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The book of the Prophet Esai

(Part Two)

The Tenth Chapter
     Woe unto you that make unrighteous laws, and devise things, which be hard for to keep: where through the poor are oppressed, on every side, and the innocents of my people are therewith robbed of judgement: the widows may be your prey, and that you may rob the fatherless. What will you do in the time of the visitation and destruction, that shall come from far? To whom will you run for help? Or to whom will you give your honor, that he may keep it? That you come not among the prisoners, or lie among the dead? After all this shall not the wrath of the Lord cease, but yet shall his hand be stretched out still.
     Woe be unto Assur, which is the staff of my wrath, in whos hand is the rod of my punishment. For I will send him among those hypocratish people, among the people that have deserved my disfavor shall I send him: that he may utterly rob them, spoil them, and tread them down like the mire of the street. Howbeit, his meaning is not so, neither thinks his heart of this fashion. But he imagines only, how he may overthrow and destroy much people, for he says: Are not my princes all Kings? Is not Calno as easy to win, as Charchamis? Is it harder to conquer *Antiochia (kjv = Hamath) then Arphad? or is it lighter to over come *Damascus then *Samaria? (reversed in kjv) As woe say: I were able to win the kingdom of the Idolaters and their gods, but not Jerusalem and Samaria. Shall I not do unto *Jerusalem and her Images, as I did unto *Samaria and her Images? * (reversed in kjv)
     Wherefore the Lord says: As soon as I have performed my whole work upon the hill of Sion and Jerusalem, then will I also visit the noble and stout king of Assiria, with his wisdom and pride. For he stands thus in his own conceit: This do I through the power of my own hand, and through my wisdom: For I am wise, I am he that remove the lands of the people, I rob their princes: and (like one of the worthies) I drive them from their high seats. My hand has found out the Hosts of the people, as it were a nest. And like as eggs, that were layed here and there, are gathered together: So do I gather all countries. And there is no man, that dare open his mouth, or once whisper.
     But does the axe boast itself, against him that hews therewith? or does the saw make any cracking, against him that rules it? That were even like, as if the rod did exalt itself against him that bears it: or as though the staff should magnify itself, as who say: it were not wood. Therefore shall the Lord of hosts send him poverty in his riches, and burn up his power, as it were with a fire. But the light Israel shall be that fire, and his Sanctuary shall be the flame, and it shall kindle, and burn up his thorns and briers in one day. Yes all that glory of his woods and fields shall be consumed with *body and *soul. (reversed in kjv) As for himself, he shall be as one chased away. The trees also of his field will be of such a number that a child may tell them.
     After that day shall the remnant of Israel, and such as are escaped of the house of Jacob, seek no more comfort at him that smote them, but shall comfort themselves with faithfulness and truth in the Lord, the holy one of Israel. The remnant, yes and the Posterity of Jacob, shall convert unto God the mighty one. For though your people (O Israel) be as the sand of the sea, yet shall but the remnant of them only convert unto him. Perfect is the judgement of him that flows in righteousness, and therefore the Lord of Hosts shall perfectly fulfil the thing, that he has determined in the midst of the whole world. Therefore thus says the Lord God of Hosts: You my people, that dwell in Sion, be not afraid for the king of the Assirians: He shall wag his staff at you, yes and beat you with the rod, as the Egyptians did some time: But soon after, shall my wrath and mine indignation be fulfilled against their blasphemes.
     Moreover the Lord of Hosts shall prepare a scourge for him, like as was the punishment of Madian upon the mount of Oreb. And he shall lift up his rod over the sea, as he did sometime over the Egyptians. The shall his burden be taken from your shoulders, and his yoke from your neck, yes the same yoke shall be corrupt for very fatness. He shall come to Aiath, and go through toward Migron. But at Machmas shall he muster his Host, and go over the fiord. Gabaah will be their resting place, Rhamah shall be afraid, Gabaah Saul shall flee away. The voice of the noise of your horses, (O daughter of Gallim) shall be heard unto Laish and to Anathoth, which also shall be in trouble. Madmena shall tremble for fear, but the citizens Gabin are manly, yet shall he remain at Nob that day. After that, shall he lift up his hand against the mount Sion, against the hill of Jerusalem. But see, the Lord God of Hosts shall take away the proud from that place, with fear. He shall hew down the proud, and fell the high minded. The thorns of the wood shall be rooted out with iron, and Libanus shall have a mighty fall.

