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the scene...the seeing from the book...

And measures and matters of The Truth of the "time" we are in ...how "man" ..."thought to change time and times ...

Dearly beloved, be not ignorant of this one thing, how that one day is with the Lord, as a thousand year, and a thousand year as one day.

The Lord is not slack to fulfil his promise, as some men count slackness: but is patient to us ward, and would have no man lost, but would receive all men to repentance.


     Behold in a dread nightmare of the dark season ...of the times and time ..of the season of man ...see son of man ...

and i was taken and shown a man.

and the man loved God his father and Jesus his brother and Lord.

and that in spirit and truth.

and the man was walking upon the earth reading a book.

and the face of the earth was plain before him.

and as the man turned the page ...a scene jumped out of the book.

and the scene became real.

and the man was on the side of a high mountain with others...

and as he looked the high mountain was made of rock.

and the high mountain had trees and mighty trees living upon it.

and the day was clear and full of the light of the son.

and the people who were on the high mountain walked and talked pleasantly and kindly ...

and laughed and sang and enjoyed each other (within were joy full with each other) in spirit and truth.

and the man and others looked all round about ...both higher up upon the high mountain and lower upon the valley and valleys below ...

and again the heavens above and the skies below were all clear and and full of the light of the son.

and suddenly there appeared a dark cloud ...over the land ...

and the darkness cast a shadow over the land ...

and the dark storm turned ominous ...and there was a boiling of utter darkness ...in the midst of the dark dread cloud ...

and the dark dread cloud moved as though to go higher up the mighty mountain...

even up towards the heavens ...

and the man said ...it will be dread for those above ...if the dark dread  cloud goes higher ...

and suddenly the dark dread cloud stopped from going higher...

and the dark dread cloud descended on the lower parts of the valley and valleys ...

and out of the boiling utter darkness came shoots ...like the searching and reaching and clawing of fingers of utter darkness...

and again the dark dread cloud moved as though searching ...over the land below...

and suddenly the dark dread cloud stopped over a place ...

and the place was so far away ...that it appeared as though the dark dread cloud stopped over creatures...appearing like a flock of birds ...resting on the ground...

and suddenly the searching and clawing of fingers of utter darkness...reached down...

and the creatures...that were before thought to be birds ...snapped to their feet ...

and ran and bolted in every direction ...

and were panicked and stunned with fear ...

and as the creatures ran in utter shocking fear...many ran towards the high mountain ...

and the man looked and the creatures were a stampeding herd of beasts ...

and the ran upon the lower parts of the mighty mountain ...

and the man called out for the peace full people upon the lower parts of the mighty mountain ...to hide in the narrow places ...between the rock.

evenso some of the peace full people ...also panicked ...at seeing the beastly ...being ...being so stampeded...

and the panicked peace full people ran ...out in the open ...thinking to get ahead ...a head ...of the terrified stampeding beastly ...

and the man broke from his shelter ...

and chased after the peace full people who panicked...

and he grabbed one here and one there ...

and hid them behind mighty trees ...

and called out to others ...who were panicked ...to also get to the shelter of mighty trees ...

and the man could see no more being ...being in danger of the stampeding beastly ... 

and he man went himself ...into the shelter of several mighty trees ...that grew so close together ...that nothing beastly could come between them ...

and he waited until the beastly ...ran back down to the lower parts of the earth...

and were seen no more ...upon the mighty mountain. 


and scripture came back to remembrance ...


Like as it is not good to eat to much honey, even so he that will search out high things, it shall be to heavy for him.
      He that can not rule himself, is like a city which is broken down, and hath no walls.


Jesus then full of the holy ghost returned from Jordan, and was carried of the spirit into wilderness, and was forty days tempted of the devil. And in those days ate he nothing. And when they were ended, he after ward hungered. And the devil said unto him: if thou be the son of God command this stone that it be bread. And Jesus answered him saying: It is written, man shall not live by bread only, but by every word of God.
      And the devil took him up into an high mountain, and showed him all the kingdom of the world, even in the twinkling of an eye. And the devil said unto him: all this power will I give thee every *whit and the glory of them: for that is delivered to me, and to whosoever I will, I give it. If thou therefore wilt worship me, they shall be all thine. Jesus answered him and said: hence from me Satan. For it is written: Thou shalt honour the Lord thy God, and him only serve.
      And he carried him to Jerusalem, and set him on a pinnacle of the temple, and said unto him: If thou be the son of God, cast thyself down from hence. For it is written, he shall give his Angels charge over thee to keep thee, and with their hands they shall stay thee up that thou dash not thy foot against a stone. Jesus answered and said to him, it is said: thou shalt not tempt the Lord thy God. As soon as the devil had ended all his temptations, he departed from him, for a season.

