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the danger of dependency on delicate devices...

And measures and matters of The Truth of the "time" we are in ...how "man" ..."thought to change time and times ...

Dearly beloved, be not ignorant of this one thing, how that one day is with the Lord, as a thousand year, and a thousand year as one day.

The Lord is not slack to fulfil his promise, as some men count slackness: but is patient to us ward, and would have no man lost, but would receive all men to repentance.


     Behold in a dread nightmare of the dark season ...of the times and time ..of the season of man ...see son of man ...

and i was taken and shown over the land of the eagle ...

even of the world of the worldly ...

and there were delicate devices ...of the most and many ...

and there was a dependency of the delicate devices ...

even of every thing or measure of matters of any of the most and many of the world of the worldly ...

even of every each one ...

and their whole lives and living ...wealth and being ...

even the images of their lives and living were recorded stored traded and shared of their delicate devices ...

and suddenly there was a making of an open show ...

and the delicate devices ...vulnerable devices ...of industry and power and operations ...appeared ...

and every each device controlled some part of power or works or security or safety...

and the delicate devices were very vulnerable and susceptible to secret manipulation or modification or destruction ...

and the rendering of the purpose and process of the susceptible into the power of others ...

even of rule, power, and against worldly rulers of the darkness of this world 

even of spiritual wickedness, for heavenly things.


and scripture came back to remembrance ...


