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The Truth of the "time" we are in ...
the touch ...the embrace ..."in"brace ..

And the measures and matters of The Truth of the "time" we are in ...how "man" ..."thought to change time and times ...
the touch ...the embrace ..."in"brace ..

Dearly beloved, be not ignorant of this one thing, how that one day is with the Lord, as a thousand year, and a thousand year as one day. The Lord is not slack to fulfil his promise, as some men count slackness: but is patient to us ward, and would have no man lost, but would receive all men to repentance.


     Behold ...in a dream of the nightmare season of man ...i was taken ...found mineself in a vast university of man ...

     and it was like unto all the teachings of man ...all of all ...in all in one place ...so vast was the place ...

     and narrowly any could find their way ..."their way" in the place ...for all of all were seeking their own course in and of their life ...and living ...in and of the world ...

     and students of the world were all roundabout ...and going here and there ...to catch this class ...or to find this course ...and seemed all "thought" they knew what and where they were going ...within ...within the place ...

     except me ...i had no idea why or wherefore i was there ...neither ..where i was i such a place ...and the halls of it and the rooms of it and the buildings of it seemed endless ...though i knew they had an end ...

     Now was given to me to teach a course ...a course ...a way ...the way ...evenso as i had been taught ...of God my father and my brother and Lord Jesus ...

     and the course was on how souls are bound together ...and all of all the other professors ..of the world laughed me to scorn ...and made no way for me to teach ...neither any place given me to teach in ...only was i allowed to go about the halls of the place ...and teach ...within ...within ...the halls and hearts of the place ...was i allowed ...

     and was given me ...shown me ...of God my father and of mine brother and Lord Jesus ...how that peoples come together in spirit and in truth ...even of touch ...and embrace ..."in"bracing one another ...

     Now within ...deep within each ...each soul ...is as it was is ...a current ...like a flowing ...(like unto electricity) ...and in and of this flowing ...within ...within each ...each is known of one another ...in spirit and of truth ...as it is the gift of God...within the making of Jesus our brother and his keeping safe and saved and mended of heart soul and mind within ...

     and this is the only way ...only way that i can show ...what i was shown ...of this flowing ...within ...

     Evenso the teaching were ...are very simple ...tween one another ...one unto another ...and the voice of the street calls it "chemistry" ...when two peoples meet ...that seem to them ...each of them ...that they are some how "meant" for one another ....

     Yet this NOT the lust of the flesh as in the heathen ...for it is written even the heathen love those that love them ...

     Nevertheless is greater and much much moreso even ...of God our father and our brother and Lord Jesus ...for the spirit of the truth of it is perfect ...and perfect knowing flows ...and follows ...

     again simple ...for it is in the touching of hands ...is knowing ...OR NOT ...and not as shaking of hands like when peoples make agreements ...no not at all ...it is in the touch ...of the hands ...one unto another is the knowing ...

     and again ...NOT for the "feeling" of the flesh ...Yet there is a blessing ...and a comfort and warmth ...and a knowing ...a sharing in the spirit and the truth of God our father and of our brother and lord Jesus ...and that of surety ....no doubt ...

     and there was a hug ...embrace... "in"brace ...and the same gifts shared ...and known no doubt ...

     and there was a holy kiss ...and the same gifts shared ...and known ...no doubt ...


1 book of Moses 3rd chapter

     But the serpent was subtler than all the beasts of the field, which the Lord God had made: and said unto the woman: ye, hath God said in deed, ye shall not eat of all manner trees in the garden? And the woman said unto the serpent, of the fruit of the trees in the garden we may eat, but of the fruit of the tree that is in the midst of the garden ( said God ) see that ye eat not, and see that ye touch it not, lest ye die. Then said the serpent unto the woman: tush ye shall not die: but God doth know that when soever ye should eat of it, your eyes should be opened, and ye should be as God, and know both good and evil. And the woman saw that it was a good tree to eat of, and lusty unto the eyes, and a pleasant tree for to give understanding. And took of the fruit of it and ate, and gave unto her husband also with her, and he ate. And the eyes of both of them were opened, that they understood how that they were naked. Then they sewed fig leaves together and made them aprons.


also see as to touching the Prophets


the Prophet Esai 5

     Thus shall man have a fall, he shall be brought low, and the high looks of the proud layed down. But the Lord of Hosts, that holy God: shall be exalted and untouched, when he shall declare his equity and righteousness after this manner: Then shall the lambs eat their appointed fodder, and shall feed plentiously in the mountains. Woe be unto vain persons, that draw wickedness unto them, as it were with a cord: and sin, as it were with a cart rope. Which use to speak on this manner: Let him make hast now, and go forth with his work, that we may see it. Let that counsel of the holy one of Israel come, and draw nye, that we may know it.


the Prophet Esai 6

     Then flew one of the Seraphins unto me, having a hot coal in his hand, which he had taken from the altar with the tongs, and touched my mouth, and said: Lo, this hath touched thy mouth, and thine unrighteousness is taken away, and thy sin is *forgiven. After this I heard the voice of the Lord talking advisement on this manner: Whom shall I send, and who will be our messenger? Then I said: Here am I, send me. And so he said: Go, and tell this people: Ye shall hear indeed, but ye shall not understand, ye shall plainly see, and not perceive. Harden the heart of this people, stop their ears, and shut their eyes, that they see not with their eyes, hear not with their ears, and understand not with their heart, and convert and be healed.


the Prophet Esai 22

     The heavy burden upon the valley of visions. What hast thou there to do, that thou climbest up in to the house top, O thou city of miracles, *seditious and willful: seeing, thy slain men are neither killed with sword, nor dead in battle? For all thy Captains gat them to their horses from the ordinance, yee they are all together ridden away, and fled far off. When I perceived that, I said: away from me, that I may weep bitterly. Take no labor for to comfort me, as touching the destruction of my people. For this is that day of the Lord God of Hosts, where in he will plague, tread down, and weed out the valley of visions, and break down the walls, with such a crack, that it shall give a sound in the mountains.


the Prophet Esai 30

     And your destruction shall be like as an earthen pot, which breaketh no man touching it, yee and breaketh so sore, that a man shall not find a *shever of it to fetch fire in, or to take water withal out of the pit. For the Lord God, even the holy one of Israel hath promised this: With still setting and rest shall ye be healed, in quietness and hope shall your strength lay. Notwithstanding ye regard it not, but ye will say: No, for thus we are constrained to flee upon horses. And therefore shall ye flee, we must ride upon swift beasts, and therefore your persecutors shall yet be swifter. A thousand of you shall flee for one, or at the most for five, which do but only give you evil words: until ye be desolate, as a ship mast upon an high mountain, and as a beacon on a high hill.

     Yet standeth the Lord waiting, that he may have mercy upon you, and lifteth himself up, that he may receive you to grace. For the Lord God is righteous. Happy are all they that wait for him. For thus ( O thou people of Sion and ye citizens of Jerusalem ) shall ye never be in heaviness, for doubtless he will have mercy upon thee. As soon as he heareth the voice of thy cry, he will help thee. The Lord giveth you the bread of adversity, and the water of trouble. But thine instructor flyeth not far from thee, if thine eyes look unto thine instructor, and thine ears harken to his word, that cryeth after thee and sayeth: this is the way, go this, and turn neither to the right hand nor to the left.


the Prophet Esai 33

     Now hearken to, ye that are far off of how I do with them, and consider my glory, ye that be at hand. The sinners in Sion are afraid and sudden fearfulness is come upon the cities. What is he among us ( say they ) that will dwell by that consuming fire? Which of us may abide that everlasting heat? He that leadeth a godly life ( say I ) and speaketh the truth: He that abhoreth to do violence and deceit: he that keepeth his hand that toucheth no reward: which stoppeth his ears, that he hear no counsel against the innocent: which holdeth down his eyes, that he see none evil. He it is, that shall dwell on high whose saverguard shall be in the true rock, to him shall be given the right true meat and drink. His eyes shall see the king in his glory: and in the wide world, and his heart shall delight in the fear of God. What shall then become of the scribe? of the Senator? what of him that teacheth children? There shalt thou not see a people of a strange tongue to have so diffused a language, that it may not be understood: neither so strange a speach but it shall be perceived.