*whit (least bit)


  And after six days Jesus took Peter, James and John, and led them up into an high mountain out of the way alone, and he was transfigured before them. And his raiment did shine, and was made very white, even as snow: so white as no *fuller can make upon the earth. And there appeared unto them *Helias with Moses: and they talked with *Jesu. And Peter answered and said to *Jesu: Master, here is good being for us, let us make three tabernacles, one for thee, one for Moses, and one for *Helias. And yet he *wist not what he said: for they were afraid. And there was a cloud that shadowed them. And a voice came out of the cloud saying: This is my dear son, hear him. And suddenly, they looked round about them, and saw no man more than *Jesus only with them.
      And as they came down from the hill, he charged them, that they should tell no man what they had seen, till the son of man were risen from death again. And they kept that saying with them, and demanded one of another, what that rising from death again should mean? And they asked him saying: why then Say the Scribes, that *Helias must first come? He answered and said unto them: *Helias verily shall first come and restore all things. And also the son of man as it is written, shall suffer many things and shall be set at nought. Moreover I say unto you, that *Helias is come, and they have done unto him whatsoever pleased them, as it is written of him.

*Helias (Elias) *wist (knew) *fuller: one who works with cloth *Jesu exact spelling. *Jesus exact spelling. *Christe: exact spelling



  This is the word of the Lord, that came to Micheas the Morastite, in the days of Jothan, Ahaz, and Jehezekiah, kings of Judah: which was showed upon Samaria and Jerusalem. Hear, all ye people, hearken, mark this well O earth, and all that therein is: Yee the Lord God himself be witness among you, even the Lord from his holy temple. For, why? behold, the Lord shall go out of his place, and come down, and tread upon the high things of the earth. The mountains shall consume under him, and the valleys shall cleave asunder: like as war consumeth at the fire, and as the waters runneth down hard. And all this shall be for the wickedness of Jacob, and the sins of the house of Israel.
      But what is the wickedness of Jacob? Is not Samaria? Which are the high places of Judah? Is not Jerusalem? Therefore I shall make Samaria an heap of stones in the field, to lay about the vineyard: her stones shall I cast into the valley, and discover her foundations. All her Images shall be broken down and all her winnings shall be burned in the fire: yee all her Idols will I destroy: for why? they are gathered out of the hire of an whore, and to an whores hire they shall be turned again. Wherefore I will mourn and make lamentation, bare and naked will I go: I must mourn like the dragons, and take sorrow like the ostriches: For their wound is past remedy: And why? it is come in to Judah, and hath touched the port of my people at Jerusalem already. Weep not, least they at Geth perceive it.


I Paul my self beseech you by the meekness and softness of Christ which when I am present among you, am of no reputation, but am bold toward you being absent. I beseech you that I need not to be bold when I am present (with that same confidence, wherewith I am supposed to be bold) against some which repute us as though we walked carnally. Nevertheless though we walk compassed with the flesh, yet we war not fleshly. For the weapons of our war are not carnal things, but things mighty in God, to cast down strongholds, wherewith we overthrow imaginations, and every high thing that exalteth itself against the knowledge of God and bring into captivity all understanding to the obedience of Christ, and are ready to take vengeance on all disobedience, when your obedience is fulfilled. Look ye on things after the outer appearance?
      If any man trust in him self that he is Christs, let the same also consider of him self, that as he is Christs, even so are we Christs. And though I should boast my self somewhat more of our authority which the Lord hath given us to edify and not to destroy you, it should not be to my shame. This say I, lest I should seem as though I went about to make you afraid with letters. For the epistles (saith he) are sore and strong: but his bodily presence is weak, and his speech rude. Let him that is such think on this wise, that as we are in words by letters when we are absent, such are we in deeds when we are present.
      For we cannot find in our hearts to make ourselves of the number of them, or to compare ourselves to them, which *laud them selves nevertheless while they measure them selves with them selves, and compare them selves with them selves, they understand nought. But we will not rejoice above measure: but according to the quantity of the measure which God hath distributed unto us, a measure that reacheth even unto you. For we stretch not out ourselves beyond measure as though we had not reached unto you. For even unto you have we come with the gospel of Christ, and we boast not our selves out of measure in other mens labors. Yee and we hope, when your faith is increased among you, to be magnified according to our measure, more largely, and to preach the gospel in those regions which are beyond you: and not to rejoice of that which is by another mans measure prepared already. Let him that rejoiceth, rejoice in the Lord. For he that praiseth him self, is not allowed: but he whom the Lord praiseth