 If thou shalt hearken diligently unto the voice of the Lord thy God, to observe and to do all his commandments which I command thee this day. The Lord will set thee on high above all nations of the earth. And all these blessings shall come on thee and over take thee, if thou shalt hearken unto the voice of the Lord thy God. Blessed shalt thou be in the town and blessed in the fields, blessed shall be the fruit of thy body, the fruit of thy ground and the fruit of thy cattle, the fruit of thine oxen, and thy flocks of sheep, blessed shall thine *aulmery be and thy store. Blessed shalt thou be, both when thou goest out, and blessed when thou comest in. The Lord shall smite thine enemies that rise against thee before thy face. They shall come out against thee one way, and flee before thee seven ways. The Lord shall command the blessing to be with thee in thy store houses and in all that thou settest thine hand to, and will bless thee in the land which the Lord thy God giveth thee.
       The Lord shall make thee an holy people unto himself, as he hath sworn unto thee: if thou shalt keep the commandments of the Lord thy God and walk in his ways.
      And all nations of the earth shall see that thou art called after the name of the Lord, and they shall be afeared of thee. And the Lord shall make thee plenteous in goods, in the fruit of thy body, in the fruit of thy cattle and in the fruit of thy ground, in the land which the Lord sware unto thy fathers to give thee.
      The Lord shall open unto thee his good treasure, even the heaven, to give rain unto thy land in due season and to bless all the labors of thine hand. And thou shalt lend unto many nations, but shalt not need to borrow thyself. And the Lord shall set thee before and not behind, and thou shalt be above only and not beneath: if that thou hearken unto the commandments of the Lord thy God which I command thee this day to keep and to do them. And see that thou bow not from any of these words which I command thee this day either to the right hand or to the left, that thou wouldest go after strange gods to serve them.
      But and if thou wilt not hearken unto the voice of the Lord thy God to keep and to do all his commandments and ordinances which I command thee this day: then all these curses shall come upon thee and overtake thee: Cursed shalt thou be in the town, and cursed in the field, cursed shall thine almery be and thy store. Cursed shall be the fruit of thy body and the fruit of thy land be and the fruit of thine oxen and the flocks of thy sheep. And cursed shalt thou be when thou goest in, and when thou goest out. And the Lord shall send upon thee cursing, going to nought and complaining in all that thou settest thine hand to, whatsoever thou doest: until thou be destroyed and brought to nought quickly, because of the wickedness of thine inventions in that thou hast forsaken the Lord. And the Lord shall make the pestilence cleave unto thee, until he have consumed thee from the land whither thou goest to enjoy it. And the Lord shall smite thee with swelling, with fevers, heat, burning, weathering, with smiting and blasting. And they shall follow thee, until thou perish.
      And the heaven that is over thy head shall be brass, and the earth that is under thee iron. And the Lord shall turn the rain of the land unto powder and dust: even from heaven they shall come down upon thee, until thou be brought to nought. And the Lord shall plague thee before thine enemies: Thou shalt come out one way against them, and flee seven ways before them, and shalt be scattered among all the kingdoms of the earth. And thy carcass shall be meat unto all manner fowls of the air and unto the beasts of the earth, and no man shall *fray them away.
      And the Lord will smite thee with the botches of Egypt and the *emerods, scale and manginess, that thou shalt not be healed thereof. And the Lord shall smite thee with madness, blindness and dazing of heart. And thou shalt grope at noonday as the blind gropeth in darkness, and shalt not come to the right way. And thou shalt suffer wrong only and be *polled evermore, and no man shall *succour thee: thou shalt be betrothed unto a wife, and another shall lie with her. Thou shalt build an house and another shall dwell therein. Thou shalt plant a vineyard, and shalt not make it common. Thine ox shall be slain before thine eyes, and thou shalt not eat thereof. Thine ass shall be violently taken away even before thy face, and shall not be restored thee again. Thy sheep shall be given unto thine enemies, and no man shall help thee. Thy sons and thy daughters shall be given unto another nation, and thine eyes shall see and daze upon them all day long, but shalt have no might in thine hand. The fruit of thy land and all thy labors shall a nation which thou knowest not, eat, and thou shalt but suffer violence only and be oppressed always: that thou shalt be clean beside thyself for the sight of thine eyes which thou shalt see.
       The Lord shall smite thee with a mischievous botch in the knees and legs, so that thou canst not be healed: even from the sole of the foot unto the top of the head.
      The Lord shall bring both thee and thy king which thou hast set over thee, unto a nation which neither thou nor thy fathers have known, and there thou shalt serve strange Gods: even wood and stone. And thou shalt go to waste and be made an example and a jesting stock unto all nations whither the Lord shall carry thee. Thou shalt carry much seed out into the field, and shalt gather but little in: for the grasshoppers shall destroy it. Thou shalt plant a vineyard and dress it, but shalt neither drink of the wine neither gather of the grapes, for the worms shall eat it. Thou shalt have olive trees in all thy coasts, but shalt not be anointed with the oil, for thine olive trees shall be rooted out. Thou shalt get sons and daughters, but shalt not have them: for they shall be carried away captive. All thy trees and fruit of thy land shall be marred with blasting.
      The strangers that are among you shall climb above thee up on high, and thou shalt come down beneath alow. He shall lend thee and thou shalt not lend him, he shall be before and thou behind.
      Moreover all these curses shall come upon thee and shall follow thee and overtake thee, till thou be destroyed: because thou hearkened not unto the voice of the Lord thy God, to keep his commandments and ordinances which he commanded thee, and they shall be upon thee as miracles and wonders and upon thy seed for ever. And because thou served not the Lord thy God with joyfulness and with a good heart for the abundance of all things, therefore thou shalt serve thine enemy which the Lord shall send upon thee: in hunger and thirst, in nakedness and in need of all things: and he shall put a yoke of iron upon thine neck, until he have brought thee to nought.
      And the Lord shall bring a nation upon thee from afar, even from the end of the world, as swift as an eagle flieth: a nation whose tongue thou shalt not understand: a hard favored nation which shall not regard the person of the old nor have compassion on the young. And he shall eat the fruit of thy land and the fruit of thy cattle until he have destroyed thee: so that he shall leave thee neither corn, wine, nor oil, neither the increase of thine oxen nor the flocks of thy sheep: until he have brought thee to nought. And he shall keep thee in all thy cities, until thy high and strong walls be come down wherein thou trusted, through all thy land. And he shall besiege thee in all thy cities throughout all thy land which the Lord thy God hath given thee.
      And thou shalt eat the fruit of thine own body: the flesh of thy sons and of thy daughters which the Lord thy God hath given thee, in that straightness and siege wherewith thine enemy shall besiege thee: so that it shall grieve the man that is tender and exceeding delicate among you, to look on his brother and upon his wife that lieth in his bosom and on the remnant of his children, which he hath yet left, for fear of giving unto any of them of the flesh of his children, which he eateth, because he hath nought left him in that straightness and siege wherewith thine enemy shall besiege thee in all thy cities.
      Yea and the woman that is so tender and delicate among you that she dare not adventure to set the sole of her foot upon the ground for softness and tenderness, shall be grieved to look on the husband that lieth in her bosom and on her son and on her daughter: even because of the afterbirth, that is come out from between her legs, and because of her children which she hath borne, because she would eat them for need of all things secretly, in the straightness and siege wherewith thine enemy shall besiege thee in thy cities.
      If thou wilt not be diligent to do all the words of this law that are written in this book, for to fear this glorious and fearful name of the Lord thy God: the Lord will smite both thee and thy seed with wonderful plagues and with great plagues and of long continuance, and with evil sicknesses and of long durance. Moreover he will bring upon thee all the diseases of Egypt which thou wast afraid of, and they shall cleave unto thee. Thereto all manner sicknesses and all manner plagues which are not written in the book of this law, will the Lord bring upon thee until thou be come to nought. And ye shall be left few in number, wheretofore ye were as the stars of heaven in multitude: because thou wouldest not hearken unto the voice of the Lord thy God.
      And as the Lord rejoiced over you to do you good and to multiply you: even so he will rejoice over you, to destroy you and to bring you to nought. And ye shall be wasted from off the land whither thou goest to enjoy it. And the Lord shall scatter thee among all nations from the one end of the world unto the other, and there thou shalt serve strange gods, which neither thou nor thy fathers have known: even wood and stone.
      And among these nations thou shalt be no small season, and yet shalt have no rest for the sole of thy foot. For the Lord shall give thee there a trembling heart and dazing eyes and sorrow of mind. And thy life shall hang before thee, and thou shalt fear both day and night and shalt have no trust in thy life. In the morning thou shalt say, would God it were night. And at night thou shalt say, would God it were morning. For fear of thine heart which thou shalt fear, and for the sight of thine eyes which thou shalt see.
      And the Lord shall bring thee into Egypt again with ships, by the way which I bade thee that thou shouldst see it no more. And there ye shall be sold unto your enemies, for bondmen and bondwomen: and yet no man shall buy you