the Prophet Esai 37

      And when the King of Assyeria heard that, he sent other messengers to King Hezekiah with this commandment: Say thus to Hezekiah King of Judah: Let not thy God deceive thee, in whom thou hopest, and sayest: Jerusalem shall not be given into the hands of the King of Assyria. For thou knowest well how the Kings of Assyria have handled all the lands that they have subverted, and hopest thou to escape? Were the people of the Gentiles ( whom my progenitors conquered ) delivered any time through their gods? As namely, Gozan, Haran, Rezeph, and the children of Eden, which dwell at Thalassar. Where is the King of Hemah, and the King of Arphad, and the King of the city Separvaim, Ena, and Iva? Now when Hezekiah received the letter from the hand of the messengers, and read it, he went up into the house of the Lord, and opened the letter before the Lord. And Hezekiah prayed before the Lord on this manner : O' Lord of Hosts, thou God of Israel, which dwellest upon Cherubims, Thou art the God, that only is God of all the Kingdoms of the world, for thou only hast created heaven and earth. Incline thine ear Lord, and consider, open thine eyes, O' Lord, and see, and ponder all the words of Sennacherib, which hath sent his assemblage to blaspheme the living God. It is true, O' Lord, that the Kings of Assyria have conquered all kingdoms and lands, and cast their Gods in the fire. Notwithstanding, those were no gods, but the works of mens hands, of wood or stone, therefore they have destroyed them. Deliver us then, O' Lord our God, from the hands of Sennacherib, that all Kingdoms of the earth may know, that thou only art the Lord. Then Esai the son of Amoz sent unto Hezekiah, saying: Thus saith the Lord God of Israel: Whereas thou hast made thy prayer unto me, as touching Sennacherib, this is the answer, that the Lord hath given concerning him: Despised art thou, and mocked, O daughter of Sion, he hath shaken his head at thee, O daughter of Jerusalem . But thou Sennacherib, whom hast thou defied and blasphemed? And against whom hast thou lifted up thy voice, and exalted thy proud looks? even against the holy one of Israel. Thou with thy servants hast blasphemed the Lord, and thus holdest thou of thyself: I cover the high mountains, and sides of Libanus; and there I will cut down the high Cedar trees and the fairest Fir trees. I will up into the height of it, and into the chiefest of his timber woods. If there be no water, I will give drink. And as for waters of defense, I shall dry them up with the feet of my Host. Yee ( sayest thou ) hast thou not heard, what I have taken in hand, and brought to pass of old time? That same will I do now also: waste, destroy, and bring strong cities into heaps of stones. For their inhabitants shall be like lame men, brought in fear and confounded. They shall be like the grass and green herbs of the field, like the hay upon the housetops, that withered afore it be grown up.


the Prophet Esai 45

     Woe be unto him that *chideth with his maker, the potsherd with the potter: Sayeth the clay to the potter: What makest thou? or thy work serveth for nothing? Woe be unto him, that saith to his father: Why begettest thou? And to his mother: Why bearest thou? Thus saith the Lord, even the holy one and maker of Israel: Ask me of things for to come, concerning my sons: and put me in remembrance, as touching the works of my hands: I have made the earth, and created man upon it. With my hands have I spread forth heaven, and given a commandment for all the Host thereof. I shall wake him up with righteousness, and order all his ways. He shall build my city, and let out my prisoners: and that for neither gifts or rewards, saith the Lord of Hosts.


the Prophet Esai 52

     Be glad, O thou desolate Jerusalem, and rejoice together: for the Lord will comfort his people, he will deliver Jerusalem. The Lord will make bare his holy arm, and show it forth in the sight of all the Gentiles, and all the ends of the earth shall see the saving health of our God. Away, away, get you out from thence and touch no unclean thing. Go out from among such. And be clean ye that bear the vessel of the Lord. But ye shall not go out with *sedition nor make hast as they that flee away: for the Lord shall go before you, and the God of Israel shall keep the watch.


the Prophet Esai 65

     They shall seek me, that hitherto have not asked for me, they shall find me, that hitherto have not sought me. Then shall I say immediately to the people that never called upon my name: I am here, I am here. For thus long have I ever holden out my hands to an unfaithful people, that go not in the right way, but after their own imaginations: To a people that is ever defying me to my face. They make their oblations in gardens, and their smoke upon altars of brick, they lurk among the graves, and lie in the dens all night. They eat swine flesh, and unclean broth in their vessels. If thou comest nye them, they say: touch me not, for I am holier than thou.

     All these men when I am angry, shall be turned to smoke and fire, that shall burn for ever. Behold, it is written before my face, and shall not be forgotten, but recompensed. I shall reward it them into their bosom: I mean your misdeeds, and the misdeeds of your fathers together ( saith the Lord ) which have made their smokes upon the mountains, and blasphemed me upon the hills: therefore will I measure their old deeds into their bosom again.

     Moreover thus saith the Lord: like as when one would gather holy grapes, men say unto him: break it not off for it is holy: even so will I do also for my servants sakes, that I will not destroy them all. But I will take a seed out of Jacob, and out of Judah one, to take possession of my hill. My chosen shall possess these things, and my servants shall dwell there. Saron shall be a sheepfold, and the valley of Achor shall give the stalling for the cattle of my people, that fear me. But as for you, ye are they, that have forsake the Lord, and forgotten my holy hill. Yee have set up an altar to fortune, and given rich drink offerings unto treasure. Therefore will I number you with the sword, that ye shall be destroyed all together. For when I called, no man gave me answer: when I spake, ye hearkened not unto me, but did wickedness before mine eyes, and chose the thing that pleased me not.

     Therefore thus saith the Lord God: Behold, my servants shall eat, but ye shall have hunger. Behold, my servants shall drink, but ye shall suffer thirst. Behold, my servants shall be merry, but ye shall be confounded. Behold, my servants shall rejoice for very quietness of heart: But ye shall cry for sorrow of heart, and complain for vexation of mind. Your name shall not be sworn by among my chosen, for God the Lord shall slay you, and call his servants by another name. Whoso rejoiceth upon the earth, shall rejoice in the true God: And whoso sweareth upon the earth, shall swear in the true God. For the old enmity shall be forgotten, and taken away out of my sight. For lo, I shall make a new heaven, and a new earth. And as for the old, they shall never be thought upon, ner kept in mind: but men shall be glad and evermore rejoice, for the things, that I shall do.

     For why? Behold, I shall make a joyful Jerusalem, yee I myself will rejoice with Jerusalem, and be glad with my people: And the voice of weeping and wailing shall not be heard in her from thence forth. There shall never be child nor old man, that have not their full days. But when the child cometh to an hundred years old, it shall die. And if he that is an hundred years of age do wrong, he shall be cursed. They shall build houses, and dwell in them: they shall plant vineyards, and eat the fruit of them. They shall not build, and another possess: they shall not plant, and another eat: But the life of my people shall be like a tree, and so shall the work of their hands.

     My chosen shall live long, they shall not labor in vain, ner beget with trouble: for they are the high blessed of the Lord, and their fruits with them. And it shall be, that or ever they call, I shall answer them. While they are yet but thinking how to speak, I shall hear them. The wolf and the lamb shall feed together, and the lion shall eat hay like the bullock. But earth shall be the serpents meat. There shall no man hurt nor slay another, in all my holy hill, sayeth the Lord.


the Prophet Esai 66

     For as touching the city and the temple, I hear the voice of the Lord, that will reward, and recompense his enemies: like as when a wife bringeth forth a man child, or ever she suffer the pain of the birth and anguish of the travail. Who ever heard or saw such things ? doth the ground bare in one day? or are the people born all at once, as Sion beareth her sons? For thus sayeth the Lord: Am I he that maketh other to beare, and beare not myself? Am not I he that beareth, and maketh barren? sayeth thy God. Rejoice with Jerusalem, and be glad with her, all ye that love her. Be joyful with her, all ye that mourned for her. For ye shall suck comfort out of her breasts, and be satisfied. Ye shall taste, and have delight in the plenteousness of her power. For thus saith the Lord: behold, I will let peace into her, like a water flood, and the might of the Heathen like a flowing stream. Then shall thee suck, ye shall be born upon her sides, and be joyful upon her knees. For like as a child is comforted of his mother, so shall I comfort you, and ye shall be comforted in Jerusalem. And when ye see this, your heart shall rejoice, and your bones shall flourish like an herb.

     Thus shall the hand of the Lord be known among his servants, and his indignation among his enemies. For behold, the Lord will come with fire, and his chariot shall be like a whirlwind, that he may recompense his vengeance in his wrath and indignation with flame of fire. For the Lord shall judge all flesh with the fire and with his sword, and there shall be a great number slain of the Lord. Such as have made themselves holy and clean in gardens, and those that have eaten swines flesh, mice, and other abominations, shall be taken away together, sayeth the Lord. For I will come to gather all people and tongues with their works and imaginations: these shall come, and see my glory. Unto them shall I give a token, and send certain of them ( that be delivered ) among the Gentiles: into Celicia, *Atrica and Lidia (where men can handle bows ) into *Italye also and Greek land.

     The isles far off, that have not heard speak of me, and have not seen my glory, shall preach my praise among the Gentiles and shall bring all your brethren for an offering unto the Lord, out of all the people upon horses, chariots and horse litters, upon Mules and carts to Jerusalem my holy hill ( sayeth the Lord ) like as the children of Israel bring the offering in clean vessels, to the house of the Lord.

     And I shall take out certain of them for to be priests and levites, sayeth the Lord. For like as the new heaven and the new earth which I will make, shall be fast established by me: ( sayeth the Lord ) So shall your seed and your name continue and there shall be a new Moon for the other, and a new Sabbath for the other, and all flesh shall come to worship before me ( sayeth the Lord ) And they shall go forth and look upon the *carions of them that have transgressed against me. For their worms shall not die, neither shall their fire be quenched, and all flesh shall abhor them.


the Prophet Jeremy 1

     And with that, the Lord stretched out his hand, and touched my mouth, and said moreover unto me. Behold I put my words in thy mouth, and this day I set thee over the people and kingdoms: that thou mayest root out, break off, destroy, and make waste: and that thou mayest build up and plant. After this, the Lord spake unto me saying: Jeremie, what seest thou? And I said: I see a waking rod. Then said the Lord: thou hast seen right, for I will watch diligently upon my word, to perform it.

     It happened afterward, that the Lord spake to me again, and said: What seest thou? And I said: I see a seething pot, looking out of the north hitherward.

