love the truth...
As touching the Truth
     Of the loving of the Truth I say this ...as it is recorded in print ...it is only revealed by the Holy Spirit of our Father . This is the verity (realness) of God our father and of Christ Jesu our Lord. Even as Jesu was the Truth, a soul can not love Jesu without loving the spirit of Truth.
     Thank you Father ...thank you Jesu!!!
     Many of Gods children now bear witness to the loving of the truth and to the hearing of the voice of our father.
     As to not loving the truth ...this is not loving the spirit the Word...or not allowing for the hearing the voice of our Father or the Lord Jesu. In so doing ...these that have their own ungodly imaginations of God ...have offended the Holy Spirit of God ...therefore upon these comes this strong delusion ...that leads all these to damnation.


First ...that you might be quickened to the books of the Prophets
that were withheld from you for over 400 years ...
Look and see Books of the Hebrew gathered again unto the word of God

Hebrew Books


Here I will begin to make an open show
of all that the Lord has shown me in visions and dreams
even unto this day.

More recent dreams and visions

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satan ...and the spiritual flesh
the threshing floor and churches of men ...
Man of peace ...not strife
the church sealed
outer and inner self
Prophesy against the churches of the antichrist ...(antitruth)anti spirit...
the White robes of men in their closets ...
Him, the bride ...before the wedding
Green eyed face of death ....
womans lib ...and the robbery and death ..
Heathen schools ...make a way
Burnt mind ...of unworthy thoughts
riches and the wife
Man in stripes
three womens
City boy ...and birth mother of the children of wrath
The wild truck ...on the wide highway ...

former dreams and visions that YHWH (God my father) and his son Yeshua (Jesus) have given me ...Look see !

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