The Eleventh Chapter
     After this there shall come a rod forth of the Kindred of Jesse, and a blossom out of his root. The spirit of the Lord shall light it: the spirit of wisdom, and understanding: the spirit of counsel, and strength: the spirit of knowledge, and of the fear of God: and shall make him fervent in the fear of God.
     For he shall not give sentence, after the thing that shall be brought before his eyes, neither reprove a matter at the first hearing: but with righteousness shall he judge the poor, and with holiness shall he *reform (kjv = reprove) the simple of the world.
     He shall smite the world with the staff of his mouth, and with the breath of his mouth shall he slay the wicked. Righteousness shall be the girdle of his loins, truth and faithfulness, the girding of his reins. Then shall the wolf dwell with the lamb, and the Leopard shall lie down by the goat. Bullocks, Lions and cattle shall keep company together, so that a little child shall drive them forth. The cow and the bear shall feed together, and their young ones shall lie together. The Lion shall eat straw like the ox, or the cow. The child while he suck, shall *have a desire to the serpents nest, and when he is weaned, he shall put his hand in to the Cockatrice den. No man shall do evil to another, no man shall destroy another, in all the hill of my Sanctuary. For the earth shall be full of the knowledge of the Lord, even as though the water of the sea flowed over the earth. (kjv = play on the hole of the asp)
     Then shall the gentiles enquirer after the root of Jesse,(which shall be set up for a token unto the Gentiles) for his dwelling shall be glorious. At the same time shall the Lord take in hand again, to conquer the remnant of his people,(which are left alive) From the Assirians, Egyptians, Arabians, Morians, Elamites, Caldeies, Antiochians and Islands of the sea. And he shall set up a token among the Gentiles, and gather together the dispersed of Israel, yes and the out casts of Juda from the four corners of the earth. The hatred of Ephraim and the enmity of Judah shall be clean rooted out. Ephraim shall bear no evil will to Judah, and Judah shall not hate Ephraim: but they both together shall fly upon the shoulders of the Philistines toward the West: and spoil them together that dwell toward the East. The Idumites and the Moabites shall let their hands fall, and the Ammonites shall be obedient unto them.
     The Lord also shall cleave the tongues of the Egyptians sea, and with a mighty wind shall he lift up his hand over the Nilus, and shall smite his seven streams and make men go over dryshod. And thus shall he make a way for his people, that remains from the Assirians, what time they departed out of the land of Egypt.

The Twelfth Chapter
     So that then you shall say: O' Lord, I thank you, for you was displeased at me, but you have refrained your wrath, and have mercy upon me. Behold, God is my health, in whom I trust, and am not afraid. For the Lord *God (kjv = JEHOVAH) is my strength, and my praise, he also shall be my refuge. Therefore with joy shall you draw water out of the wells of the *Savioure, (kjv = salvation.) and then shall you say: Lets us give thanks unto the Lord, and call upon his name, and declare his counsels among the people, and keep them in remembrance, for his name is excellent. O sing praises unto the Lord, for he does great things, as it is known in all the world. Cry out, and be glad, you that dwell in Sion, for great is your prince: the holy one of Israel.

