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social filled Churches and the whipping

Jackie     jackiem_55987@yahoo.com

     I visited a Christian Center in Alaska, a few times. I prayed after my visit asking the Lord why I judged bondage there. I knew the pastor and sensed that he and his wife had a heart for the Lord

     The following is the dream the Lord gave me:

      I'm with the pastor standing close to the pulpit. The light is bright around both of us. I feel the lightness of the Lord.I look out at the large congregation. It is dark and overshadowed with a grungy green.

     At the very back of the congregation a group of people tied my young daughter to a pole, her hands tied in back. They are whipping her. Her head is down.

      I run from the pulpit through the dark crowd, untie her and take her place. My hands then raise up out of the ropes and I shout at the congregation...see this is what Jesus did for you! Many of them couldn't hear and they looked at me as if I said nothing and their eyes were red.

      I awoke that morning shaken but blessed. I knew what the dream meant.

     The pastor and his wife were lights in a dark place. Many of the people in the large congregation were darkened by their lust to whip God's children in shape. Many were also social filled and not spirit filled.

     My daughter representing the innocence of the body of Christ being whipped and punished by the social filled group.

     My taking her place is Christ in me, Christ in me, set her and me free of social filled religions and controls.

     The Lord also desired me to pray often for the pastor and his wife as they were lights in a dark place.

     Notice I did not have to endure the whipping, Christ took the stripes for me.

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