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Rich man and the rabbit

the recorder creteis@yahoo.com

Part 1 of 4

     Merchants mountain ...Rich man and rabbits ...the unworthy merchants mountain ...

     in a dream of the night did I find myself on a high mountain ...snow covered and all white ...clear skies, cold, and the air was thin ...and a rich man was trying out his sporting weapons ...and the finest of all weapons did he have ...and great pride did he have in his wealth and weapons ...and the finest clothes did he have ...and he felt no cold ...and he played and was very merry and happy in his high place ...with thin air ...and cold as it was ...and about him were his chosen ones ...friends and family and they too ...like him, had the same heart ...yet there was nothing to kill ...and he did love to shoot his weapons

     ...and behold a small rabbit appeared ...in the coldness of the snow ...and did scurry and run and dart and hide ...though it was as if the little rabbit ...did not know he was in danger ...and I could see through the sights of the rich mans weapons and the cross hairs of the weapons were always searching out the wee small rabbit ...yet the rabbit could not be kept in the cross hairs long enough that the rich man might shoot him ...yet it was a game, to the rich man to scare the rabbit ...and he had great pleasure in the scaring of the small thing ...as he shot and shot never being able to hit the rabbit but musing himself greatly with the sport of it ...

     And my son appeared ( a young man in his youth) ...and the rich man offered to him that he might also enjoy these fine weapons and have fun shooting ...and my son did like the fine weapons and the shooting of them and mused himself ... Yet the rich man tried to move him that he might shoot the rabbit ...Yet at this my son said no for he had no heart to kill the rabbit ...at this the rich man was offended and turned his face from my son ...and had no pleasure at my sons being there ...so at this my son ...walked up the highest peak of the mountain ...and vanished in the air ...and was seen no more ...

     Now did a flying devise come over head ...and it was like a helicopter...and I mused myself (for I had flown helicopters in the past ) ...and it seemed that it had come to show me something ... and as the helicopter banked ...there was a sign on the side of it that said..."you have won this " ...and I thought what a wonder ...now I can leave this mountain to this rich man ...yet I had to go down the mountain ...myself in order to obtain the helicopter ...and I did ....and then the dream changed and I found myself in a miserable city of the woman of the bank ....(link)


     Now the interpretation: is and the Lord is with me ...the rich man are the worldly ...who love riches and have great pride and pleasure of things ...and the weapons are all the devises of these worldly men ...that are used to amuse themselves ...(to make more money ) and to frighten the rabbits ...rabbits are those of the world without money ...

     For if you have two people standing in front of you ...and you were to look on them as the world does ...the only thing that is a difference between them is their money ...one (with money) being the rich man and the other (without money ) being the rabbit ...

     Now of the mountain, the snow, the clear skies, the cold, the thin air, and ...clothes ...the mountain are the high places of the rich ...and as they see themselves ...the richer they are the higher they are above all else ...of the snow and its whiteness ...do these think they are clean and perfect in their wealth and doing all things worthy ...and who can judge them for they judge themselves worthy in the world ...of the cold ...is the coldness of their hearts ...(which coldness they will not survive when found naked before the Lord ) ...yet they think their clothes "covering" will keep them warm ...as it is the covering of their own philosophies, their own judgement, their own religions, their own life styles, their own spirituality ...keeps them ...these and many other understandings of men are their "coverings" in which they think themselves justified ...keeping themselves warm ...(alive) ...yet they are dead if their covering be taken away ...And the "air" about them is very thin ...for it has only the slightest breath of God in it ...that they might repent of all this worldliness ...yet will they come back down ? Or will they keep rising higher till there is no breath of God at all ...and they have nothing left to breath in ...except their own deceptions


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