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the woman and the tuition...

And measures and matters of The Truth of the "time" we are in ...how "man" ..."thought to change time and times ...

Dearly beloved, be not ignorant of this one thing, how that one day is with the Lord, as a thousand year, and a thousand year as one day.

The Lord is not slack to fulfil his promise, as some men count slackness: but is patient to us ward, and would have no man lost, but would receive all men to repentance.


     Behold in a dream during the dread nightmare of the dark season ...of the times and time ..of the season of man ...see son of man ...

and i was taken and shown a woman.

and the woman drew near to a young lad ...

and that to help with his knowledge ...

even to pay...for his tuition ...that he might obtain a higher education...


and scripture came back to remembrance...


Wisdom is better then strength, and a man of understanding is more worth than one that is strong. Hear therefore ( O' ye Kings ) and understand: O' learn ye that be judges of the ends of the earth. Give ear, ye that rule the multitudes, and delight much people. For power is given you of the Lord, and the strength from the Highest: which shall try your works and search out your imaginations: How that ye being officers of his Kingdom, have not kept the law of righteousness, nor walked after his will. Horribly and that right soon shall he appear unto you: for an hard judgment shall they have that bear rule. Mercy is granted unto the simple, but they that be in authority shall be sore punished. For God which is Lord over all, shall except no mans person, neither shall he stand in awe of any mans greatness: for he hath made the small and great, and careth for all alike. But the mighty shall have the sorer punishment.
      Unto you therefore ( O' Kings ) do I speak, that ye may learn wisdom and not go amiss: For they that keep righteousness shall be righteously judged: and they that are learned in righteous things, shall find to make answer. Wherefore set your lust upon my words, and love them, so shall ye come by nurture. Wisdom is a noble thing, and never fadeth away: yee she is easily seen of them that love her, and found of such as seek her. She preventeth them that desire her, that she may first show herself unto them. Whoso awaketh unto her by times, shall have no great travail, for he shall find her sitting ready at his doors. To think upon her, is perfect understanding: and whoso watcheth for her, shall be safe, and that soon. For she goeth about, seeking such as are *mete for her, showeth herself cheerfully unto them in their goings, and meeteth them with all diligence. For the unfeigned desire for reformation is her beginning: to care for nurture is love, and love is the keeping of her laws. Now the keeping of the laws is perfection and an uncorrupt life, an uncorrupt life maketh a man familiar with God. And so the desire of wisdom leadeth to the Kingdom everlasting. If your delight be then in royal seats and scepters ( O' ye kings of the people ) set your lust upon wisdom, that ye may reign for evermore. O' love the light of wisdom, all ye that be rulers of the people. As for wisdom what she is, and how she came up I will tell you, and will not hide the mysteries of God from you: but will seek her out from the beginning of the nativity, and bring the knowledge of her into light, and will not keep back the truth: Neither will I do with consuming envy, for such a man shall not be partaker of wisdom. But the multitude of the wise is the welfare of the world, and a wise king is the upholding of the people. O' receive nurture then through my words, and it shall do you good.


for the whole book of Wisdom ...not allowed in the bibles of man ... begin here    WISDOM 

or more the same  http://www.originalscriptures.org/44-Wisdom/wisdom1-10.htm



      Age is an honorable thing: nevertheless it standeth not only in the length of time, ner multitude of years: But a mans wisdom is the gray hair, and an undefiled life is the old age. He pleased God, and was beloved of him: so that whereas he lived among sinners, he translated him. Yea suddenly was he taken away, to the intend that wickedness should not alter his understanding, and that hypocrisy should not beguile his soul. For the crafty bewitching of lies make good things dark, the unsteadfastness also and wickedness of voluptuous desire turn aside the understanding of the simple. Though he was soon dead, yet fulfilled he much time. For his soul pleased God therefore hasted he to take him away from among the wicked. This the people see, and understand it not: they lay not up such things in their hearts, how that the loving favor and mercy of God is upon his saints, and that he hath respect unto his chosen.

      Thus the righteous that is dead, condemneth the ungodly which are living: and youth that is soon brought to an end, the long life of the unrighteous. For they see the end of the wise, but they understand not what God hath devised for him, and wherefore the Lord hath taken him away. And why? they see him and despise him, therefore shall God also laugh them to scorn: So that they themselves shall die here after ( but without honor ) Yee in shame among the dead forevermore. For without any voice shall he burst those that be puffed up, and remove them from the foundations, so that they shall be layed waste unto the highest. They shall mourn, and their memorial shall perish. So they being afraid shall remember their sins, and their own wickedness shall betray them.



      Moreover, this was not enough for them that they erred in the knowledge of God: but where as they lived in the great wars of ignorance, those many and great plagues called they peace. For either they slew their own children, and offered them, or did sacrifice in the night season, or else held unreasonable watches: so that they kept neither life ner marriage clean: but either one slew another to death maliciously or else grieved his neighbor with *advoutry. And thus were all things mixed together: blood manslaughter, theft, dissimulation, corruption, unfaithfulness, sedition, perjury, disquietness of good men, unthankfulness, defiling of souls, changing of birth, unsteadfastness of marriage, misorder of *advoutry and uncleanness. And why? the honoring of abominable images is the cause, the beginning and end of all evil. For they worship Idols, either they are mad when they be merry, or prophesy lies, or live ungodly, or else lightly foreswear themselves. For in so much as their trust is in the Idols ( which have neither souls ner understanding ) though they swear falsely, yet they think it shall not hurt them.

      Therefore cometh a great plague upon them, and that worthily: for they have an evil opinion of God, giving heed unto Idols, swearing unjustly to deceive, and despising righteousness. For their swearing is no virtue, but a plague of them that sin, and goeth ever with the offense of the ungodly.


     ESAI or ISAIAH Chpt 56

      Thus saith the Lord God which gathered together the scattered of Israel: I will bring yet another congregation to him. All the beasts of the field, and all the beasts of the wood, shall come to devour him. For his watchmen are all blind, they have altogether no understanding, they are all dumb dogs, not being able to bark, they are sleepy: sluggish are they, and lie snoring: they are shameless dogs, that never be satisfied. The shepherds also in like manner have no understanding, but every man turneth his own way, everyone after his own covetousness with all his power. Come ( say they ) I will fetch wine, so shall we fill ourselves, that we may be drunken. And do tomorrow, like as today, yee and much more.


      and of the religious ...of the most ...they removed the book of Wisdom...from their imaginary bibles of religion and churchlieness ...



"romance of wisdom..."     

"the worldly ...laughs at wisdom..."

 "a wife and wisdom and 4 walls..."

 "woman of the world ...or wisdom ..."

"Black board ...the Truth and the spirit of Wisdom ..."

"Mans house of images...and the origin thereof"...Wisdom 14

Walk with Wisdom ..

house of wisdom...and preparing for the gathering ......









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