*aulmery: from the root word aul comes awl, a tool used in leather work, aulmery may mean tool house.*polled: from the old tradition: the horns are removed meaning to: lose strength or of a modern definition: questioned continually. *fray (scare) *emerods (boils)
*succour (secure)


  He that is wise loveth his own soul: and who so hath understanding, shall prosper.
      A false witness shall not remain unpunished, and he that speaketh lies shall perish.
      delicate ease becometh not a fool, much more unseemly is it, a bond man to have rule of princes.
      A wise man putteth off displeasure, and it is his honor to let some faults pass.
      The kings dishonor is like the roaring of a Lion, but his friendship is like the dew upon the grass.
      An undiscreet son is the heaviness of his father, and a *brauling wife is like the top of an house, where through it is ever dropping.
      House and riches may a man have by the heritage of his elders, but a discreet woman is a gift of the Lord.


 He that hath pleasure in *bankettes, shall be a poor man: Who so delighteth in wine and delicates, shall not be rich.
            The ungodly shall be given for the righteous, and the wicked for the just.
            It is better to dwell in a wilderness, than with a chiding and an angry woman.


If you see a man that is hasty to speak unadvised, you may trust a fool than of him.
       He that delicately brings up his servant from a child, shall make him his master at the length.
       An angry man stirs up strife, and he that bears evil will in his mind, does much evil.
       After pride comes fall, but a lowly spirit brings great worship.
       Whoso keeps company with a thief, hates his own soul: he hears blasphemes and tells it not forth.
       He that fears men, shall have a fall: but whoso puts his trust in the Lord shall come to honor.
       Many there be that seek the Princes favor, but every mans judgement comes from the Lord.
       The righteous abhors the ungodly: but as for those that be in the right way, the wicked hate them


