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God's Truth

Of the Healing of My Flesh

     As it came to pass I was afflicted in the flesh as I recorded the Word of God ...I was barely able to move without pain...at the moving of my shoulder I could actually hear my bones at the joint grinding ...yea even at my hips was I so sore that a small flight of stairs would take me ...say 90 seconds to get up ...with a pause in the middle. I thought to myself ...its just your silo building days catching up to you, for in those days dawn to dark I had to carry 50-80 lb. staves (building blocks) and 150 to 200 lb door frames. Thought I might have worn out my joints and now this is the result.
     Then one afternoon as I headed up the stairs, I paused and prayed "Lord I know you are able to heal ...yet I have never seen someone "that I knew" was disabled healed by a miracle. Lord count me not as a doubter but as it is recorded "help my unbelief" ...that I might be healed of this pain and grinding in my joints ...by and by I became better and at this writing ...by the Lords hand... I can dance before him in joyfully THANKSGIVING.

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