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Of Hell

     In a night dream I was taken in the spirit (yea might even of the flesh) into Hell ... It began as though I was flying or moving along above the tops of clouds. Below lay a blanket of clouds stretching out as far as the eye could see in all directions.
     As I traveled I was very much aware of a spiritual presence that was with me, yet in the beginning nothing was said between us. Then I asked "where are we going"? To this the guide said "you must be shown Hell." I thought whoa and nay as I struggled with the thought for it began to scare me.
     Then off in the distance I saw what appeared as a large pit in the clouds. At first looking it was as if the clouds where sucked down into a huge gaping pit, large enough for the most populous city. Now as we drew near to the edge I beheld an eery light of amber red and faintly green. (lights of some cities today still remind me of this color) There arose a stench from the place so bad that it brought me to the very point that I might vomit and my head began a pounding ache.
     Now once over the edge I could see a city with all its buildings yet there was nothing of nature living there for all was covered with a greenish amber slime. As we approached a somewhat deserted place near a building, the ministering spirit spoke again to me. He said you must remain here for a time to look and see all, for your sake and a witness to others. Yet know that you will not be left here, but it is good that you should know of these matters.
     So there I stood alone in Hell and of all things that I saw I will share with you (as the Lord allows and brings to remembrance) First, my flesh felt as a similitude of worse than the most sever hang over I ever had; my head throbbed, stomach at the verge of vomit and heavy weakness, as though my flesh had turned to lead. These feelings of the flesh never lessened all the time I was there, in fact they got worse, as I fell to the ground vomiting and looking to rest.
     Now appeared others and horror fell over me as I beheld their countenance. I knew that these were feeling the same way I was, but worse matters were over them, for they could not shut their eyes ...ever. All that there was to eat or drink was this yellowish red green slime, which they could not turn from. And this slime was of this matter; for it was the yellow of urine, the green of dung, and the red of blood that was so excruciatingly twisted from these in their own torment. Neither could they be still for even a second for the matters of their wicked hearts drove them so. These were so sore vexed of themselves that they never rested nor were they able to hide, for I noticed that none of the buildings had windows or doors. Now there were men and woman of all ages, every each one caught up in a torment of some kind, exactly as was the condition of their hearts. Large mean and bullish men ran with an entourage of smaller worshipping men these chased other smaller men till they captured one. Then an amazing thing happened, as the large and mean man brutalized the smaller man, the other worshipers turned on him. Now the worshiping smaller men began to brutalize the large mean man, and the fight was on till some smaller men lay dieing and the larger man was subdued in pain and agony unto death. The pain that all felt in harms way was like unto cats when they fight as the claws run deep into the flesh one gives up spewing urine and dung all over. Each of these men large and mean or small and worshipping meanness died in such a way ...Yet behold ...in the very instant the fight was concluded with all manner of suffering ... it began again ...none died ...all began again and again the chasing, capturing, brutalizing, and killing... for they could not die or have any rest.
     I was soon to know that this is the manner of Hell, that there is no death, but a never ending ordeal that is repeated over and over again. That there be no rest from their wicked heart condition.
     Now many others were shown me ...with lust of the flesh, ... For behold men and women who had given themselves over to such things never rested either nor had any conclusion to their appetites.
     For those that lusted after the flesh was of this manner...Lust of the Flesh ...I saw men and women in HELL...in all manner of unnatural acts ...eyes that never closed ...nostrils ever filled with vomitus stench...bodies covered with all the excretions of the flesh ...dung sweat urine blood ...always tormenting or being tormented, stalking or being stalked, ever grueling sexual riots...insatiable lust with no pleasure...twisting, injuring, and being victimized in the most heinous sexual ways ...they could never turn from this cycle of vile torment ... yet these were never were they satisfied ...at the very moment that these might feel some pleasure ...it was snatched away from them to start the lust all over again ...continually... without rest ever ...for they had no understanding of time... and as to the children lost to abortion ...I saw women in HELL...walking around with umbilical cords hanging from their loins and dead babies dragging behind them in the dust ...they were still looking for sex....
     And so it came to pass that all things of consumption were shown me. This is to say all manner of things that we might be consumed by; wherein we would forsake the spirit; that which is good, for the satisfying of our fleshly appetites. A similitude being a heart that would turn away from helping a child in true need, that our flesh might be satisfied. As it was all things that are not turned away from ...things lusted after deep in the heart and justified through the thinking of worldly people. There was all manner of gluttony and wantonness; foods, drunkenness, drugs.
     These of this nature in Hell were so vexed by their own wicked heart condition that they sought with all desire continually to satisfy themselves. They hunted every corner of Hell for the things they lusted after, yea even finding as it were tokens of their lust. Yet of these tokens was no relief given them, for a bottle might be found part full yet at the drinking of it would be as urine. Still these could not ever turn form seeking more; that their fleshly hope might be satisfied.
     Now a fear come over me beyond understanding and I trembled to the root of my soul that I might be kept here ...in this and in the greatest of heaviness I prayed fervently to be woke up for I felt as though I was dieing. At this I woke up in a terrible sweat.
     Yet all day during my waking hours I prayed Lord don't take me back there ever again and put this dream in the lake of forgetfulness...as I can not seem to shake off the remembrance of the torment. And it was as late that evening before going to bed I did pray fervently Lord please don't take me back to Hell in my night dreams. I trembled as I went to sleep ...yet again Oh Lord ...again I found myself traveling across the clouds again towards Hell...