 For thus saith the Lord of Hosts the God of Israel: The daughter of Babylon hath been in her time like as a threshing floor but shortly shall her harvest come. Nabuchodonosor the king of Babylon hath devoured and destroyed me, he hath made me an empty vessel. He swallowed me up like a dragon, and filled his belly with my delicates: he hath cast me out. he hath taken my substance away and the thing that was left me hath he carried unto Babylon, sayeth the daughter that dwelleth in Sion: yee and my blood also unto the Caldees, sayeth Jerusalem. Therefore thus sayeth the Lord: Behold, I will drink up her see, and dry up her water springs.
      Babylon shall become an heap of stones a dwelling place for dragons, a fearfulness and wondering, because no man dwelleth there. They shall roar together like lions, and as young lions when they be angry, so shall they bend them selves. In their heat I shall set drink before them, and they shall be drunken for joy: Then shall they sleep an everlasting sleep, and never wake, sayeth the Lord. I shall carry them down to be slain like sheep, like whethers and goats. O how was Sesach won? O, how was the glory of the whole land taken? how happeneth it, that Babylon is so wondered at among the Heathen? The sea is risen over Babylon, and hath covered her with his great waves. Her cities are layed waste, the land lieth unbuilded and void: it is a land where no man dwelleth, and where no man traveleth through. Moreover, I will visit Bel at Babylon: and the thing that he hath swallowed up, that same shall I pluck out of his mouth. The Gentiles also shall run no more unto him, yee and the walls of Babylon shall fall.
      O My people, come out of Babylon, that every man may save his life, from the fearful wrath of the Lord. Be not faint hearted, and fear not at every rumor that shall be heard in the land: for every year bringeth new tidings, yee strange wickedness and lordship. And lo, the time cometh that I will visit the images of Babylon, and the whole land shall be confounded, yee and her slain shall lie in the midst of her. Heaven and earth with all that is therin, shall rejoice over Babylon, when the destroyers shall come upon her from the North, sayeth the Lord.
      Like as Babylon hath beaten down and the slain many out of Israel, so shall there fall many, and be slain in all her kingdom. Ye that have escaped the sword, haste you, stand not still, remember the Lord afar off: and think upon Jerusalem, for we were ashamed to hear the blasphemes: our faces were covered with shame, because the strange aliens came into the Sanctuary of the Lord. Wherefore, behold, ( sayeth the Lord ) the time cometh, that I will visit the images of Babylon, and through the whole land they shall mourn and fall. Though Babylon climbeth up into heaven, and keep her power an high: yet shall I send her destroyers, saith the Lord.
      A piteous cry shall be heard from Babylon, and a great misery from the land of the Caldees: when the Lord destroyeth them, and when he driveth out the high stomach and proud boasting, wherewith they have been as furious as the waves of great water floods, and made great cracks with their words. For the destroyers shall come upon her ( even upon Babylon ) which shall take her worthies, and break their bows : for God is disposed to avenge himself upon them, and sufficiently to recompense them. Yee ( sayeth the Lord ) I will make their Princes, their wise men, their chief rulers and all their worthies, drunken: so that they shall sleep an everlasting sleep, and never wake: Thus sayeth the King, whose name is the Lord of Hosts.
      Moreover, Thus saith the Lord of Hosts: The thick wall of Babylon shall be broken, and her proud gates shall be burnt up. And the thing that the Gentiles and the people have wrought with great travail and labor, shall come to naught and be consumed with fire.
      This is the charge that Jeremy gave unto Saraiah the son of Neriah, the son of Maasiah, when he went toward Babylon with Zedekiah the King of Judah, in the fourth year of his reign. Now this Saraiah was a peaceable Prince. Jeremy wrote in a book all the misery that should come upon Babylon, yee and all these sermons that be written against Babylon, and gave Saraiah this charge: When thou comest unto Babylon, see that you read all these words, and say: O' Lord, thou art determined to root out this place, so that neither people ner cattle shall dwell there any more, but to lie waste for ever: and when thou hast read out the book, bind a stone to it, and cast it in the midst of Euphrates, and say: Even thus shall Babylon sink, and be thrust down with the burden of trouble, that I will bring upon her: so that she shall never come up again. Thus far are the preachings of Jeremy

*foordes = shallow area were a crossing can be made through water, perhaps like a moat.


      They that were want to fair delicately, perish in the streets: they that were brought up in purple, make now much of dung.