     Then the Lord said unto me: Out of the north shall come a plague upon all the dwellers of the land. For lo, I will call all the officers of the kingdoms of the north ( saith the Lord ) And they shall come, and every one shall set his feet in the gates of Jerusalem, and in all their walls round about and through all the cities of Judah. And through them shall I declare my judgment, upon all the wickedness of those men that have forsaken me: that have offered unto strange gods and worshipped the works of their own hands.

     And therefore gird up thy loins, arise, and tell them all, that I give thee in commandment. Fear them not, I will not have thee to be afraid of them. For behold, this day do I make thee a strong fenced town, an iron pillar, and a wall of steel against the whole land, against the kings and mighty men of Judah, against the priests and people of the land. They shall fight against thee, but they shall not be able to overcome thee: for I am with thee, to deliver thee, sayeth the Lord.


the Prophet Jeremy 22

     And all the people that go in this city, shall speak to one another: Wherefore hath the Lord done thus unto this noble city? Then shall it be answered: because they have broken the covenant of the Lord their God, and have worshipped and served other gods. Mourn not over the dead, and be not wo for them, but be sorry for him that departeth away: for he cometh not again, and seeth his native country no more. For thus saith the Lord, as touching Selum the son of Josiah king of Judah, which reigned after his father, and is carried out of this place: He shall never come hither again, for he shall die in the place, where unto he is led captive, and shall see this land no more. Wo worth him, that buildeth his house with unrighteousness, and his parlors with the good that he hath gotten by violence: which never recompenceth his neighbors labor, ner payeth him his hire. He thinketh in himself: I will build me a wide house, and gorgeous parlors: He causeth windows to be hewn therin, and the ceilings and *geastes maketh he of Cedar, and painteth them with Zenober. Thinkest thou to reign, now that thou provokest me to wrath with the Cedar trees?

     Did not thy father eat and drink, and prosper well, as long as he dealt with equity and righteousness? Yee when he helped the oppressed and poor to their right, then prospered he well.

     From whence came this, but only because he had me before his eyes, saith the Lord. Nevertheless, as for thine eyes and thine heart, they look upon covetousness, to shed innocent blood, and to do wrong and violence. And therefore, thus saith the Lord against Jehoakim, the son of Josiah king of Judah: They shall not mourn for him ( as they used to do ) alas brother, alas sister: Neither shall they say unto him: Alas sir, alas for that noble prince. But as an Ass shall he be buried, corrupt and be cast without the gates of Jerusalem.

     Climb up the hill of Libanus ( O thou daughter Sion ) lift up thy voice upon Basan, cry from all parts: for all thy lovers are destroyed. I gave thee warning, while thou wast yet in prosperity. But thou saidst: I will not hear. And this manner thou hast used from thy youth, that thou wouldest never hear my voice. All thy herdsmen shall be driven with the wind, and thy dearlings shall be carried away into captivity: Then shalt thou be brought to shame and confusion, because of all thy wickedness: thou that dwellest upon Libanus, and makest thy nest in the Cedars trees. O how great shall thy mourning be, when thy sorrows come upon thee, as a woman travailing with child?

     As truly as I live ( sayeth the Lord ) Though Conaniah the son of Jehoakim king of Judah were the signet of my right hand, yet will I pluck him off: And I will give thee into the power of them that seek to slay thee, and into the power of them that thou fearest: into the power of Nabuchodonosor the King of Babylon, and into the power of the Caldees. Moreover, I will send thee, and thy mother that bare thee, into a strange land, where ye were not born, and there shall ye die. But as for the land that ye will desire to return unto, ye shall never come at it again. This man Conaniah shall be like an image robbed and torn to pieces, which pleaseth no man, for all his apparel. Wherefore both he and his seed shall be sent away, and cast out into the land, that they know not. O thou earth, earth, earth: hear the word of the Lord. Write this man among the outlaws, for no prosperity shall this man have all his life long. Neither shall any of his seed be so happy, as to sit upon the seat of David, and to bear rule in Juda.


the Prophet Jeremy 27

     Yee thus hath the Lord of Hosts the God of Israel spoken, as touching the residue of the ornaments of the Lords house of the king of Judahs house, and of Jerusalem: They shall be carried unto Babylon, and there they shall remain, until I visit them, saith the Lord. Then will I bring them hither again. And this was done in the same year: even in the beginning of the reign of Zedekiah king of Juda.




     So that these blind men went stumbling in the streets, and stained themselves with blood, which else would touch no bloody cloth.


     But they cried unto every man: flee the staining, away, get you hence, touch it not. Yee ( say they ) ye must be burnt, ye must dwell among the Gentiles, and bide no longer her.



     It chanced in the thirtieth year the fifth day of the fourth Month, that I was among the prisoners by the river of Cobar: where the heavens were opened, and I saw a vision of God. Now the fifth day of the month, made out the fifth year of King Joacins captivity. At the same time came word of the Lord unto Ezechiel the son of Buzi the priest, in the land of the Caldees by the water of Cobar, where the hand of the Lord came him.

     And I looked, and behold, a stormy wind came out of the North with a great cloud full of fire, which with his glistre lightening all round about. And in the midest of the fire it was all clear, and as it were the likeness of four beasts, which were fashioned like a man: saving that every one had four faces and four wings.

     Their legs were straight, But their feet were like bullocks feet, and they glistered, as it had been fair scoured metal. Under their wings upon all the four corners they had mens hands. Their faces and wings were toward the four corners: yet were the wings so, that one ever touched another. When they went, they turned them not about: but each one went straight forward.

     Upon the right side of these four, their faces were like the faces of a man, and the face of a Lion: But upon the left side, they had the face of an ox, and the face of an Eagle. Their faces also and their wings were spread out above: so that two wings of one touched ever two wings of another, and with the other they covered the body. Every one when it went, it went straight forward. Where as the spirit led them, *thither they went, and turned not about in their going.

     The fashion and the countenance of the beasts was like hot coals of fire, even as though burning *cressettes had been among the beasts: and the fire gave a gilister, and out of the fire their went lighting. When the beasts went forward and backward, one would have thought it had lighteninged. Now when I had well considered the beasts, I saw a work of wheels upon the earth with four faces also like the beasts.

     The fashion and the work of the wheels was like the sea. The four wheels were joined and made ( to look upon ) as it had been one wheel in another. When the one went forward, they went all four, and turned them not about in their going. They were large, great and horrible to look upon. Their bodies were full of eyes round about them all four. When the beasts went, the wheels went also with them: And when the beasts lift themselves up from the earth, the wheels were lift up also. Whither soever the spirit went, thither went they also, and the wheels were lift up, and followed them: for the spirit of life was in the wheels. When the beasts went forth, stood still, or lift themselves up from the earth: then the wheels also went, stood still, and were lift up, for the breath of life was in the wheels.

     Above over the heads of the beasts there was a firmament, which was fashioned as it had been of the most pure Crystal, and that was spread out above their heads: under the same firmament were their wings layed abroad, one toward another, and two wings covered the body of every beast. And when they went forth I heard the noise of their wings, like the noise of great waters, as it had been the voice of the great God., and the rushing together as it were of a host of men. And when they stood still, they let down their wings. Now when they stood still, and had let down their wings, it thundered in the firmament that was above their heads. Above the firmament that was over their heads, there was a fashion of a seat, as it had been made of Sapphire. Upon the seat there sat one like a man. I beheld him, and he was like a clear light, as it had been all of fire within from his loins upward.

     And beneath when I looked upon him under the loins, me thought he was like a shining fire, that giveth light on every side. Yee the shine and the glittereth lightening round about, was like a rainbow, which in a rainy day appeareth in the clouds. Even so was the similitude, wherein the glory of the Lord appeared. When I saw it, I fell upon my face, and harkened unto the voice of him that spake.



     And then said he unto me: Stand up upon thy feet ( O thou son of man ) and I will talk with thee. And as he was communing with me, the spirit came in to me, and set me up upon my feet: so that I marked the thing, that he said unto me.

     And he said: Behold, thou son of man: I will send thee to the children of Israel, to those runagates and obstinate people: for they have taken part against me, and are run away from me: both they and their forefathers unto this day.

     Yee I will send thee unto a people that have rough *visages an stiff stomachs: unto whom thou shalt say on this manner: This the Lord God himself hath spoken, that whether they be obedient or no ( for it is a *froward household ) they may know yet that there hath been a Prophet among them.

     Therefore ( thou son of man ) fear them not, neither be afraid of their words: for they shall rebel against thee, and despise thee. Yee thou shalt dwell among scorpions: but fear not their words, be not abashed at their looks, for it is a froward household.

     See that thou speak my words unto them, whether they be obedient or not, for they are obstinate. Therefore, thou son of man, obey thou all things, that I say unto thee, and be thou not stiffnecked, like as they are a stiffneck household. Open thy mouth and eat that I give thee.

     So as I was looking up, behold, there was sent unto me an hand, wherein was a closed book: and the hand opened it before me, and it was written within and without, full of careful mournings: alas, and woe.



