God's Truth

The Testimony of Leonard Spaccarotelli

God's Truth to Me

      Fifteen years ago I was introduced to God the Father and his son Jesus, baptized and felt the joy and love of God threw Jesus Christ. Having a wife that did not believe or have faith in the truth was pulling away from me. Understanding now that it is the evil ones plan to break the family. Especially in a case such as mine where a married couple has one walking in light the other in darkness. The evilness will use the one in darkness to attack the other in Christ. But then all I could think about was losing my wife who was my first and only love so I left the Lord. Making all kinds of excuses in my mind, "I'll back off from the Lord for a while, regain the confidence of my wife and than I'll try to bring her to the Lord again." To think such a thing now makes me laugh that I could of myself bring anybody to the Almighty. Funny how man likes to play God. We were made in his likeness to serve and praise him, not be him! From that moment on things were never the same between my wife and I she slowly but surely pulled away, and ten years after I left the Lord, she left me with two daughters that I'm pretty much raising myself. And she is in the death of sin, sorely deceived by this world and the god of it.
      Thirteen years ago I walked away from the Lord, but he never left me. Every now and then something would be spoken to my heart. At first I just wrote it off as foolishness, thinking again as a man (in the flesh) that no way this could be of God because I left the Lord so why would he care about me? This is the first and greatest lesson that I have learned. That God calls whom he calls at his own pleasure, for his own purpose. That grace is the free will gift of the Father. Not respective of person or works, Grace can't be earned or bought. And that he Loves us so much that he sent his beloved Son to save us from the law of this world.
      Things would be spoken to my heart such as: "you left me for her, now she's gone what's your excuse now?" And all the bad decisions that I made, trying to live life without my Father in Heaven. One bad decision after another, He'd say to me "what did you expect. I (God) showed you the truth, you believed the truth, and you walked away from the light. This is what happens when you walk in darkness". Two years ago something was spoken to me as such "buy a computer go on the Internet and look up King James". I'm thinking sure just what I need, go spend $4,000 dollars for a computer. When I'm drowning in finical woes just staying above water. But the thought didn't go away, and as always not wanting to believe where it was coming from. Id think why would the devil want me to do such a thing. It didn't make sense why he (the devil) would want me to do such a thing as look up King James. And if this was God telling me this, don't he know how broke I am, its the last thing I need right now is a computer (Thinking in the flesh what a waste of time). After two years of this I finally gave in.
      Praise God for his patience towards me. So I bought a computer six months ago, against all of me own reasoning. Go on the Internet start an email account do some surfing not giving a second thought of why I brought this thing. The next mourning my 15 year old daughter checks my email and finds at lest 50 e-mail for sex sights. The first thing that came to mind was you "jerk" you were just fooled again, spent money that you shouldn't have on something you didn't need because you thought you heard God talking to you. Needless to say I was feeling kind of foolish right about then!
      A month after I bought my computer I was looking for my youngest daughter, the oldest one tells me that she's in the attic. Now it was March and the cold air from the attic was making everyone in the house cold so I yelled up to her: "what are you doing up there"? She tells me she's reading the Bible. She informs me I have a lot of Bibles up there and asked me if I would read it to her because it was too hard for her.
      That night when the kid's went to bed I looked up King James. Thousands of sites to choose from, and for the first time in years I prayed to the Father in the name of his Holy Son Jesus. "Help me find where you want me to go. Surely I can't do this myself." So I start scrolling up and down, Gods Truth was the only one I stopped at. And from that moment on I knew this was where I should be!
      In the five months being in the truth (Real Truth) The Lord has opened such mysteries to me I can't help but wonder why me? "What now Father", I haven't been in a house of God in thirteen years. And surely don't know where to go. So until he leads me to a house of Worship I'll stay here reading and studying his word and with much enjoyment submitting myself to His Spirit. I can't in good conscience go to a house of worship. Where the words like church & religion are said with such great conviction, and the King James with its diluted version of the truth is taught. Surely I don't want the traditions of men. The Almighty has suffered me this far, in my heart I don't feel he brought me to God's Truth to compromise now. I trust he has a plan for me and I have faith that whatever it is its perfect. According to his own will.


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