     Now I tell you plainly that I was very much discomforted by this taking me back to Hell and did say as much to the ministering spirit. At this he said" do not be troubled for you will not be taken back into Hell, ...yet there is more that I must show you". Again we approached the edge of the pit and I was withheld from going in there again ...and at this I was comforted. It was in fact the very same place as I had seen the night before, yet now more things were shown me. Even as it was I could some how look very close at the goings on down there, without actually being down in the place. Suddenly I was startled as I looked across the pit to the plain of the air over the pit ...Behold ...Satan...and he was bound wrapped tight with bonds, yet appeared to have some power over Hell ...as he watched the goings on intently...and his jeweled chest did give off the only light that fell upon Hell ...at this scene I trembled but my fear exploded as Satan moved somewhat in his bonds as though suddenly aware that we were watching...Now he turned his head toward us and looked at me with his eye ...I was shaken beyond understanding, as I thought all manner of wickedness might come over me. Even was I set to flee from Satan looking at me then Behold the ministering spirit I was with stretched out his arm and smote Satan in his face turning his eyes back to Hell and leaving him scared on the left side of his face. At this I was astounded and moved beyond understanding, even very concerned for the fear of vengeance upon me by Satan. Yet behold the ministering spirit spoke to comfort me saying "do not be troubled for this was done for your sake ...for Satan is not to ever look upon you ...Whoa I was blessed unto tears of Thanksgiving and could not contain the joy and peace that came over me ... It was immediately after this that I was taken to see more of the doings in Hell, it was as if I was not there in the flesh but only in the spirit. This is the witness of what I was shown and the matters thereof.
     First was shown me the vanities of the wicked heart...for a woman appeared to me as if to look at her from one side. And of the side that I could see she was beautiful and finely dressed all perfect with every thread and hair in place ...yet as she turned her other side was ugly and revolting to look upon. Her face was twisted as if it had been burned scared and sores oozing puss dripped and ran down upon the filthy stinking rags that covered her other side. Yet she could not turn from the perfecting of herself and the glorifying of her image. As it was she looked upon herself in a mirror continually as her eyes could never shut neither could she turn form the masking of her purification. Likewise were there men on this same order half sided handsome and the finest suit the other side disease and putrefied rags ...and none ever rested from their vanities of their heart...
     More vanities were shown as to the loved objects ...those "things of the world" that are wanted after to no returning. Again all manner of things cherished for there were men and women that loved their cars, boats, airplanes, collectibles ...and whatsoever they could not turn from the wantonness thereof...these did polish, clean, and labor at these objects of their wicked wantonness without stopping. Yet even as they labored so did the object tarnish, rust, fall apart and were consumed, as it were back into the ground from which they came. Again no end to the lusting after and the pride of these goods ...yet never in anyway did anything last.
     There appeared also schools and universities where in all manner of "wisdom of the world" was sought after. And these did seek to attain highness for the glory of their own thinking and scholarship. Further these were of two countenances; there were the high and mighty teachers and the worshiping students. And the students did lust after attainment according to the ways set forth by the scholars. Even did the scholars lust after to be higher one above the other. Yet the teachings were away from giving glory to God and bent only to glorify man. So it came to pass that all labor and never ending seeking came to the acquiring of a document a certifying of their worthiness. This certifying was such that all desired the documents and would turn from nothing till it was attained. Yet upon that acquiring of the certification that all would glory in ...it was blank ...for it was worth nothing ...And so these would start all over again with all lust, labor and drivenness to obtain again that which they might be gloried in ...
     Then behold professionals appeared ...and these were being chased continually by others that believed in and worshipped them ... first there were physicians that had made much money by cutting the flesh of folks ...for gain only ...and these were chased about without rest ever ...and cut upon by their worshipers for the money buried in their flesh ...and these worshipers would catch one of these physicians of the world and begin to cut at them to see if they could find coins within their flesh. Again even as they died in brutal agony ...did they rise up again to start it all over again ...
     And as it was with all no matter what they worked or practiced upon the innocent. No matter of what profession or labor they were, all who do these things for the love of money and the pride of goods were there in Hell. All who did rob, hurt and greed after the innocent ...all did fall to the most torturous fullness of their own wicked hearts and minds...
     Then I was taken to a special place in Hell and shown the works of faith therein. There appeared a similitude of a church...yet it had no roof and no walls ...all appeared as filthy and stinking with dung and money mixed together everywhere... yet the pews where lined up and the minister was standing in his high place in front of all the worshipers... as it was I was shown the wickedness hearts and thinking of these ...for the worshippers were blinded by their own glory and justification and did look only to the minister of the place ...worshiping all that he said ...yet hearing nothing ...and they fed him with coins that he did have an appetite for ...yet as he became full of the money he did relieve himself ...and his dung mixed with coins did the people eat...And the minister did preach mightily, raising his hands up in all earnestness to the light that shone down upon him.
     I was then quickened to look up and behold there was Satan...again the light was of his jeweled chest ...and it was shown me the matters between Satan and this minister ...for Satan desired that the people worship him and bent the minister to do his bidding ...and with all that the minister could do he could not turn the people from himself ...that they might worship Satan ...for the people could not see Satan but only the minister was able see him ...now every time the minister tried to get the people to worship Satan ...yet they worshipped the minister only ...at this did Satan smite the minister with torment of mind ...and so the cycle never ending... always ministering, worshipping, smiting, defecating, eating of dung and coins ...on and on forever without rest ...
     Here ended the dream of Hell and all the matters thereof ...and I awoke and thanked the Lord for all the matters shown me ...

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