     These went in, and stood beside the brazen alter: for the glory of the Lord was gone away from the Cherub, and was come down to the threshold of the house, and he called the man that had the linen rayment upon him, and the writers inkhorn by his side, and the Lord said unto him: Go thy way through the city of Jerusalem, and set this mark *Thau upon the foreheads of them, that mourn and are sorry for all the abominations, that be done therein. And to the other, he said that I might hear: Go ye after him through the city, slay, oversee none, spare none: kill and destroy both old man and young, maidens children and wives. But as for those, that have this mark Thau upon them: see that ye touch them not, and begin at my Sanctuary. Then they began at the elders, which were in the temple, for he had said unto them: When ye have defiled the temple, and filled the court with the slain, then go your way forth. So they went out, and slew down through the city. Now when they had done the slaughter, and I yet escaped: I fell down upon my face, and cried saying: O' Lord, wilt thou then destroy all the residue of Israel, in thy sore displeasure, that thou hast poured out upon Jerusalem? Then said he unto me: The wickedness of the house of Israel and Juda is very great: so that the land is full of blood, and the city full of unfaithfulness: For they say: Tush the Lord regardeth not the earth, he seeth us not. Therefore will I upon them, mine eye shall not oversee them, neither will I spare them, but will recompense their wickedness upon their heads. And behold, the man that had the linen rayment upon him, and the writers inkhorn by his side: told all the matter how it happened, and said: Lord, as thou hast commanded me, so have I done.



     And in the morning, came the word of the Lord unto me, saying: Thou son of man, if Israel that froward household ask thee and say: What doest thou there? Then tell them: Thus saith the Lord God: This punishment toucheth the chief rulers at Jerusalem, and all the house of Israel, that dwell among them. Tell them I am your show token: like as I have done, so shall it happen unto you: flit shall ye also, and go into captivity. The cheifest that is among you, shall laden his shoulders in the dark, and get him away. He shall break down the wall, to carry stuff there through: he shall cover his face, that he see not the ground, with his eyes. My line will I spread out upon him, and catch him in my net, and carry him to Babylon, in the land of the Chaldees: which he shall not see, and yet shall he shall die there. As for all his helpers, and all his Hosts, that be about him, I will scatter them toward all the winds, and draw out the sword after them. So when I have scattered them among the Heathen, and strewn them in the lands, they shall know, that I am the Lord. But, I will leave a little number of them from the sword, hunger and pestilence: to tell all their abominations among the Heathen, where they come: that they may know, how that I am the Lord.

     Moreover, the word of the Lord came unto me saying: Thou son of man: with fearful trembling thou shalt eat thy bread, with carefulness and sorrow shalt thou drink thy water. And unto the people of the land, speak thou on this manner: Thus saith the Lord God, to them that dwell in Jerusalem, and to the land of Israel: Ye shall eat your bread with sorrow, and drink your water with heaviness: Yee the land with the fullness thereof shall be laid waste, for the wickedness of them that dwell therin. And the cities that now be well occupied, shall be void, and the land desolate: that ye may know, that I am the Lord.

     Yet came the word of the Lord unto me again, saying: Thou son of man, what manner of by word is that, which ye use in the land of Israel, saying: Tush, seeing that the days are so slack in coming, all the visions are of none effect: Tell them therefore, thus saith the Lord God: I will make that byword to cease, so that it shall nomore be commonly used in Israel.

     But say this unto them: The days are at hand, that everything which hath been prophesied, shall be fulfilled. There shall no vision be in vain, neither any prophecy fail among the children of Israel: For it is I the Lord that speak it: and whatsoever, I the Lord speak, it shall be performed, and not be slacken in coming.

     Yee even in your days ( O ye froward household ) will I devise something, and bring it to pass, sayeth the Lord God. And the word of the Lord came unto me saying: Behold, thou son of man: The house of Israel say in this manner: Tush as for the vision that he hath seen, it will be many a day or it come to pass: Is it far off yet, the thing that he propheceth. Therefor say unto them: Thus sayeth the Lord: All my words shall no more be slack: Look what I speak, that same shall come to pass, sayeth the Lord.



     Or if I bring a sword into the land, and charge it to go through the land: so that, I slay down man and beast in it, and if these three men were therein: as truly as I live, ( saith the Lord God ) they shall deliver neither sons nor daughters, but only be saved themselves. If I send a pestilence into that land, and pour out my sore indignation upon it in blood, so that I root out of it both man and beast, and if Noe, Daniel and Job, were therin: as truly as I live, ( saith the Lord God ) they shall deliver neither sons nor daughters, but save their own souls in their righteousness. Moreover, thus saith the Lord God: Though I send my four troublesome plagues upon Jerusalem: the sword, hunger, perilous beasts, and pestilence, to destroy man and beast out of it: yet shall there be a remnant saved therein, which shall bring forth their sons and daughters. Behold, they shall come forth unto you, and ye shall see their way, and what they take in hand, and ye shall be comforted, as touching all the plagues that I have brought upon Jerusalem, they shall comfort you, when ye see their way and works: and ye shall know, that I have done so against Jerusalem, as I did, saith the Lord God.



     The word of the Lord came unto me, saying: Thou son of man: What cometh of the vine among all other trees? And of the vine stock among all the other timber of the groove? Do men take wood of it, to make any work withal? Or may there be a nail be made of it, to hang anything upon? Behold it is cast into the fire to be burnt, the fire comsumeth both the ends of it, the midest is burnt to ashes. Is it meat then for any work? No.

     Seeing then, that it was meat for no work, being whole: much less may there anything be made of it, when the fire hath consumed it and burnt it. And therefore thus sayeth the Lord God: Like as I cast the vine into the fire to be burnt, as other trees of the wood: Even so will I do with them that dwell in Jerusalem, and set my face against them: they shall go out from the fire, and yet the fire shall consume them. Then shall ye know, that I am the Lord, when I set my face against them, and make the Land waste: because they have sore offended, sayeth the Lord God.



     Even thou ( O king ) art the tree, great and strong. Thy greatness increaseth, and reacheth unto heaven, so doth thy power to the ends of the earth. But where as the king saw a watcher even an holy one angel, that came down from heaven, and said: hew down the tree, and destroy it: yet leave the ground of the root in the earth: and bind him upon the plain field with chains of iron and steel: He shall be wet with the dew of heaven, and his part with the beasts of the field, till seven years be come and gone from him: This ( O king ) is the interpretation , yee it is the very device of him, that is highest of all, and it touched my Lord the king.

     Thou shalt be cast from men, and thy dwelling shall be with the beasts of the field: with grass shalt thou be fed like an ox. Thou must be wet with the dew of heaven: yee seven years shall come, and go upon thee, till thou know, that the highest hath power upon the kingdoms of men, and giveth them to whom he *list. Moreover, where it was said, that the root of the tree should be left still in the ground: it betokeneth, that thy kingdom shall remain whole unto thee, after thou has learned to know, that the power cometh from heaven. Wherefore, O king, be content with my counsel, that thou may lose thy sins with righteousness, and thine offenses with mercy to poor people: for such things shall prolong peace. All these things touche the King Nabuchodonosor.



     In the first year of Balthazar king of Babylon, saw Daniel a dream, and a vision was in his head upon his bed. Which dream he wrote, and the sum of the matter is this: Daniel spake and said: I saw in my vision by night, and behold, the four winds of the heaven strove upon the sea, and four great beasts came up from the sea, one unlike another.

     The first was as a lion, and yet had he *Aegles wings. I saw, that his wings were plucked from him, and he taken away from the earth: that he stood upon his feet as a man, and that there was given him a mans heart.

     Behold, the second beast was like a bear, and stood upon the one side. Among his teeth in his mouth he had three great long teeth, and it was said unto him: Arise, eat up, much flesh. Then I looked, and behold, there was another like unto a leopard: this had wings as a fowl, even four upon the back. This beast had four heads, and there was power given him. After this I saw in a vision by night, and behold, the fourth beast was grim and horrible, and marvelous strong. It had great iron teeth, it devoured and destroyed, and stamped the residue under his feet. It was far unlike the other beasts that were before it: for it had ten horns, whereof I took good heed.

     And behold, there came up among them, another like horn, before whom there were three of the first horns plucked away. Behold, this horn had eyes like a man, and a mouth speaking presumptuous things. I looked till the seats were prepared, and till the old aged sat him down. His clothing was white as snow, and the hairs of his head like the pure wool. His throne was like the fiery flame, and his wheels as the burning fire. There drew forth a fiery stream, and went out from him. A thousand times a thousand served him. Ten thousand times ten thousand stood before him. The judgment was set, and the books opened. Then took I heed there unto, because of the voice of the proud words, which the horn spake. I beheld, till the beast was slain, and his body destroyed, and given over to be burnt in the fire.

     As for the power of the other beasts also, it was taken away, but their lives were prolonged for a time and season. I saw in vision by night, and behold, there came one in the clouds of heaven like the son of a man, which went unto the old aged, before whom they brought him: Then gave he him power and dignity regal, that all people, tribes, and tongues should serve him: His power is an everlasting power, which shall never be put down: and his kingdom endureth uncorrupt. My heart was vexed, and I Daniel had a troubled spirit within me, and the visions of my head made me afraid: till I got me to one of them that stood by, to know the truth, concerning all these things. So he told me, and made me understand the interpretation of these things.