The Thirteenth Chapter
     This is the heavy burden of Babylon, which Esai the son of Amos did see. Make some tokens to the high hills, call unto them, hold up your hand, that the Princes may go in at the door. For I will send for my deputies and my giants (says the Lord) and in my wrath I will call for such, as triumph in my glory.
     With that , me thought I heard in the mountains, a noise, like as it had been a great people: and a rushing, as though the Kingdoms of all nations had come together. (And the Lord of Hosts was the Captain of the whole army) As they had come not only out of far countries, but also from the ends of the heavens: Even the Lord himself with the ministers of his wrath, to destroy the whole land. Mourn therefore, for the day of the Lord is at hand, and comes as a destroyer from the Almighty. Then shall all hands be let down, and all mens hearts shall melt away, they shall stand in fear, carelessness and sorrow shall come upon them, and they shall have pain, as a woman that travails with child. One shall ever be abashed of another, and their faces shall burn like the flame.
     For lo, the day of the Lord shall come, terrible, full of indignation and wrath: to make the land waste, and to root out the sin thereof. For the stars and *planets (kjv = constellations) of heaven shall not give their light, the sun shall be quenched *in the rising, (kjv = in his going forth), and the moon will not shine with his light. And I will punish the wickedness of the world, and the sins of the ungodly, says the Lord. The high stomachs of the proud will I take away, and will lay down the boasting of the tyrants. I will make a man dearer than fine gold, and a man to be more worth, than a golden wedge of Ophir. Moreover I will so shake the heaven, that the earth shall remove out of her place.
     Thus shall it go with Babylon in the wrath of the Lord of Hosts in the day of his fearful indignation. And Babylon shall be as an hunted or chased doe, and as a flock without a shepherd. Every man shall turn to his own people, and flee each one into his own land. Who so is found alone, shall be shot through: And who so gather together, shall be destroyed with the sword. Their children shall be slain before their eyes, their houses spoiled, and their wives ravished. For lo, I shall bring up the Medes against them, which shall not regard silver, nor be desirous of gold. Then shall young mens bows be snapped asunder. The Medes shall have no pity upon women with chid, and their faces shall not spare the children. And Babylon (that glory of Kingdoms and beauty of the Caldees honor) shall be destroyed, even as God destroyed Sodom and Gomorra. It shall never be more inhabited, neither shall there be any more dwelling place there, from generation to generation.
     The Arabians shall make no more tents there, neither shall the shepherds make their folds there any more: but wild beasts shall lay there, and the houses shall be full of great Owls. Ostriches shall dwell there, and *apes (kjv = satyrs) shall dance there: the little owls shall cry in the palaces, one after another, and Dragons shall be in their pleasant parlors. And as for Babylons time it is at hand, and her days may not be long absent:

The Fourteenth Chapter
     But the lord will be merciful unto Jacob, and take up Israel again, and set them in their own land. Strangers shall cleave unto them, and get them to the house of Jacob. They shall take the people, and carry them home with them. And the house of Israel shall have them in possession for servants and maidens in the land of the Lord. They shall take those prisoners, whose captives they had been before: and rule those that had oppressed them. When the Lord shall bring you to rest, from the travail, fear, and hard bondage that you was ladened with all: Then you shall use this mocking upon the King of Babylon, and say: How happens that the oppressor leaves off? Is the gold tribute come to an end? Doubtless the Lord has broken the staff of the ungodly, and the scepter of the lordly. Which when he is wroth smites the people with durable strokes, and in his wonders he persecutes them, and tames them continually. And therefore the whole world is at rest and quietness, and men sing for joy.
