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God's Truth

After the Lord Comes

     While in Alaska in a night dream ...I was shown a time here after ...during a season of the works of Jesus and God on the earth ...I found myself traveling down a highway in a vehicle of some making ...for I knew of no vehicle like it before ...nevertheless I was approaching a city ...where I was to bring out two people, it seemed a desolate and forbidden place ...yet it was encompassed by the army of God ...and they were waiting for something ...no one, neither left the city or entered therein ...and it appeared there were few left there, nevertheless.
     Now as I approached the city I passed near the Army of God and they did wave at me as if to say we see you, or go there in ...I felt as though they knew me or recognized the vehicle or somewhat of that matter ...yet the army of God stood at their place and kept the compass round about the city ...yet as it was I knew not why.
     now I turned and entered in to the empty streets, wondering where these two were that I was to bring out ...all was darkness as if something terrible had happened and even now was happening ...then Behold a woman ran out of somewhere and despairingly sought me out ...whoa I thought this must be one of them ...now as I spoke to her she appeared to be frightened unto death ...and nothing I could say would comfort her ...so it was given me to offer her that she might ride with me as I had to go farther into the city to get another person out ...at this she shrieked and lamented so and cried that she could in no way go farther into the city for she was fleeing from the city for her life ...at this I resolved to offer her perhaps a hidden place near there where she could be safe until I returned for her ...now she was somewhat comforted but required that I show her the place and stay with her till her panic somewhat went away ...further she required that I express the love of God unto her that she might not flee further after I left ...and so matters being what they were all was accomplished regarding her and she would wait and I would pick her up on my way out of the city.
     Then I proceeded to enter into the deepest part of the city ...and as I came nearer I saw panic driven people being chased down by others ...all over did they run, hide, fight, scream and their torment was excruciating ...and it was shown to me that these who tormented the others were "afflictors" people of such a spirit that they did joy in afflicting others and these were ever set to seek, capture and torment those that remained in the city ...Now it came to pass and I don't know how ...but I was shown the other one that I was to take out ...and this man was in the midst of a group of afflictors who had him in great torment and had wounded him near unto death ... yet I knew that the afflictors were not allowed to kill but only to torment and wound.
     As I approached the scene most of the afflictors left...save one stood his ground and his meanness showed as I approached him ...and I said I am here to take this one out that he might be saved ...at this somehow the afflictor knew he could not hold this man any longer ...further I said to the afflictor ...you know that you don't have to be an afflictor anymore but that you too can come out with me ...for the army of God has this city encompassed round about and when they come all wickedness shall be destroyed ...now at this saying he seemed to somewhat consider the goings on of matters ...and yet was reluctant ...so I said this I offer that you travel with me and consider these things for I now take these ones to healing ...and if you have comfort in what you see and decide to come out of the city may be that you might be saved also ...and so he helped me put the man in the front of the vehicle (this was a puzzlement to me) and came with me into the center from which I operated it.
     Now we talked some as we drove and I hoped for his sake he would give up this spirit of being an afflictor ...now as we approached the area where the woman was she was waiting and so I asked the afflictor to help her get into the back ...and he did ...thus thought I whoa maybe he is changing ...I might take him as far as the healing ones maybe he will see the joy and comfort that there is in the Lord.
     As we left the city again the Army of God waved me and I waved back ...yet I knew what would follow for these were the last ones out of the city ...and the Army of God began to move to cleanse the city ... and I witnessed to the afflictor of these matters and of the love and truth of God of Jesus and all that I knew I offered him in hopes that he would receive it in his heart.
     Now as we drove the main highway gave way to smaller and smaller roads ...nowhere was a soul seen, for a quietness had come upon the land ... finally we found our selves on somewhat of a grassy path and there had been no vehicles there before ...now ahead was a gate or more clearly an opening in an old fence ...through which the path went ...for some reason I knew this place ...but could not remember ever being there before ... yet I knew that beyond the fragile gate was the healers ...and the hearts of these were such that they were anointed of God to heal the flesh of folks ...and they were as such so gentle a folk that one had to delicately entreat them for fear of troubling their merciful hearts.
     Now as we approached many of the healers came forth all dressed in white garments and the joy of healing fell over them and they were in much happiness... yet just the appearance of the vehicle troubled them and at my appearance they softly discussed among themselves... (I don't know how I could here them however I did ) it was as if I was among them even as I pulled up) and they sought answers gently of one another as they saw me coming ...who is this they asked among them selves ? Is it the Lord? Is it a king, a prince ? At the hearing of this I too began to wonder who I was ...I somewhat mused that these souls might think I was any one at all ...yet I considered the matter no further ...it mattered not ...for I was only what God had made me and nothing more ...whatever I might be ...I was here only to bring to these healers the afflicted ones.
     Now it came to pass that the healers gathered around the vehicle looking for the ones to heal and as the man was in the front I delivered him into their care first ...at this I was astounded for the healers poured over him with all cherishing and nurture as they carried him away, and pleasant sounds came from their hearts as fell back in wonder of this anointing of God ...verily I thought the man would instantly healed and run around in the praise and thanksgiving ...for so wondrous was the blessings of the healers ... yet I knew somehow the ableness of these healers and that the healing of the man would take much rest in the Love of God.
     As soon as the man was cradled away in the arms of the healers ...more healers appeared for they somehow knew there was yet more healing to do ...As I looked on the afflictor I hoped for him that by the seeing of this Love and healing of God he would come in ...and so I asked him to help the woman from out of the back of the vehicle ...at which he went and returned quickly ...yet behold he carried a large box ... and I said "what is this, where is the woman?" To this he answered with hardness in his heart ..."she's in the box" ...and I said "what have you done?" To which he answered "I am an afflictor" for he was proud of his meanness and cunning ...now sore displeased I opened the box and behold there was the woman ...yet he had cut off her legs ... and I felt wrath come over me as I turned my face away from looking upon the afflictor ...all hope for him had fled ...now as he tried to speak ...I held up my hand toward him ...and Behold he turned to dust that fell to the ground and blew away with the wind.
     Now my heart went out for the woman and I somehow knew she was beyond the help of the healers ...so I said to the healers "take her to New Jerusalem" ...and they fell back in a mighty wonder ...for none of them had been there ...and they wondered who had such authority as to send folks to New Jerusalem... nevertheless I said take her there now ...and a great joy fell over them all as they gathered around the woman taking her into their midst ...and I perceived the exceeding joy in those that were to take her ...At this the dream ended ...and I awoke in mighty wonder at the teachings of God and Christ through dreams....