     These four great beasts, are four kings which shall arise out of the earth. These shall take in the kingdom of the saints of the most highest, and possess it still more and more for a long season. After this I required diligently to know the truth, concerning the fourth beast, which was so far unlike the other beasts, and so horrible: whose teeth were of iron, and his nails of brass: which wounded and destroyed, and stamped the residue with his feet. I devised also to know the truth, as touching the ten horns that he had upon his head, and this other that came up afterward, before whos face there fell down three: which horn had eyes and a mouth that spoke presumptuous things, and looked with a grimmer visage than his fellows. I beheld, and the same horn made battle against the saints, yee and got victory of them till the time that the old aged came, that the judgement was given to the cheifest saints: and till the time, that the saints had the kingdom in possession. He gave me this answer: That forth beast shall be the fourth kingdom upon the earth: it shall be more than all other kingdoms, it shall devour, tread down, and destroy all other lands.

     The ten horns, are ten kings that shall arise out of the kingdom, after whom there shall stand up another, which shall be greater than the first. He shall subdue three kings, and shall speak words against the highest of all: he shall destroy the saints of the most highest, and think, that he may change times and laws. They shall be given under his power, until a time, two times, and a half a time.

     But the judgement shall be kept, so that his power shall be taken from him, for he shall be destroyed, and perish at the last. As for the kingdom, power and all might that is under heaven: it shall be given to the holy people of the most highest, whose kingdom is everlasting, yee all powers shall serve and obey him. Thus far extend the words. Nevertheless, I Daniel was so vexed in my thoughts, that my countenance changed, but the words I kept still in my heart.



     In the third year of the reign of king Balthazar, there appeared unto me Daniel, after that I had seen the first. I saw in a vision, and when I saw it, I was at Susis in the chief city, which layeth in the land of Elam, and in the vision me thought I was by the river of Ulai.

     Then I looked up, and saw, and behold, there stood before the river, a ram, which had horns: and these horns were high, but one was higher then another, and the highest came up last. I saw that this ram pushed with his horns, against the west, against the north and against the south: so that no beasts might stand before him, nor defend them from his power: but he did as him listed, and waxed greatly. I took heed unto this, and then came there an he goat from the west over the whole earth, and touched not the ground.

     This goat had a marvelous goodly horn between his eyes, and came unto the ram, that had the two horns ( whom I had seen afore by the river ) and ran fiercely upon him with his might. I saw him draw nye unto the ram, being very fierce upon him: yee he gave him such a stroke, that he break his two horns: Neither had the ram so much strength as to stand before him: but he cast him down, trod him under his feet: and no man was able to deliver the ram out of his power.

     The goat waxed exceedingly great, and when he was at the strongest, his great horn was broken also. Then grew there other such like instead, toward the four winds of heaven. Yee out of one of the least of these horns, there came up yet another horn, which waxed marvelous great: toward the south, toward the east, and toward the fair pleasant land. It grew up to the host of heaven, whereof it did cast some down to the ground, and of the stars also, and trod them under feet.

     Yee it grew up unto the prince of the host, from whom the daily offering was taken, and the place of his Sanctuary casten down. And a certain season was given unto it , against the daily offering ( because of wickedness ) that it might cast down the *verity to the ground, and so to prosper in all things, that is went about.

     Upon this I heard one of the saints speaking, which saint said unto one that asked this question: How long shall this vision of the daily sacrifice and of the wasting abomination endure: that the Sanctuary and the power shall so be trodden under foot? And he answered him: Unto the evening and the morning, even two thousand and three hundred days: then shall the Sanctuary be cleansed again.

     Now when I Daniel had seen this vision, and sought for the understanding of it: behold, there stood before me a thing like unto a man. And I heard a mans voice in the river of Ulai, which cried, and said: O Gabriel, make this man understand the vision. So he came, and stood by me. But I was afraid at his coming, and fell down upon my face.

     Then said he unto me: O thou son of man, mark well, for in the last time shall this vision be fulfilled. Now as he was speaking unto me, I waxed faint, so that I sunk down into the ground. But he took hold upon me, and set me up again, saying: Behold I will show thee, what shall happen in the last wrath: for in the time appointed it shall be fulfilled.

     The ram which thou sawest with the two horns, is the king of the Medes and Perses: but the goat is the king of Greek land: the great horn that stood between his eyes, that is the principle king. But where as it brake, and four other rose up in stead: it signifieth, that out of this people shall stand up four kingdoms, but not so mighty as it.

     After these kingdoms ( while ungodliness is growing ) there shall arise a king of an unshamefast face, which shall be wise in dark speakings.

     He shall be mighty and strong, but not in his own strength. He shall destroy above measure, and all that he goeth above shall prosper: he shall slay the strong and holy people. And through his craftiness, falsehood shall prosper in his hand, his heart shall be proud, and many one shall be put to death in his wealthiness: He shall stand up against the Prince of Princes, but he shall be destroyed without hand. And this vision that is showed unto thee, is as sure as the evening and morning. Therefore write thou upon this sight, for it will be long or it come to pass.

     Upon this was I Daniel very faint, so that I lay sick certain days: but when I rose up, I went about the kings business, and marveled at the vision, nevertheless no man knew of it.

     *verity=The quality or condition of being true, factual, or REAL ; such as a statement, principle, or belief, that is true, especially an enduring truth ie:God and Christ and all things of them.



     O my God, incline thine ear, and hearken ( at the least for thine own sake ) open thine eyes: behold, how we be desolated, yee and the city also, which is called after thy name: for we do not cast our prayers before thee in our own righteousnesses, no, but only in thy great mercies. O' Lord, hear: O forgive Lord, O' Lord consider, tarry not over long: but for thine own sake do it. O my God: for thy city and thy people are called after thy name.

     As I was yet speaking at my prayers, knowledging mine own sins, and the sins of my people, making so my intercession before the Lord my God, for the holy hills sake of my God: Yee while I was yet speaking in my prayer, behold, the man Gabriel, ( whom I had seen afore in the vision ) came fling to me, and touched me about the offering time in the evening. He informed me, and spake unto me: O Daniel said he, I am now come to make thee understand it: For as soon as thou beganest to make thy prayer, it was so devised, and therefore am I come to show thee. And why? For thou art a man greatly beloved.

     Wherefore, ponder the matter well, that thou mayest learn, to understand the vision. *Seventy weeks are determined over thy people and over the holy city: that the wickedness may be consumed, that the sin may have an end, that the offense may be reconciled, and to bring in ever lasting righteousness, to fulfill the visions and the Prophets, and to anoint the most holy one. Understand this then, and mark it well: that from the time it shall be concluded, to go and repair Jerusalem again, unto the Christ ( or the anointed ) prince: there shall be seven weeks. Then shall the streets and walls be built again sixty two weeks, but with hard troublous time. After these sixty two weeks, shall Christ be slain, and they shall have no pleasure in him, Then shall there come a people with the Prince, and destroy the city and the Sanctuary: and his end shall come as the water flood. But the desolation shall continue till the end of the battle.

     He shall make a strong bond with many, for the space of a week: and when the week is half gone, he shall put down the slain and meat offering. And in the temple there shall be an abominable desolation, till it have destroyed all. And it is concluded, that this wasting shall continue unto the end.

     *verite (realness: in spirit and truth ) *note: this let NOT thy face shine over thy Sanctuary RN .*A week here is taken to be seven years as in Leviticus 25 pp3 Wherefore seventy weeks are four hundred and ninety years MN


DANIEL Chpt 10

     In the third year of Cyrus king of Persia, there was showed unto Daniel ( otherwise called Balthasar ) a matter, yee a true matter, but it is yet along time unto it. He understood the matter well, and perceived what the vision was. At the same time, I Daniel mourned for the space of three weeks, so that I had no lust to eat bread: as for flesh and wine there came none within my mouth: No, I did not once anoint myself, till the whole three weeks were out.

     Upon the twenty fourth day of the first month, I was by the great flood called Tigris: I lift up mine eyes, and looked: and behold, a man clothed in linen, whose loins were girded with fine gold of Araby: His body was like the Chrisolite stone, his face ( to look upon ) was like lightning, his eyes as the flame of fire, his arms and feet were like fair glittering metal, but the voice of his words was like the voice of a multitude.

     I Daniel alone saw this vision, the men that were with me, saw it not: but a great fearfulness fell upon them, so that they fled away, and hid themselves. I was left there myself alone, and saw this great vision, so long till there remained no more strength within me: yee I lost my color clean, I wasted away, and my strength was gone. Yet heard I the voice of his words: and as soon as I heard it, faintness came upon me, and I fell down flat to the ground upon my face. And behold an hand touched me, which set me upon my knees and upon the palms of my hands, saying unto me: O Daniel, thou well beloved man: take good heed of the words, that I shall say unto thee, and stand right up, for unto thee am I now sent.

     And when he had said these words, I stood up trembling. Then said he unto me: fear not, Daniel: for why since the first day that thou set thine heart to understand, and didest chasten thyself before thy God: thy words have been heard. And I had come unto thee, when thou beganest to speak had not the prince over the kingdom of the Perses withstand me twenty one days. But lo, Michael, one of the chief princes, came to help me, him have I left by the king of Persia, and am come to show thee, what shall happen unto thy people in the latter days: For it will be long yet or the vision be fulfilled.