     Yes, even the fir trees and the Cedars of Libanus rejoice at your fall, saying: Now that you are laid down, there come no more up to destroy us. Hell also trembles at your coming, all mighty men and Princes of the earth, step forth be fore you. All Kings of the earth, stand up from their seats, that they may all (one after another) sing and speak unto you. are you wounded also as we? are you become like unto us? your pomp and your pride is gone down to hell: Moths shall be layed under you, and worms *shall be your covering. Note this word "covering"; their is but one covering, our Lord and redeemer Christ, only. RN
     *Now are you fallen from heaven,(O Lucifer) you fair morning child? (kjv = son of the morning.) have you gotten a fall even to the ground, you that (not withstanding) did subdue the people? And yet you thought in your heart: I will climb up into heaven, and make my seat above the stars of God, I will sit upon the glorious mount toward the North, I will climb up above the clouds, and will be like the highest of all. Yet dare I lay, that you shall be brought down to the deep of hell. They that see you, shall narrowly look upon you, and think in themselves, saying: Is this the man, that brought all lands in fear, and made the kingdoms afraid: Is this he that made the world in a manner waste, and layed the cities to the ground, which let not his prisoners go home?
     Now happens it, that the Kings of all people lay, every one at home in his own palace, with worship, and you are cast out of your grave like a wild branch: like as dead mens raiment that are shot through with the sword: as they that go down to the stones of the deep: as a dead corpse that is trodden under feet: and are not buried with them? Even because that you have not wasted your land, and destroyed your people. For the generation of the wicked shall be without honor, forever. There shall away be sought to destroy their children, for their fathers wickedness: They shall not rise up again to possess the land, and fill the world with castles and towns.
     I will stand up against them, (says the Lord of hosts) and root out the name and generation of Babylon (says the Lord) and well give it to the Otters, and will make water puddles of it. and I will sweep it with the *besom (broom) of destruction, says the Lord of Hosts. The Lord of Hosts has sworn an oath, saying: It shall come to pass as I have determined: and shall be fulfilled as I have devised. The Assyrians shall be destroyed in my land, and upon my mountains will I tread them under foot. Where through his yoke shall be taken from your shoulders. This devise has God taken through the whole world, and thus his hand stretched out over all the people. For if the Lord of Hosts determines a thing, who will disannul it? And if he stretch forth his hand, who will hold it in again?
     The same year that King Ahaz died, God threatened by Esai on this manner: Rejoice not (you whole Palestina) as though the rod of him that beats you were broken: For out of the serpents root, there shall wax a cockatrice, and the fruit shall be a fiery *worm. (kjv = flying serpent) But the poor shall feed of the best things, and the simple shall dwell in safety. your roots shall I destroy with hunger, and it shall slay your remnant. Mourn you ports, weep you cities, and fear you (O whole Palestina) for there shall come from the North a smoke, whos power no man may abide. Who shall then maintain the messages of the Gentiles? But the Lord stablishes Sion, and the poor of my people shall put their trust in him.

