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God's Truth

Compare for yourself !

(the very 1st Word of God in English)

     The hope of this program is to help you very easily see; the difference between God's First Truth (1527)...Tyndale and Rogers...and the LATER ... "bibles of men".

     Offered here for you is the very first "bible of man" ...in english ...namely; the 1611 King James version and also the very latest ...King James version ...

     Consider too ...the kjv version has been, and still is somewhat... the most widely read bible version. All other common use versions, such as the NIV or NASB, are very simuliar to the kjv in text and in the spirit. (serving the spirit of religion and the world of the worldly)

     Within the text of God's First Truth; all footnotes marked RN are the modern recorder’s notes and those marked MN are marginal notes from the original text. Marginal notes (MN) are mostly credited to Tyndale, yet some may be of John Rogers. All other extras that were found in the original documents have been cut from the text, save only the body of the word. Even the prologues of the martyrs have been left out.

To compare online ... God's First Truth vs KJV ...a Frames format is being offered.

The New Testament .....Matthew to Revelation ..................................The New Testament...
               (Look see !...now more plain ! all 1611 kjv, niv, latest kjv finished )

The Old Testament .......Prophets and the Hebrew Books withheld from You .......Old Testament (part 2)
               (Look see !...now more plain ! the Prophets finished )

The Old Testament .......1st Moses to Ballets of Solomon.............Old Testament (part 1)
               (Look see ! now more plain ! 1st - 5th Moses - 2nd Samuel ...Psalmes, Proverbs, working )

Or order the complete text (2 volumes) for YOU and YOURS...

I counsel thee to buy of me gold tried in the fire, that thou mayst be rich: and white raiment, that thou mayst be clothed, that thy filthy nakedness do not appear: and anoint thine eyes with eye salve, that thou mayst see.

To order the Books God's First Truth

For more on the reasons for GT vs KJV as well as the recorder's testimony of how it came to pass see: Why God's Truth versus the King James?

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