     Now when he had spoken these words unto me, I cast down my head to the ground and held my tongue. Behold, there touched my lips one very like unto a man. Then opened I my mouth, and said unto him, that stood before me: O my Lord, my joints are loosed in the vision, and there is no more strength within me: Now may my Lords servant then talk with my Lord? seeing there is no strength in me, so that I can not take my breath? Upon this there touched me again, one much like a man, and comforted me, saying: O thou man so well beloved, fear not: be content, take a good heart unto thee, and be strong. So when he had spoken unto me, I recovered, and said: Speak on my Lord, for thou hast refreshed me. Then said he: knowest thou wherefore I am come unto thee? now will I go again to fight with the prince of Perses: As soon as I go forth, lo, the prince of *Greklande shall come. Nevertheless, I will show thee the thing, that is fast noted in the scripture of truth. And as for all yonder matters, there is none that helpeth me in them, but Michael your prince.

     *Greklande (Greek land).


Amos Chpt 9

     I saw the Lord standing upon the alter, and he said: smite the door check, that the posts may ye shake withal. For their covetousness shall fall upon all their heads, and their posterity shall be slain with the sword. They shall not flee away, there shall not one of them escape, nor be delivered. Though they were buried in hell, my hand shall fetch them from thence: though they climb up to heaven, yet shall I cast them down: though they hide themselves upon the top of Carmel, yet shall I seek them out, and bring them from thence: Though they creep down from my sight in to the deep of the sea, I shall command the serpent, even there to bite them. If they go away before their enemies in to captivity, then shall I command the sword, there to slay them.

     Thus will I set mine eyes upon them, for their harm and not for their wealth. For when the Lord God of the hosts toucheth a land, it consumeth away, and all they that dwell therin, must needs mourn: And why? their destruction shall arise as every stream and run over them, as the flood of Egypt. He that hath his dwelling in Heaven, and groundeth his tabernacle in the earth: He that calleth the waters of the sea, and poureth them out upon the plain ground: his name is the Lord. O ye children of Israel, are ye not unto me, even as the Morians, sayeth the lord: have not I brought Israel out of the land of Egypt, the Philistines from Caphtor, and the Syrians from Kir? Behold, the eyes of the Lord are upon the realm that sinneth, to root it clean out of the earth: Nevertheless I will not destroy the house of Jacob, sayeth the Lord.

     For lo, this I promise: though I sift the house of Israel among all the nations (like as they use to sift in a sieve ) yet shall not the smallest gravel stone fall upon the earth: But all the wicked doers of my people, that say: Tush, the plague is not so nigh, to come so hastily upon us: those shall perish with the sword. At that time I will build again the tabernacle of David, that is fallen down, and hedge up his gaps: and look what is broken, I shall repair it: Yee I shall build it again, as it was afore time, that they may possess the remnant of Edom, yee and all such people as call upon my name with them, sayeth the Lord, which doeth these things.

     Behold, the time cometh ( sayeth the Lord ) that the plowman shall over take the mower, and the treader of grapes, him that soweth seed. The mountains shall drop sweet wine, and the hills shall be fruitful, and I will turn the captivity of my people of Israel: they shall repair the waste cities, and have them in possession: they shall plant vineyards, and drink the wine thereof: they shall make gardens, and enjoy the fruits of them. And I will plant them upon their own ground, so that I will never root them out again from their land which I have given them sayeth the Lord thy God.



     This is the word of the Lord, that came to Micheas the Morastite, in the days of Jothan, Ahaz, and Jehezekiah, kings of Judah: which was showed upon Samaria and Jerusalem. Hear, all ye people, hearken, mark this well O earth, and all that therein is: Yee the Lord God himself be witness among you, even the Lord from his holy temple. For, why? behold, the Lord shall go out of his place, and come down, and tread upon the high things of the earth. The mountains shall consume under him, and the valleys shall cleave asunder: like as war consumeth at the fire, and as the waters runneth down hard. And all this shall be for the wickedness of Jacob, and the sins of the house of Israel.

     But what is the wickedness of Jacob? Is not Samaria? Which are the high places of Judah? Is not Jerusalem? Therefore I shall make Samaria an heap of stones in the field, to lay about the vineyard: her stones shall I cast into the valley, and discover her foundations. All her Images shall be broken down and all her winnings shall be burned in the fire: yee all her Idols will I destroy: for why? they are gathered out of the hire of an whore, and to an whores hire they shall be turned again. Wherefore I will mourn and make lamentation, bare and naked will I go: I must mourn like the dragons, and take sorrow like the ostriches: For their wound is past remedy: And why? it is come in to Judah, and hath touched the port of my people at Jerusalem already. Weep not, least they at Geth perceive it.

     Thou at Betaphra, welter thyself in the dust and ashes. Thou that dwelleth at Sephir, get thee hence with shame. The proud shall boast no more for very sorrow: and why? her neighbor shall take from her what she hath. The rebellious city hopeth, that it shall not be so evil: but for all that, the plague shall come from the Lord, even in to the port of Jerusalem. The great noise of the chariots shall fear them, that dwell at Lachis, which is an occasion of the sin of the daughter of Sion, for in thee came up the wickedness of Israel. Yee she sent her *coursers into the land of Geth.

     The houses of lies will deceive the kings of Israel. And as for thee ( O thou that dwellest at Morassa ) I shall bring a possession upon thee, and the plague of Israel shall reach unto Odolla. Make thee bald, and shave thee, because of thy tender children: Make thee clean bald as an Eagle, for they shall be carried away captive from thee.



     Upon the twenty fourth day of the sixth month, in the second year of king Darius, the twenty first day of the seventh month, came the word of the Lord by the Prophet Aggeus, saying: speak to Zorobabel the son of Salathiel prince of Juda, and to Jesua the son of Josedech the high priest, and to the residue of the people, and say: Who is left among you, that saw this house in her first beauty? But what think ye now by it? Is it not in your eyes, even as though it were nothing? Nevertheless be of good cheer O Zorobabel ( sayeth the Lord ) be of good comfort, O Jesua thou son of Josedech high priest: take good hearts unto you also, all ye people of the land, sayeth the Lord of hosts and do according to the word ( for I am with you, sayeth the Lord of hosts ) like as I agreed with you, when ye came out of the land of Egypt: and my spirit shall be among you, fear ye not.

     For thus sayeth the Lord of hosts: yet once more will I shake heaven and earth, the sea, and the dry land yee I will move all Heathen, and the comfort of all Heathen shall come, and so I will fill this house with honor, sayeth the Lord of hosts. The silver is mine, the gold is mine, sayeth the Lord of hosts. Thus the glory of the last house shall be greater than the first, sayeth the Lord of hosts: and in this place will I give peace, sayeth the Lord of hosts.

     The twenty fourth day of the ninth month in the second year of king Darius, came the word of the Lord unto the Prophet Aggeus, saying: Ask the priests concerning the law, and say: if one bear holy flesh in his coat lape, and with his lappe do touch the bread, potage, wine, oil or any other meat: shall he be holy also? The priests answered and said: No. Then said Aggeus: Now if one being defiled with a dead carcass, touch any of these: shall it also be unclean? The Priests gave answer and said: yee, it shall be unclean. Then Aggeus answered and said: even so is this people and this nation before me, sayeth the Lord: and so are all the works of their hands, yee and all that they offer is unclean.

     And now ( I pray you ) consider from this day forth, and how it hath gone with you afore: or ever there was layed one stone upon another in the temple of the Lord: that when ye came to a corn heap of twenty bushels, there were scarce ten: and that when ye came to the wine press for to pour out fifty pots of wine, there were scarce twenty. For I smote you with heat, blasting and hailstones in all the labors of your hands: yet was there none of you, that would turn unto me, sayeth the Lord. Consider then from this day forth and afore, namely, from the twenty fourth day of the ninth month, unto the day that the foundation of the Lords temple was layed: mark it well, is not the seed yet in the barn? have not the vines, the fig trees, the pomegranates and the olive trees been unfruitful? but from this day forth, I shall make them to prosper.

     Moreover the twenty fourth day of the month came the word of the Lord unto Aggeus again saying: Speak to Zorobabel the prince of Juda, and say: I will shake both heaven and earth, and over through the seat of the kingdoms, yee and destroy the mighty kingdom of the Heathen. I will overthrow the chariots, and those that sit upon then, so that both horse and man shall fall down, every man through his neighbors sword. And as for thee, O Zorobabel ( sayeth the Lord of hosts ) tho son of Salathiel my servant: I will take thee ( sayeth the Lord ) at the same time, and make thee as a seal, for I have chosen the, sayeth the Lord of hosts.



     In the eighth month of the second year of king Darius, came the word of the Lord unto Zachary the son of Barachias, the son of Addo, the Prophet, saying: the Lord hath been sore displeased at your forefathers. And say thou unto them: thus saith the Lord of hosts. Turn you unto me ( saith the Lord of hosts ) and I will turn me unto you, saith the Lord of hosts. Be not ye like your forefathers, unto whom the Prophets cried afore time, saying: Thus saith the Lord of hosts: Turn you from your evil ways, and from your wicked imaginations. But they would not hear, nor regard me, saith the Lord. What is now become of your forefathers and the prophets? are they yet still alive? But did not my words and my statutes ( which I commanded by my servants the Prophets ) touch your forefathers? Upon this, they gave answer and said: like as the Lord of hosts devised to do unto us, according to our ways and imaginations, even so hath he dealt with us.

