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spiked haired youth

the recorder creteis@yahoo.com

Part 3 of 4

      From within the same dream that began with the merchants mountain ...

     Spiked haired youth ...in and within the same dream (richman rabbit) ...comes this and I found myself still in this most miserable city ...and all manner of wickedness was against the youth ...and they had went utterly to all manner of insanity ...painted heads, spikey hair, pearced of orniments and drugs and noisesome music and sex and whatso ever pleasure could be put upon them ...and thrown at them ...by the fitlthy blasting of the merchants of men ...and the youth did become so foul ..that they within themselves saw nothing of any worth ...and desired death ....

     and Behold out of a most dark cloud ...appeared two youth ...one a young man ...and the other a young woman ...and both appeared as spike headed, painted, pearced and and dressed in the colors as the merchants would have them ...and there was space between them ...and there was darkness between them ...as it appeared a long table with a most dark and stinking cloud over the table appeared ...and the young woman was at one end and the young man at the other end ...with his back to her ...

     And the young woman beckoned unto the young man ...across the length of the table with the dark cloud over it ...and she was very earnst in her calling after him ...yet he, though hearing her, remained sitting on a stool with his back to her ...and faced away ...and he spoke "I am in the temple of God" ...and the area around him began to change ...and the dark cloud went away from the table and and the table appeared very worthy and beautifull ...and the young mans countenance changed and he became plain faced ...and I asked him what does this mean ...? what does "I am in the temple of God" mean to you? ... and he said ..."I am in the heart of God" ...and so it came to pass that whenever anyone asked him of anything ...he answered "I am in the temple of God"..."I am in the heart of God"...

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