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Lords helps with burdens

theron creteis@yahoo.com

Spiritual Teaching .....

     In a dream following the vision of stars ....I found myself in like unto a classroom ...yet teared as though the seats rose up above me roundabout ...and a man like unto a minister ...handed me a microphone that he had used before ...and after doing this he left the area where he had taught from ...and stood at the edge of the room ...for a short time and then left. Neither was there anyone worldly to regard the teachings that were about to take place.

     I stood there in a mighty wonder as the room began to fill up with people ...and behold they carried things with them ...cars, houses, vast, paperwork, books, pills, clothes, and all manner of things that they were burdened with everyeachone...whatsoever they were burdened with did they bring into the room ...wether the matter of their burden was seen or unseen ...every thought every deed every matter that burdened them did they bring into the room ...and I was astounded ...and in mighty wonder what all this was about and what was the matters of these people ....

     And the peoples began to quietly ask questions one at a time ...and of the Lord I was given utterance to help them with their burdens ...and one by one of the questions asked and answered ...their burdens went away and appeared no more ...everyeachone was glad of the Lord's help and the vanishing of their burdens ...and in the process of time all were set free of their burdens everyeachone ...and each one learned of the others questions and answers also ....and all stood there in silence ...and I spoke to them a last time ...saying "and they all said:" leaving the answer off for them to respond to ...and they all said with a shout..." have a blessed day " ...and I was astonished ...and they all left happly thankfull to God and in the joy of the Lord's help.






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