     Upon the twenty forth day of the eleventh month which is the month Sebat, in the second year of Darius, came the word of the Lord unto Zachary the son of Barachias, the son of Addo the Prophet, saying: I saw by night, and lo, there sat one upon a red horse, and stood still among the Myrtle trees, that were beneath upon the ground: and behind him were there red, speckled and white horses. Then said I: O my Lord, what are these? And the angel that talked with me, said unto me : I will show thee what these be. And the man that stood among the Myrtle trees, answered and said: These are they, whom the Lord hath sent to go through the world. And they answered the angel of the Lord, that stood among the myrtle trees, and said: We have gone through the world: and behold all the world dwell at the east, and are careless.

     Then the Lords angel gave answer, and said: O' Lord of hosts, how long wilt thou be unmerciful to Jerusalem and to the cities of Juda, with whom thou hast been displeased now these seventy years. So the Lord gave a loving and comfortable answer unto the angel that talked with me. And the angel that communed with me, said unto me: Cry thou, and speak: Thus sayeth the Lord of hosts: I am exceedingly jealous over Jerusalem and Sion, and sore displeased at the careless Heathen: for where I was but a little angry, they did their best that I might destroy them. Therefore thus sayeth the Lord: I will turn me again in mercy toward Jerusalem, so that my house shall be build in it, sayeth the Lord of hosts: yee and the plummet shall be laid abroad in Jerusalem, sayeth the Lord of hosts.

     Cry also, and speak: thus sayeth the Lord of hosts: My cities shall be in good prosperity again, the Lord shall yet comfort Sion, and choose Jerusalem. Then lift I mine eyes and saw, and behold, four horns. And I said unto the angel, that talketh with me: What be these: he answered me : These are the horses, which have scattered Juda, Israel, and Jerusalem abroad. And the Lord showed me four carpenters. Then said I: what will these do? He answered, and said: Those are the horns, which have so strewed Juda abroad, that no man durst lift up his head: But these are come to *fraye them away, and to cast out the horns of the Gentiles, which lift up their horn over the land of Juda, to scatter it abroad.



     I lifted up mine eyes again, and looked and behold, a man with a measuring line in his hand. Then said I: Whither goest thou? And he said unto me: To measure Jerusalem, that I may see how long and how broad it is. And, behold, the angel that talked with me, went his way forth. Then went out another angel to meet him, and said unto him: Run, speak to this young man, and say: Jerusalem shall be inhabited without any wall, for the very multitude of people and cattle, that shall be therein: Yee I, myself ( saith the Lord ) will be unto her a wall of fire round about, and will be honored in her.

     O get ye forth, O flee from the land of the north, saith the Lord, ye whom I have scattered in to the *four winds under heaven, saith the Lord. Save thy self, O Sion, thou that dwellest with the daughter of Babylon. for thus saith the Lord of hosts: With a glorious power hath he sent me out to the Heathen, which spoiled you: for who so toucheth you, shall touche the apple of his own eye. Behold, I will lift up mine hand over them: so that they shall be spoiled of those, which afore served them: and ye shall know, that the Lord of hosts hath sent me.

     Be glad, and rejoice, O *daughter of Sion: for, lo, I am come to dwell in the midst of thee, saith the Lord. At the same time there shall many Heathen cleave to the Lord, and shall be my people. Thus will I dwell in the midst of thee, and thou shalt know, that the Lord of hosts hath sent me unto thee. The Lord shall have Judah in his possession for his part in the holy ground, and shall choose Jerusalem yet again. Let all flesh be still before the Lord, for he is risen out of his holy place.



     And now ( O ye priests ) this commandment toucheth you: If ye will not hear it, to give glory unto my name, saith the Lord of hosts, I will send a curse upon you, and will curse your blessings: yea, curse them will I if you do not take heed. Behold, I shall corrupt your seed, and cast dung in your faces: even the dung of your solemn feasts and it shall cleave fast upon you. And ye shall know that I have sent this commandment unto you: that my covenant which I made with Levi, might stand, saith the Lord of hosts.

     I made a covenant of life and peace with him: this I gave him, that he might stand in awe of me: and so he did fear me, and had my name in reverence. The law of truth was in his mouth, and there was no wickedness found in his lips. He walked with me in peace and equity, and did turn many one away from their sins. For the priests lips should be sure knowledge, that the men may seek the law at his mouth, for he is a messenger of the Lord of hosts. But as for you, ye are gone clean out of the way, and have caused the multitude to be offended at the law: ye have broken the covenant of Levi, saith the Lord of hosts. Therefore will I also make you despised, and to be of no reputation among all the people: because ye have not kept my ways, but have been partial in the law.

     Have we not all one father? Hath not one God made us? why doth every one of us then despise his own brother, and so break the covenant of our fathers? Now hath Judah offended: yee the abomination is done in Israel and in Jerusalem, for Judah hath defiled the Sanctuary of the Lord, which he loved, and hath kept the daughter of a strange God. But the Lord shall destroy the man that doeth this, yee both the master and the scholar, out of the tabernacle of Jacob, with him that offereth up meatoffering unto the Lord of hosts. Now have ye brought it to this point again, that the altar of the Lord is covered with tears weeping, and mourning: so that I will nomore regard the meatoffering, neither will I receive or accept anything at your hands. And yet ye say: wherefore? Even because that where as the Lord made a covenant between thee and thy wife of thy youth, thou hast despised her: Yet is she thy own companion and married wife.

     So did not the one, and yet had he an excellent spirit. What did then the one? He sought the seed promised of God. Therefore look well to your spirit, and let no man despise the wife of his youth. If thou hatest her put her away, saith the Lord God of Israel and give her clothing for her scorn, sayeth the Lord of hosts. Look well then to your spirit, and despise her not. Ye grieve the Lord with your words, and yet ye say: wherewith all have we grieved him? In this, that ye say: All that do evil are good in the sight of God, and such please him. Or else where is the God that punisheth?



     And the angel that was sent unto me ( whos name was Uriel ) gave me an answer, and said: Thy heart has taken to much upon it in this world, and thou thinkest to comprehend the way of the Highest. Then said I: Yee my Lord: And he answered me, and said: I am sent to show thee these ways, and to set forth these similitudes, before thee: whereof if thou canst declare me one , I will show thee also the way, that thou desirest to see: and I shall show thee from whence the wicked heart cometh. And I said: Tell on my Lord. Then said he unto me: Go thy way, weigh me the weight of the fire, or measure me the blast of the wind, or call me again the day that is past. Then answered I and said: What man born is able to do that? Why requirest thou such of me? And he said unto me: If I should ask thee, how deep dwellings are in the sea? Or how great water springs are upon the firmament: Or how great water springs are in the firmament of the deep? Or which are the out goings of paradise? Peradventure thou wouldest say unto me: I never went down into the deep nor hell, neither did I ever climb up in to heaven. Nevertheless now have I asked thee but only of fire and wind and of the day, where through thou hast traveled, and from the which thou canst not be separated: and yet canest thou give me no answer of them.

     He said moreover unto me: Thine own things, and such as are grown up with thee, canest thou not know: how should thy vessel then be able to comprehend the way of the Highest, and now outwardly in the corrupt world, to understand the corruption that is evident in my sight: Then said I unto him: It were better that we were not at all, then that we should live in wickedness, and to suffer, and not to know wherefore. He answered me, and said: I went in a wood, and the trees took such a device and said: Come let us go, and fight against the sea, that it may depart away from us, and that we may make us yet more woods.

     The floods of the sea in like manner took this device, and said: Come, let us go up, and fight against the trees of the wood, that we may make our land wider. The thought of the wood was but vain and nothing worth, for the fire came and consumed the wood: The thought of the floods of the sea came likewise to naught also, for the sand stood up and stopped them.

     If thou were judge now between these two, whom wouldest thou justify, or whom wouldest thou condemn? I answered and said: Shurly it is a foolish thought that they both devised. For the ground is given unto the wood, and the sea also has his place to bare his floods. Then answered he me, and said: Thou hast given a right judgement, why judgest thy self also? For like as the ground is given unto the wood, and the sea to his flood: even so they that dwell upon the earth, may understand nothing, but that which is upon the earth: and he that dwelleth above the heavens, may only understand the things that are above the heavens. Then answered I, and said: I beseech thee, O' Lord, let me have understanding: for it was not my mind to be curious of thy high things, but of such as we meddle with all, namely, wherefore that Israel is blasphemed of the Heathen, and for what cause the people ( whom thou ever hast loved ) is given over, to be punished of ungodly nations: and why the law of our fathers is brought to nought, and the written covenants come to none effect, and we pass away out of the world as the grasshoppers, and our life is very fear, and we are not worthy to obtain mercy. What will he do unto his name, which is called upon over us? Of these things have I asked question.

     Then answered he me, and said: The more thou searchest, the more thou shalt marvel, for the world hasteth fast to pass away, and can not comprehend the things, that are promised for the righteous in time to come, for this world is full of unrighteousness and weakness.

     But as concerning the things whereof thou asked me, I will tell thee. The evil is sown, but the destruction thereof is not yet come. If the evil now that is sown, be not turned upside down, and the place where the evil is sown, pass not away, then can not the thing come that is sown with good. For the corn of evil seed hath been sown in the heart of man from the beginning, and how much ungodliness hath he brought up unto this time? and how much shall he yet bring forth, until he come into the barn?