*laud (praise, exalt)



In the second year of the reign of Nabuchodnosor, had Nabuchodnosor a dream, where through his spirit was vexed, and his sleep brake from him. Then the king commanded to call together all the soothsayers, charmers, witches and Caldees, for to show the king his dream. So they came, and stood before the king. And the king said unto them: I have dreamed a dream, and my spirit was so troubled therewith, that I have clean forgotten, what I dreamed. Upon this the Caldees answered the king in the *Syrians speech: O king, God save thy life forever. Show thy servants the dream, and we shall show thee, what it meaneth. The king gave the Caldees their answer, and said: It is gone from me: If ye will not make me understand the dream with the interpretation thereof, ye shall die, and your houses shall be prized. But if ye tell me the dream and the meaning thereof, ye shall have of me gifts, rewards and great honor: only, show me the dream, and the signification of it. They answered again, and said: the king must show his servants the dream, and so shall we declare what it meaneth. Then the king answered, saying: I perceive of a truth, that ye do but prolong the time: for so much as ye see, that the thing is gone from me. Therefore ye will not tell me the dream, ye shall all have one judgement: But ye faine and dissemble with vain words, which you speak before me, to put off the time. Therefore tell me the dream, and so shall I know, if ye can show me, what it meaneth. Upon this, the Caldees gave answer before the king, and said: There is no man upon the earth, that can tell the thing, which the king speaketh of: yee there is neither king, prince, nor Lord, that ever asked such things at a soothsayer, charmer, or Caldeer: for it is a very hard matter, that the king requireth. Neither is there any that can certify the king thereof, except the gods, whose dwelling is not among the creatures.
      For the which cause the king was wroth with great indignation, and commanded to destroy all the wise men at Babylon: and the proclamation went forth, that the wise men should be slain. They sought also to slay Daniel with his companions. Then Daniel enquired Arioch the kings steward, of the judgement and sentence, that was gone forth already to kill such as were wise at Babylon. He answered and said to Arioch being then the kings deputy: Why hath the king proclaimed so cruel a sentence? So Arioch told Daniel the matter. Upon this, went Daniel up, and desired the king, that he might have favor, to show the king the interpretation: and then came he home again and showed the thing unto Ananias, Misael, and Asarias his companions: that they should beseech the God of heaven for grace in this secret, that Daniel and his fellows with others such as were wise in Babylon, perish not. Then was the mystery shown unto Daniel in a vision by night. And Daniel praised the God of heaven. Daniel also cried aloud, and said: O that the name of God might be praised for ever and ever, for wisdom and strength are his own: he changeth the times and ages: he putteth down kings, he setteth up kings: he giveth wisdom unto the wise, and understanding to those that understand, he openeth the deep secrets: he knoweth the thing that lieth in darkness, for the light dwelleth with him. I thank thee, and pray thee, O thou God of my fathers, that thou hast sent me wisdom and strength, and hast showed me the thing, that we desired of thee, for thou hast opened the kings matter unto me.
      Upon this went Daniel in unto Arioch, whom the king had ordained to destroy the wise at Babylon: he went unto him ,and said: destroy not such as are wise in Babylon, but bring me unto the king, and I shall show the king the interpretation. Then Arioch brought Daniel into the king in all the haste, and said unto him: I have found a man among the prisoners of Judah, that shall show the king the interpretation. Then answered the king, and said unto Daniel, whose name was Balthasar: Art thou he, that can show me the dream, which I have seen, and the interpretation thereof? Daniel answered the king to his face, and said: As for this secret, for which the king maketh inquisition: it is neither the wise men, the sorcerer, the charmer nor the devil conjurer, that can certify the king of it: Only God in heaven can open secrets, and he it is, that showeth the king Nabuchodnosor, what is for to come in the latter days.
