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God's Truth

My Dream
Discerning the Love of God

     The Lord did give me a dream of a woman and the interpretation thereof.
It is as follows:

     I was swimming in vast waters, there was nothing but waters as far as the eye could see, and as I was swimming I looked beneath the water and behold a most beautiful woman was somehow held under the water as though there was something tied around her feet. Startled, I dove down frightened for her that she might drown.
     I went first to her feet to see what held her. Behold she was chained to the bottom. Panicked, I blew what air I had left into her mouth and headed to the surface for air. Again I dove to give her more air and to look again at the chains to see if I could free her. As I scrambled for the surface the second time I thought if only I could find a hose, a pipe, a scuba tank, anything I might be able to save her. Yet breaking the surface again nothing was to be found. And so still panicked I dove a third time down to her weeping as I went. Again I breathed into her mouth as deep sorrow fell over me and as I tried for the surface again I prayed, “Lord she's going to drown I can't keep doing this.”
     Immediately I was taken away from the dream in the spirit and the Lord spoke saying, “This woman you see is the Love of God and she is drowning in the waters of the world (false teachings and the information blitz). And look, there is no device of man that can save her (no church, religions or any other thing made by the hands of men). She can only be kept alive by the sharing of the breath that God has given his children, yes even is it that first breath breathed into you by God himself that you might have life. This the children of God must breath into one another least the love of God dies among you.”

     Now I speak this as a man and pray I am in the spirit. The Love and Truth of God is inseparable, for this breath we share is the breath of God our Father and it is the Truth and Love of God. Even as Jesus our precious Lord was - is Gods love, and truth - we must in all ways to our last breath share the Love and truth of God with each other. Turning away from all - all teachings of men - to Love the truth of God, that the Love and Truth of God remains on the earth. For if this is not accomplished, and the earth be found without any Love or Truth of God on it, then of all this earth there will be nothing worth saving on it for the peoples sake.
     May the Lord make and open show of all things as our hearts are prepared in these days.

The witness between Theron and Stephen concerning this dream

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