As for the ungodly, the wrath came upon them without mercy unto the end. For he knew before what should happen unto them: how that ( when they had consented to let them go, and had sent them out with great diligence ) they would not repent, and follow upon them. For when they were yet mourning and making lamentation by the graves of the dead, they devised another foolishness: so that they persecuted them in their fleeing, whom they had cast out afore with prayer. Worthy necessity also brought them unto this end, for they had clean forgotten the things that happened unto them afore. But the thing that was wanting of their punishment, was requisite so to be fulfilled upon them with torments: that thy people might have a marvelous passage through, and that these might find a strange death.
      Then was every creature fashioned again of new according to the will of their maker, obeying thy commandments that thy children might be kept without hurt, for the cloud overshadowed their tents, and the dry earth appeared, where afore was water: so that in the reed sea there was a way without impediment, and the great deep became a green field: where through all the people went that were defended with thy hand, seeing thy wondrous and marvelous works. For as the horses, so were they fed, and leapt like lambs, praising thee ( O' Lord ) which haddest delivered them. And why? they were yet mindful of the things, that happened while they dwelt in the land: how the ground brought forth flies instead of cattle, and how the river crawled with a multitude of frogs instead of fishes.
      But at the last they saw a new generation of birds, what time as they were deceived with lust, and desire for delicate meats. For when they were speaking of their appetite, the quails came up unto them from the sea, and punishments came upon the sinners not without tokens which came to pass afore by the vehemence of the streams: for they suffered worthily according to their wickedness, they dealt so abominably and *churlishly with strangers. Some received no unknown guests, some brought the strangers into bondage that did them good. Beside all these things there were some, that not only received no strangers with their wills, but persecuted those also, and did them much evil, that received them gladly. Therefore were they punished with blindness, like as they that were covered with sudden darkness at the doors of the righteous so that every one sought the entrance of his door. Thus the elements turned into themselves, like as when one time is changed upon an instrument of music, and yet all the residue kept their melody: which may easily be perceived, by the sight of the things that are come to pass. The dry land was turned into watery, and the thing that afore swam in the water, went now upon the dry ground. The fire hath power in the water ( contrary to his own virtue ) and the water forgot his own kind to quench. Again, the flames of the noisome beasts hurt not the flesh of them that went with them, neither melted they the ice, which else melted lightly. In all things hast thou promoted the people ( O' Lord ) and brought them to honor: thou hast not despised them, but alway and in all places hast thou stand by them

*churlishly (rude, boorish, miserly)


When the messengers of John were departed, he began to speak unto the people of John. What went ye out into the wilderness for to see? Went ye to see a reed shaken with the wind? But what went ye out for to see? A man clothed in soft raiment? Behold they which are gorgeously apparelled, and live delicately, are in kings courts. But what went ye forth to see? A Prophet? Yea I say to you, and more than a Prophet. This is he of whom it is written: Behold I send my messenger before thy face, to prepare thy way before thee. For I say unto you: a greater Prophet than John among womens children is there none. Nevertheless one that is less in the kingdom of God, is greater than he. And all the people that heard, and the publicans, justified God, and were baptised with the baptism of John. But the Pharises and Scribes despised the counsel of God against themselves, and were not baptised of him.
      And the Lord said: Whereunto shall I liken the men of this generation, and what thing are they like? They are like unto children sitting in the marketplace, and crying one to another, and saying: We have piped unto you, and ye have not danced: we have mourned to you, and ye have not wept. For John Baptist came, neither eating bread nor drinking wine, and ye say: he hath the devil. The son of man is come and eateth and drinketh, and ye say: behold a man which is a glutton, and a drinker of wine, a friend of publicans and sinners. Yet is wisdom justified of all her children.
      And one of the Pharisees desired him that he would eat with him. And he went into the Pharises house, and sat down to meat. And behold a woman in that city, which was a sinner, as soon as she knew that Jesus sat at meat in the Pharises house, she brought an alabaster box of ointment, and she stood at his feet behind him weeping, and began to wash his feet with tears, and did wipe them with the hairs of her head, and kissed his feet, and anointed them with ointment.
      When the Pharise which bade him, saw that, he spake within himself, saying: If this man were a prophet, he would surely have known who and what manner woman this is which toucheth him, for she is a sinner. And Jesus answered and said unto him: Simon, I have somewhat to say unto thee. And he said, master say on. There was a certain lender which had two debtors, the one ought five hundred pence and the other fifty. When they had nothing to pay, he forgave them both. Which of them tell me, will love him most? Simon answered and said: I suppose, that he to whom he forgave most. And he said unto him: Thou hast truly judged.
      And he turned to the woman, and said unto Simon: Seest thou this woman? I entered into thy house, and thou gavest me no water to my feet: but she hath washed my feet with tears and wiped them with the hairs of her head. Thou gavest me no kiss: but she, since the time I came in, hath not ceased to kiss my feet. Mine head with oil thou didst not anoint: but she hath anointed my feet with ointment. Wherefore I say unto thee: many sins are forgiven her: for she loved much. To whom less is forgiven, the same doth less love. And he said unto her, thy sins are forgiven thee. And they that sat at meat with him, began to say within themselves: Who is this which forgiveth sins also? And he said to the woman: Thy faith hath saved thee, Go in peace

*Jurie (Jewry),


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