     While in Alaska in a night dream ...Again I found myself in a strange vehicle yet it was the very same as in the other dream ...I found myself in what appeared as a small town some distance from where New Jerusalem rose above the earth ...and so I was to look to the comfort of the people in the farther areas.
     As it was here in this small town ....all was at peace and there was a blessed quietness about the place ...yet as I looked I did see a house with all it's shades drawn ...and a moving came over me to visit these that might be troubled ...now as I came to their house the folks did greet me as a brother whom they had not seen in some time and I in the same spirit entreated them as the same ... they did then invite me in and I asked out of deepest kindness why have you these shades drawn? To which the husband said it seems the light is too much for us sometimes... to which I said for your comfort there are other places farther from the light that you might like it there better until you are prepared to come again into the greater light ... at this the husband puzzled and ask me of such matters before God ... to which I expounded of the love, mercy, and understanding that God has and that he desires that all his children be at peace and comfort ...thus the Lord has provided that exactly by their heart condition there shall they abide ...whether they be near unto God or farther away yet drawing nearer as they live.
     So it is that our Father has provided that if a man so sees that he be discomforted within himself, and is unable to abide such as the fullness of the Love, truth, mercy, kindness, and all other matters of goodness which is God, then that soul should be able to drink in as much as he can abiding on earth in the ever present light of God. And so I say unto you I am here to be of helps, exactly to your heart condition that you may be perfectly blessed by God according to measure.
     Now of this he said I still have sin with me and that I have brought from the times before ...to this I said and so it is that you live out here in this place as a matter of being washed clean ...and so he desiring to be rid of things of the former earth did show me the cigarettes that he had hidden ...now it was that he made these an offering for destruction that he be clean of them ...and I said I would take them from him as he so desired ...further said I consider this if you desire to dwell in and area of somewhat less light there are others there that would welcome you ...to this he offered saying for now we would like to remain here for we hope to be nurtured more to the light ...to this I said lets say this then if when I pass by again and I see that your shades be pulled... let it be a sign between you and me ... for a declaring by you that you are too close to the light and discomforted ...then we can discern whether you should desire to move or not ...at this he was greatly joyed and I prayed and thanked our Father and Jesus for their kind nurturing of those still disquieted in the flesh...

     Then behold I was immediately taken in the spirit to New Jerusalem ...and taken I was by a ministering spirit ...who he was I did not ask for I was not moved to enquire of his name...upon entering in one of the gates I did see a very large room ...and there were many folks taking rest there and many just gathered together quietly sharing with one another. And so I asked "what is the goings on here and who are these that I see?" ...to which the ministering spirit said "these are those that minister upon the earth and do the bidding of God ...they come here to rest and be refreshed from their works and to share with each other the blessings that God has showed upon them. I brought you here that you might see, nevertheless this is not for you to stay here for I have much else to show you".
     With this we walked across the area and arrived at a vast entryway ...now I was somewhat afraid to go in and the ministering spirit said take comfort for I show you your home ...whoa I most fainted from joy and thanks giving and tears welled up as I entered in ...I was astounded at the being in the place even more at the wonder of it all ...I looked and whoa the whole place shone as a soft warm light, and behold the ceiling was so high that I could not see it ...(if there was one) and all manner of worthy comfort was there ...then looking still I ran to the windows as I would call them for neither of these could I see the tops of, and the whole of the sides were of what I thought was glass ...and as I looked out the window I could see the earth below and I fell weak at the blessing of it all against the glass ...tears of overwhelming joy streamed down the window as I felt this was the finish of it for my sake from God and Jesus ...Oh man ...yet at this I was moved to look further back into the place and as I did the ministering spirit said all that you behold here is yours but through that way you can not go...until a time that it be opened unto you ...for beyond there is the habitation of God ...and you must now yet return to the earth ...
     At that I woke up and gave all glory to God and Christ for the fulfilling of their promises upon the earth yea even in Heaven ....

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