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God's Truth

When He Reached Down His Hand for Me--My Testimony

Susan RevSusanB@aol.com

     I had been sick for six years with no diagnosis except "connective tissue disease". The kind, such as lupus, etc., was not diagnosed; it takes 4-10 years to return positive in lab studies. I was having severe drug reactions one right after another to common medications, even the eyedrops they use to dilate your pupils to examine your eyes. On Saturday (it took me five days to get saved, I was so sick) just in passing a lady said, "God Bless You."

     Now, how many times have you heard that phrase--only this time it was different; it came from the heart. I thought and meditated the next five days, trying to work full time, having to go to the doctor's office almost every day, and reacting severely to everything they gave me to help.

     On Thursday morning, my husband took me to the doctor--my blood pressure had risen to 250/130 in the emergency room the night before. The doctor gave me a capsule in the office to lower it, and it did; only before we could get out of town to go back home, it was rising to a horendous rate. Then and there he and I made the most important decision we had ever made--not to go back to the hospital but to go on home. We knew there was nothing else they could do for me in the medical field.

     That afternoon my husband sat beside my bed as I got worse and worse, and I explained to him what all I wanted done after I was dead. I was in severe pain and could not get up. This was from 1 PM to 7 PM. At seven I decided I would change and lie down in another bedroom. By then after five days, I had begun to read my Bible in earnest.

     I was lying across the bed on my stomach, reading what I could see of the Bible. The passage I was reading is not important except for one factor: It told me God cared for me and other believers did to. About that time, I had a sensation of being slammed down as forcefully as I could be handled onto the bed, and when I came down, I landed on the Solid Rock, praise God!

     My mind was so altered with drugs and drug reactions that I couldn't think very well, but I knew that my life was changed forever--that Christ had used the old John 15:16 on me!

     I studied the Bible on my own for three years, and now I also have a three year theology degree. On November 1, 1997, three years after I was born again, God called me to the Ministry.

     Yes, I am still very sick in the sense that I have three connective tissue diseases and deal with a lot of pain. I have been healed 12 times; even damaged heart valves were healed. I am also on chemotherapy for the three connective tissue diseases, but I am Rev. Susan M. Bolt, one of God's chosen, peculiar people, and He ministers through me by the Holy Spirit every day. I just want to serve Him; that's all. I have special compassion that only the drugs could have given me; you see, although I was never an addict and don't know what it is to cope with it, I know what drugs can do to your mind as well as your body, and I know that the damage is permanent, unless God intervenes.

     What has God's Truth revealed to me: It means He watches over each and every person, and He will use any willing vessel He can find. There is no one too sick, too old, too far in sin, too anything that God can't restore and use to the glory of the Kingdom!



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