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     God's Truth

Why God’s Truth
Versus the King James?

All are bound to the word of God.
No soul can escape God’s Truth.

     This web site will give you access to the First Book, God’s Truth. Not only God’s Truth, but also laid next to it, the King James Version; line for line. Of men, the world has been judged since Christ Jesus of Nazareth, by the using “the Bible”. The time is now, that the recorded truth comes again, plainly. God’s Truth is plain hearted, and simple, by the comparison, you can see for yourselves the differences. I too, grew up with only the KJV, but now is “fresh water” springing up, and the book is open. That truth, that our hearts long for.
     This First Book, God’s Truth, is the very same one, that the KJV was written from. This is to say, a “new language” the first English translation; directly and only; from ancient copies of Hebrew and Greek. Also, for those of you that are willing to receive it, this word is certified before God, and men, by the blood of true martyrs. For the flesh of these folks was burnt at the stake so that “plain folks could receive the scriptures.” This is that “gold tried in the fire.”
     From the first time that I heard “I will give you God’s Truth,” the Lord has kept me, and made a way that I might finish it. Against all my own thinking, he showed me the worldly corruptions of my heart, wherein those things that I believed of the world, hurt me and others. He shows the way. It was him, who moved in my heart, that I might come to the truth, and to the love of God. Him, who moved in all those that helped. It was, and is, the Lord, who has performed these things. I know for a fact, that without him, I would not have done this, I could not have recorded his truth. His truth, the very same truth, so perfect, that it matches what is written in our hearts.
     I was blessed to have the opportunity to record this word of God. I have done so to the very best of my ability recording it word for word from the old and middle English as carefully as if it were for my own family.
     What you will see is the “meat” of God’s Truth, seasoned only with the “salt” of God. This is to say, only those things necessary for plain understanding are added in the form of smaller case letters. My own notes as designated by RN, and the marginal notes, (possibly martyrs notes) are shown as MN. All added things that were present in the original manuscripts have been cut off the text, saving only the body of the ancient word. Even the prologues of the martyrs have been left out, these writings, though they may be edifying, even “living epistles”, are not of the body of the word.

Here, I must say, I believe it is worthy to honor the recordings of David Daniell. The Lord has raised him up. He is one of the worlds leading scholars of English. He was the first to bring forth the modern spelling edition of William Tyndale’s Bible. To honor Tyndale, David Daniell recorded the books directly attributed to Tyndale. Namely First Moses (Genesis) through Second Chronicles. His Tyndale New Testament includes Matthew through Revelation.
     This meant however, that 33 books were left out, namely, from the end of 2 Chronicles through the Ballets of Solomon, all the Prophets, and the other Hebrew books; of what is commonly called the Apocrypha. David Daniell’s work does however include; most of the martyrs notes and prologues as well as a rich testimony of literary history. I believe God moved in David Daniell, and I have spoken this to him by phone. By the hand of God, David Daniell helped me further, that I might find photos of each page of the entire original William Tyndale Bible. He very graciously, wrote ahead to the British Library, that they might receive my request for another entire Bible.

The Lord moved me to desire above all things, the complete, simple, plain, true word of God. This blessing, received, is that love of the truth, as it is recorded. It is through this love of the truth, that the recorded word of God becomes one fabric, we become one people, his people. We become woven into that seamless fabric of the living. Covered only of God our father, and only by the hand of Christ Jesus of Nazareth.

     This is the “verity” of God and Christ, by which their “realness” is plainly opened to us.

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