     Ponder now by thy self, when the corn of the evil seed is cut down, how great a barn it shall fill: I answered and said: How and when shall these things come to pass? Wherefor are our years few from evil? And he answered me, saying: Ask not thou too much upon the Highest, for thy hastiness to be above him is but vain, thou makest to much a do. Did not the souls also of the righteous ask question of these things in their holiness:* How long shall I hope of this fashion? When cometh the fruit of my barn, and my reward? And upon this Jeremiel the Archangel gave them answer, and said: Even when the number of the seeds is filled in you: for he hath weighed the world in the balance: in measure and number hath he measured the time, and moveth it not, until the same measure be fulfilled. Then answered I and said: O' Lord, Lord, now are we all full of sin, and for our sake peradventure is it not, that the barn of the righteous shall not be filled, because of the sins of them that dwell upon the earth.

     So he answered me., and said: Go thy way to a woman with children, and ask of her, when she hath fulfilled her nine months, if her childbed may keep the birth any longer within her. Then said I: No Lord, that can she not. And he said unto me: In hell the secret places of souls are like the privy chamber of a woman. For like as a woman that travaileth, maketh haste, when the time and necessity of the birth is at hand: Even so doth she hast to deliver it that is committed unto her. Look what thou desirest to see, it shall be shown thee from the beginning. Then answered I , and said: If I have found favor in thy sight, and if it be possible, and if I be meet therefore, show me then, whether there be more to come than is past, or more past then there is for to come. What is past, I know: but what is for to come, I know not.

     And he said unto me: Stand up upon the right side, and I shall expound the similitude unto thee. So I stood, and behold, an hot burning oven went over before me: and it happened when the flame was gone by, the smoke had the upper hand. After this there went over before me a watery cloud, and sent down much rain with a storm: and when the stormy rain was past the drops remained still. Then said he unto me: like as the rain is more than the drops, and as the fire exceedeth the smoke, even so the measure of the things that are past, hath the upper hand. Then went the drops and the smoke above: and I prayed and said: May I live (thinkest thou) until that time? Or what shall happen in those days? He answered me, and said: As for the tokens whereof thou ask me, I may tell thee of them in a part: but as touching thy life, I may not show thee, for I am not sent therefore.



     Nevertheless, as concerning the tokens, mark this: Behold, the days shall come, that they which dwell upon the earth, shall be taken in a great number, and the way of the truth shall be hid, and the land shall be barren from faith: but iniquity will have the upper hand, like as thou have seen now, and as thou hast heard long ago. And the land that thou seest now to have rule, shall thou shortly see waste. But if God grant thee to live, thou shalt see after the third trumpet, that the sun shall suddenly shine again in the night, and the moon three times in the day, and blood shall drop out of wood, and the stone shall give his voice, and the people shall be unquiet: and even shall rule, whom they hope not that dwell upon the earth, and the fowls shall flight, and the *Sodomitish sea shall cast out his fish, and make a noise in the night, which many shall not know, but they shall all hear the voice thereof.

     There shall be a confusion also in many places, and the fire shall be often sent again, and the wild beasts shall go their way, and menstruous women shall bear monsters, and salt waters will be found in the sweat: one friend shall fight against another: then shall all wit and understanding be hid and put into their secret places, and shall be sought of many, and yet not be found: then shall unrighteousness and voluptuousness have the upper hand upon the earth. One land shall also ask another, and say: Is righteousness gone through thee? And it shall say: No, at the same time shall men hope, but nothing obtain: they shall labor but their wages shall not prosper. To show thee such tokens I have leave, and if thou wilt pray again, and weep as now, and fast seven days, thou shalt hear yet greater things. Then I awaked, and a fearfulness went through all my body, and my mind was feeble and careful, so that I almost sounded withal. So the angel that was come to talk with me, held me, comforted me, and set me up upon my feet.

     And in the second night it happened, that Salathielthe Captain of the people came unto me, saying: Where hast thou been? and why is thy countenance so heavy? Knowest thou not, that Israel is committed unto thee, in the land of their captivity? Up then, and eat and forsake us not, as the shepherd that leaveth his flock in the hands of the wicked wolves. Then said I unto him: Go thy way from me, and come not near me: and he heard it, and as I said, so went he his way from me. And so I fasted seven days, mourning and weeping, like as Uriel the angel commanded me. And after seven days it happened, that the thoughts of my heart were very grievous unto me again, and my soul received the spirit of understanding, and I began to talk with the most highest again, and said: O' Lord, Lord, of every wood of the earth and all the trees thereof, thou hast chosen the one only vineyard: and of all the lands of the whole world thou hast chosen the one pit: and of all the flowers of the ground thou hast chosen the one lily: and of all the depths of the sea thou hast filled the one river: and of all the builded cities thou hast hallowed Sion unto thy self: and of all the fowls that are created, thou hast named the one dove: and of all the cattle that are made thou hast provided the one sheep: and among all the multitudes of flocks thou hast gotten the one people, and unto this people whom thou lovest, thou gavest the law, that is proved of all.

     And now, O' Lord, why hast thou given this one people over unto many? And upon the one root thou hast prepared other, and why hast thou scattered thy one only people among many? which tread them down, yee which have ever withstand thy promises, and never believed thy commandments? And though thou werest enemy unto thy people, yet shouldest thou punish them with thine own hands. Now when I had spoke these words, the angel that came to me the night before, was sent unto me, and said unto me : Hear me, and harken unto the things that I say, and I shall tell thee more. And I said: Speak on my Lord. Then said he unto me: Thou art sore vexed and troubled for Israels sake. Lovest thou the people better than him that made thee? And I said: No Lord, but of very grief and compassion have I spoken. For my reigns pain me every hour, because I would have experience of the way of the most highest, and to seek out part of his judgement. And he said unto me: that thou mayest not. And I said: wherefore Lord? Where unto was I born then? Or why was not my mothers childbed then my grave? So I had not seen the misery and trouble of Jacob, and the travail of my people of Israel.

     And he said unto me: Number me the things that are not yet come : gather me together the drops, that are scattered abroad: make me the flowers green again, that are withered: open me the thing that is closed: and bring me forth the winds, that are shut up: Show me the image of a voice, and then I shall declare the thing, that thou laborest to know. And I said: O' Lord, Lord, who may know these things, but he that hath not his dwelling with men? As for me I am unwise: how may I then speak of these things whereof thou asketh me? Then said he unto me: like as thou can do none of these things that I have spoken of, even so canest thou not find out my judgement, or in the end the love that I have promised unto my people. And I said: Behold O' Lord, yet art thou near unto them that have no end: and what shall they do that have been before me, or we that be now, or they that should come after us ? And he said unto me: I will liken my judgement unto a ring. Like as there is no slackness of the last, even so there is no swiftness of the first. So I answered and said: couldest thou not make those ( that have been made, and that be now, and that are for to come ) in one, that thou might show thy judgement the sooner? Then answered he me, and said: The creature may not hasten above the maker, nether my the world hold them at once, that shall be created.

     And I said: Now hast thou said unto thy servant, that thou living maker hast made the creature living at once, and the creature bear it? even so might it now also bear them that be present, at once. And he said unto me: Ask the childbed of a woman, and say unto her: If thou bringest forth children, why doest thou not together, but one after another? Pray her therefore, to bring forth ten children at once. And I said: she can not, but must do it one after the other.

     Then said he unto me: Even so have I given a childbed unto the earth, for those that be sown upon it by process of time. For like as a young child may not bring forth the things that belong to the aged, even so have I ordered the world which I have made.

     And I asked and said: Seeing thou hast now given me the way, I will speak before thee: for our mother whom thou hast told me, is yet young, and now she draweth near unto age. He answered, me and said: Ask a woman that beareth children, and she shall tell thee. Say unto her: wherefore are not they ( whom thou hast now brought forth) like those that were before thee, but less of stature? And she shall answer thee: They that were born in the youth of strength, are of one fashion : and they that are born in the time of age ( when the childbed faileth) are otherwise. Consider now thyself, how that yee are less of stature, then those that were before you, and so are they that come after you, less then you, as the creatures that now begin to be old, and have passed over the strength of youth. Then said I: Lord I beseech thee, if I have found favor in thy sight, show thy servant, by whom doest thou visit thy creature?

     *Sodomitish sea (*note current events RN) shall cast out his fish



     But the souls of the righteous are in the hand of God, and the pain of death shall not touch them. In the sight of the unwise they appear to die, and their end is taken for very destruction, but they are in rest. And though they suffer pain before men, yet is their hope full of immortality. They are punished but in few things, nevertheless in many things shall they be well rewarded. For God proved them, and findeth them *mete for himself: yee as gold in the furnace doth he try them, and receiveth them as a burnt offering, and when the time cometh they shall be looked upon.



     The *tentacion of death touched the righteous also, and among the multitude in the wilderness there was insurrection, but thy wrath endured not long. For the faultless man went in all the haste, and took the battle upon him, brought forth the weapon of his ministration: even prayer and censors of reconciling: set himself against the wrath, and so brought the misery to an end: declaring thereby, that he was thy servant. For he overcame not the multitude with bodily power, ner with weapons of might: but with the word he subdued him that vexed him, putting thee in remembrance of the oath and covenant made unto the fathers. For when the dead were fallen down by heaps one upon another, he stood in the midst, pacified the wrath, and parted the way unto the living. And why? in his long garment was all the beauty, and in the four rows of the stones was the glory of the fathers graven, and thy majesty was written in the crown of his head. Unto these the destroyer gave place, and was afraid of them: for it was only a *tentacion worthy of wrath.

     *tentacion (temptation / attention)


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