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Vision of healing at White horse

Jackie     jackiem_55987@yahoo.com

     I was traveling with a christian friend through Whitehorse, Canada. That morning...I kept saying: Lord you prepare a table for me against my enemies, my cup will be full and overflowing and it was! I asked God ...God show me your will...the way Jesus saw your will?

     My friend and I decided to eat breakfast at a busy restaurant. Before we could even open the door..a man opens the door for us...and prepares a table for us. My friend goes to the lady's room and I'm sitting facing the entrance.

     A petite lady in her 50s walks in wearing a brace around her neck. I felt compassion for her and asked God...show me your will for her.

     I then saw in a vision..Jesus walking up to her and putting his hand on her right shoulder and he said to her," I love you." I was so joyeous that God showed me his will for her.

      But I hesitated to tell her what I saw..because I thought(my own reasoning) my friend can do it..she has been a christian much longer than me.

      I repented...and said God I will do it...because you showed me exactly what to do. So, I walked up to the gal with boldness...and told her what I saw. " I was sitting over there and I saw Jesus put his hand on your shoulder and he said he loves you."

     She received my witness and her eyes were filled with love.

      Now my religious teachings would have been to lay hands on her and say, "In the name of Jesus take off that brace and be healed." But God didn't give me that to say...he just said he loved her.

      I had to actually fight my religious training and mimicing of others or mimicing what Jesus did or the apostles did.

      God was showing me that to do what Jesus did ..is to see and do God's will now, not mimic miracles.

     Jesus is alive and in us showing us the Father's will for this day. We just ask him to show us his will and do it. I had been taught by religion that we need to do what Jesus did... but God taught me to do what Jesus is doing now in this new day that the Lord has made.

     God doesn't desire robots that imitate what happened yesterday...but he desires a real walk with him of compassion and love for the hurting. He will show us his will. Ask the Father in my name and according to his will and it shall be given to you says our savior Jesus Christ.



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