      Thy dream, and that which thou hast seen in thine head upon thy bed, is this: O king, thou didst cast in thy mind, what should come hereafter: So he that is the opener of mysteries, telleth thee, what is for to come. As for me, this secret is not showed me, for any wisdom that I have, more than any other living: but only that I might show the king the interpretation, that he might know the thoughts of his own heart. Thou king sawest, and behold: there stood before thee a great Image, whose figure was marvelous great, and his visage grim. The image head was of fine gold, his breast and his arms of silver, his body and loins were of copper, his legs of iron, his feet were part of iron, and part of earth.
      This thou sawest, till the time that ( without any hands ) there was hewn of a stone which smote the image upon his feet, that were both of iron and earth, and brake them to powder: Then was the iron, the earth, the copper, the silver and gold broken altogether in pieces: and became like the chaff of corn, that the wind bloweth away from the summer floors, that they can no more be found. But the stone that smote the Image, became a great mountain, which filled the whole earth: This is the dream. And now will we show before the king, what it meaneth.
      O king, thou art a King of kings: For the God of heaven hath given thee a kingdom, riches, strength, and majesty: And hath delivered thee all things, that are among the children of men: the beasts of the field, and the fowls under heaven, and given thee dominion over them all. Thou art that golden head. After thee there shall arise another kingdom, which shall be less than thine. The third kingdom shall be like copper, and have dominion in all lands. The fourth kingdom shall be strong as iron. For like as iron bruise and breaketh all things: Yee even as iron beateth everything down, so shall it beat down and destroy.
      Whereas thou sawest the feet and toes, part of earth and part of iron: that is a divided kingdom, which nevertheless shall have some of the iron ground mixed with it, for so much as thou hast seen the iron mixed with the clay.
      The toes of the feet that were part of iron and part of clay, signifieth: that it shall be a kingdom partly strong and partly weak. And whereas thou sawest iron mix with clay: they shall mingle themselves with the seed of simple people: and yet not continue with one another, like as iron will not be soldered with a potsherd.
      In the days of these kings, shall the God of heaven set up an everlasting kingdom, which shall not perish, and his kingdom shall not be given over to another people: Yee the same shall break and destroy all these kingdoms, but it shall endure for ever.
      And where as thou sawest, that without any hands there was cut out of the mountain a stone, which break the iron, the copper, the earth, the silver and gold in pieces: by that hath the great God showed the king, what will come after this. This is a true dream, and the interpretation of it is sure.
      Then the king Nabuchodnosor fell down upon his face, and bowed himself unto Daniel, and commanded that they should offer meatofferings and sweet odors unto him. The king answered Daniel, and said: Yee of a truth your God is a God above all gods, and Lord above all kings, and an opener of secrets: seeing thou can discover this mystery. So the king made Daniel a great man, and gave him many and great gifts.
      He made him ruler of all the countries of Babylon, and Lord of all nobles, that were at Babylon. Now Daniel entreated the king for Sidrach, Misach, and Abednago, so that he made them rulers over all the offices in the land of Babylon: But Daniel himself remained still in the court by the King