The Fifteenth Chapter
     This is the heavy burden upon Moab: Ar of Moab was destroyed (as me thought) in the night season: The walls of Moab perished in the night, and vanished away: They went to Bajth, and Dibon in the high places, for to weep: Moab did mourn from Nebo to Medba: All their heads were polled, and all their beards were shaven. In their streets were they girded about with sackcloth. In all the tops of their houses and streets was there nothing, but mourning and weeping. Hesebon and Eleale cried, that their voice was heard unto Jahaz. The worthies also of Moab bleared and cried for very sorrow of their minds: Woe is my heart for Moabs sake. They fled unto the city of Zoar, which is like a fair fruitful bullock, they went up to Luhith, weeping. The way toward Horonaim was full of lamentation for the hurt. The waters of Nimrim were dried up, the grass was withered, and the herbs destroyed, and what necessary green thing there was beside. In like manner the thing that was left them of their substance, they carried it by the water to Araby. The cry went over the whole land of Moab: from Eglaim unto Beer, was there nothing but mourning. The waters of Dimon were full of blood, for the enemy had sent over there a bond of men, which as a lion lay and wait for the remnant of the land, and for them that were escaped.

The Sixteenth Chapter
     Then sent the Lords of the land a man of war, from the rock that lies toward the desert, unto the hill of the daughter of Zion. (For as for the daughters of Moab, they were as it had been a trembling bird, that is put out of her nest, by the fury of Arnon.) which messenger said : gather your counsel, come together, cover us with your shadow in the midday, as the night doth: hide the chased, and *bewray (disclose or betray) not them that are fled, let the persecuted Moabites dwell among you, be our open refuge against the destroyer: for the adversary oppresses us, the robber undoes us, and the tyrant drives us out of our land. But the throne of your kingdom is full of grace, therefore he that sits upon it with faithfulness and truth in the house of David, know the thing, and do his diligence to help shortly, according to equity and righteousness. As for the Moabs pride (shall they answer) it is well known. And all thought they be excellent proud, arrogant and high minded: yet is their strength nothing like. And therefore Moab complains to Moab, where through they come all to mourn: and now that they be smitten, they take their devise beneath by the brick wall, and make their complaint.
     The suburbs of Hesebon were made waste, and the Princes of the Gentiles hewed down the vineyards of Sibma, which were planted with noble grapes, and spread unto Jazer, and went unto the end of the desert, whose branches stretched their fellows forth beyond the sea. Therefore I mourned for Jazer, and for the vineyards of Sibma with great sorrow. I poured my tears upon Hesebon and Eleale, for all their songs were layed down, in their harvest and gathering of their grapes: Mirth and cheer was gone out of the field and vineyards, in so much, that no man was glad nor song. There went no treader into the winepress, their merry cheer was layed down. Wherefore my belly rumbled (as it had been a lute) for Moabs sake, and mine inward members, for the brick walls sake. For it happened thus also: when Moab saw that she was turned upside down: she went up high in to her Sanctuary, to make her prayer there, but she might not be helped. This is the devise, which the Lord took in hand at the time against Moab. But now the Lord says thus: In three years shall the power of Moab with their pomp (which is great) be minished, like as the burden of a hired servant. And as for the remnant of them, they shall be less than a few, and not reckoned much worth.

The Seventeenth Chapter
     This is the heavy burden upon Damascus: Behold, Damascus shall be no more a city, but a heap of broken stones. The cities of Aroer shall be waste: the cattle shall live there, and no man shall fraye (scare) them away. Ephraim shall no more be strong, and Damascus shall no more be a Kingdom. As for the remnant of the Syrians, it shall be as the glory of the children of Israel, says the Lord of Hosts. At that time shall the glory of Jacob be very poor, and his fatness lean. It shall happen to them, as when one shears in the harvest, which cuts his hand full with the sickle, and when one gathers the sheaves together in the valley, of Raphaim, there remains yet some ears over: Or as when one shakes an olive tree, which sends but two or three olive berries above in the top, and four or five in the branches. Thus the Lord God of Israel has spoken.
     Then shall man convert again unto his maker, and turn his eyes to the holy one of Israel. And shall not turn to the altars that are the work of his own hands, neither shall he look upon *groves and images, which his fingers have wrought. At the same time shall their strong cities be desolate, like as were once the forsaken plows and corn, which they forsook, for fear of the children of Israel. *groves; these groves are men, signified as trees, RN
     So shall you (O Damascus) be desolate, because you have forgotten God your *Saviour (kjv = salvation), and have not called to remembrance the rock of your strength. Wherefore you have also set a fair plant, and grafted a strange branch. In the day when you did plant it, it was great, and gave soon the fruit of your seed: But in the day of harvest, you shall reap an heap of sorrows and miseries.
     Woe to the multitude of much people, that rush in like the sea, and to the heap of folk, that run over all like great waters. For though so many people increase as the flowing waters and though the be armed, yet they flee far off, and vanish away like the dust with the wind upon an hill, and as the whirlwind through a storm. though they be fearful at night, yet in the morning it is gone with them. This is their portion, that do us harm, and heritage of them, that rob us.

The Eighteenth Chapter
     Woe be unto the land of *flying ships, which is this side the flood of Ethiopia: which sends her message over the sea in ships of reeds upon the water: and says go soon, and do your message unto a strange and hard folk: to a fearful people, and to a people that is further than this: to a desperate and *pilled folk, whose land is divided from us with rivers of water. Yes all you that sit in the compass of the world, and dwell upon the earth: when the token shall be given upon the mountains, then look up: and when the horn blows, then harken to, for thus has the Lord said unto me. I lay me down, and pondered the matter in my house, at the Noon day when it was hot: And there fell a mighty shower, like a dew, as it happens in Harvest. But the fruits were not yet ripe cut off, and the grapes were but young and green. Then one smote off, the grapes with an hook, yes he hewed down also the boughs and the branches, and did cast them away. And thus they were layed waste, for the fowls of the mountains, and for the beasts of the earth together. So that the fowls sat there upon, and the beasts of the earth wintered there. Then shall there be a present brought to the Lord of Hosts: even that hard folk, that fearful folk, and that further is then this: that desperate and pilled folk (whose land is divided from us with floods of water) unto the place of the name of the Lord of Hosts: even unto the hill of Sion. * *flying ships, this is exactly as it is written. *pilled; to be under extortion, extorted from. RN

