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There is no doubt that our heavenly Father uses many ways to speak to his children.
One way is through dreams and visions.

Even as it is and was Prophesy ...it is TRUE

After this, I will pour out my spirit upon all flesh: and your sons and daughters shall prophesy: your old men shall dream dreams , and your young men shall see visions in those days I will pour out my spirit upon servants and maidens. I will show wonders in the heavens above, and tokens in the earth beneath: blood and fire, and the vapor of smoke.

Of the season of man

(humbled and frightened that I might have chided with the Lord) yet knowing my heart he spoke further saying "do not all the things of the earth have seasons? All plants, animals, even the earth it self?" I said "yes Lord all things even the waters have seasons." ... to this he asked " why then do you think man will not have a season"?

All dreams in order

Bearing record of the spirit ...This book is a recording of dreams visions and other measures of matters given to the recorder by God our father and Jesus Christ his son.

              And i asked the Lord why would any believe these Dreams and visions ...or anything that you have shown me ?? ...

              and he answered "The WORD I gave you is your proof"

        And i was told in a dream to "get your dreams in order" ...and after long times of trying by my own thinking to do that ...without regard ...and to not avail ...i did pray and say "how Lord" ...and the following order was shown me ...

dreams ...visions ... revelations ...measures of matters shown plainly

1st measure |  2nd measure |  3rd measure |  not recorded before

 "Trust the love of God ..."   "ONLY TRUST IN GOD. "

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