The Nineteenth Chapter
     This is the heavy burden upon Egypt: Behold, the Lord will ride upon a swift cloud, and come into Egypt. And the gods of Egypt shall tremble at his coming, and the heart of Egypt shall quake within her. For thus says the Lord: I will stir up the Egyptians one against the other among themselves, so that one shall be ever against another, and one Kingdom against another. And Egypt well be choked with herself. When they ask counsel at their gods, at their Prophets, at their soothsayers and witches: then will I bring their counsel to naught. I will deliver Egypt also into the hands of grievous rulers, and a cruel King shall rule over them. The water of the sea shall be drawn out, Nilus shall stink away, and be drunk up. The rivers also shall be draw out, the wells shall decrease and draw away. Reed and rush shall fail, the grass by the waters side or upon the river bank, yes and whatsoever is sown by the waters, shall be withered, destroyed, and brought to naught. The fishers shall mourn, and all such as cast angles (hooks) in the water, shall complain, and they that spread their nets in the water, shall be fain hearted. Such as labor upon flax and silk, shall come to poverty, and they also that weave fine works. All the pounds (ponds) of Egypt, all the policy of their Moats and ditches shall come to naught.
     Yes the indiscreet Princes of Zoan, the counsel of the wise Senators of Pharaoh, shall turn to foolishness: Those that dare boast and say of Pharaos behalf: I am come of wise people, I am come of the old regal Progeny. But where are now your wise men? Let them tell you and show you, what the Lord of Hosts has taken in hand against Egypt. Fools are those Princes of Zoan, and proud are the Princes of Noph: yes they deceive Egypt with their nobility of their flock. For the Lord has made Egypt drunken with the spirit of error, and they shall use it in all matters: even like as a drunken man goes spewing about. For Egypt shall lack good counsel, so that they shall know not what to do, neither beginning nor end, neither upon the land nor water. Then shall the Egyptians be like women, afraid and astounded, at the lifting up of the head, which the Lord of Hosts shall lift up over them. The land of Juda shall also make the Egyptians afraid, who so does but speak upon it, shall put them in fear: And that because of the counsel, which the Lord of Hosts has devised against them. Then shall the five cities of Egypt speak with the *Canaanites tongue, and swear by the Lord of Hosts, and *Heliopolis shall be one of them. At the same time shall the Lord of hosts have an altar in the midst of the land of Egypt, with this title thereby: Unto the Lord. This shall be a token or testimony unto the Lord of Hosts in the land of Egypt, when they shall cry unto him, because of those that oppress them: that he shall send them a Captain and a Saviour to deliver them. *Canaanites tongue; this from the Hebrew, is the language of merchants. *Heliopolis; this city is not found in all the kjv even from 1611 to the present. From the references :He·li·op·o·lis 1. An ancient city of northern Egypt in the Nile River delta north of modern Cairo. It was the center of worship of the sun god Ra until the rise of Thebes (c. 2100 B.C.). Its importance as a historical repository with famed schools of philosophy and astronomy declined after the founding of Alexandria in the fourth century B.C. Two of its obelisks, both known as Cleopatras Needle, are now in London and in New York Citys Central Park. RN
     Moreover, Egypt shall be brought unto the Lord, and the Egyptians shall also know the Lord at the same time: they shall do him reverence with peace offerings, and with meat offerings: they shall promise him offerings: yes and pay him also. Thus the Lord shall smite Egypt, and heal it again: and so shall they turn to the Lord, and he also shall have mercy upon them, and save them. Then shall there be a common way out of Egypt into Assyria. The Assyrians shall come into Egypt, and the Egyptians into Assyria. The Egyptians also and the Assyrians shall both have one Gods service. Then shall Israel with honor be the third to Egypt and Assur. And the Lord of Hosts shall bless them, saying: Blessed is my people of the Egyptians, Assur is the work of my hands, but Israel is mine inheritance.


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