 And it happened after the seven days, that I dreamed a dream by night. And behold, there arose a wind from the sea, that it moved all the floods thereof. And I looked, and behold, the man was strong and increased with the clouds of heaven: And when he turned his countenance to consider, all the things trembled that were seen under him: and when the voice went out of his mouth, all they burnt that heard him, like as the earth when it feeleth the fire.
      After these I saw, and behold there was gathered together a multitude of men out of number from the four winds of the heaven, to fight against the man, that came out from the sea. And I looked, and behold, he graved himself a great mountain, and flew up upon it. But I would have seen the border or place, where out the hill was graven, and I could not.
      I saw after these, that all they which came to fight against him, were sore afraid, and yet *durst they fight. Nevertheless when he saw the fierceness and violence of the people, he neither lift up his hand nor held sword, nor any weapon: but only (as I saw ) he sent out of his mouth as it had been a blast of fire, and out of his lips the wind of flame: and out of his tongue he cast sparks and storms, and they were all mixed together : the blast of fire, the wind of the flames, and the great storm, and fell with a rush upon the people, which was prepared to fight and brunt them up everyone: so that of the innumerable multitude there was nothing seen, but only dust and smoke. When I saw this I was afraid.      
      Afterward saw I the same man come down from the mountain, and calling unto him another peaceable people: and there came much people unto him: some were glad some were sorry, some of them were bound, so that they were carried and brought forth.
      Then was I sick through great fear, and I awaked, and said: thou hast shown thy servant all thy wonders from the beginning, and hast counted me worthy, that thou mightest receive my prayer: show me now yet this interpretation of this dream. For thus I consider in my understanding: Woe unto them that shall be left in those days: and much more woe unto them that are not left behind: for they that were not left, were in heaviness.
      Now understand I the things that are laid up in the latter days which shall happen unto them, and to those that are not left behind. Therefore they are come into great perils, and many necessities, like as these dreams declare. Yet is it easier, that he which suffereth hurt come in these, then to pass away as a cloud out of the world, and now to see the things that shall happen in the last.
      Then answered he me, and said: The interpretation of the sight shall I show thee, and I will open unto thee, the things that thou hast required. For thou hast spoken of them that are left behind, and this is the interpretation. He that taketh away the peril in that time, hath kept himself. They that be fallen into harm, are such as have works and faith unto the Most mighty. Know this therefore, that they which be left behind, are more blessed, then they that be dead. This is the meaning of the vision. Where as thou sawest a man coming up from the deep of the sea, the same is he that God the Highest hath kept a great season, which by his own self will deliver his creature, and he shall order them that are left behind. And where as thou sawest, that out of his mouth there came a blast of wind, fire and storm, and how that he lift up neither sword nor weapon, but that the rushing in of him destroyed the whole multitude, that came to fight against him: it signifieth, that the days come, when God will deliver them that are upon the earth, and in a trance of mind shall he come upon them, that dwell in the earth. And one shall undertake to fight against another, one city against another, one place against another, one people against another, one realm against another. When this cometh to pass, then shall the tokens come, that I showed thee before: and then shall my son be declared, whom thou sawest climb up as a man. And when all the people hear his voice every man shall in their own land leave the battle that they have one against another, an innumerable multitude shall be gathered together, as they that be willing to come and to overcome him by fighting. But he shall stand upon the top of mount Sion. Nevertheless Sion shall come, and shall be showed, being prepared and builded for all men, like as thou sawest the hill graven forth without any hands. But my son shall rebuke the people that are come for their wickedness, with the tempest, and for their evil imaginations: and their pains wherewith they shall be punished, are likened unto the flame: and with out any labor, shall he destroy them, even by the law, which is compared to the fire.
      And whereas thou sawest, that he gathered another peaceable people unto him: those are the ten tribes, which were carried away prisoners out of their own land, in the time of *Oseas the King, whom *Salmanasar the King of Assiria took prisoner, and carried them over the water, and so they came into another land.
      But they gave them this counsel, that they should leave the multitude of the Heathen, and go forth into a farther country, where never mankind dwelt: that they might there keep their statutes, which they never kept in their own land. And so they entered in at the narrow passages of water of the Euphrates, and God showed tokens for them, and held still the flood till they were passed over: for through that country there was a great way, namely of a year and a half journey, for that same region is called Asareth. Then dwelt they there unto the latter time: and when they come forth again, the Highest shall hold still the springs of the stream again, that they may go through, therefore thou sawest the multitude with peace. And they that be left behind of thy people, are those that be found within my border. Now when he destroyeth the multitude that is gathered together, he shall defend his people that remain, and then shall he show them great wonders.
      Then said I: O' Lord, Lord, show me this: wherefore have I seen the man coming up from the deep of the sea? And he said unto me: Like as thou canst neither seek out nor know these things that are in the deep of the sea, even so mayest thou not see my son, or those that be with him, but in the time of the day. This is the interpretation of the dream which thou sawest, therefore thou only art here lightened: for thou hast forsaken thine own law, and applied thy diligence unto mine, and sought it. Thy life thou hast ordered in wisdom, and hast called understanding your mother, and therefore have I showed thee the treasure of the Highest. After three days I will show thee more, and talk with thee at more large, yee heavy and wondrous things will I declare unto thee.
      Then went I forth into the field, giving praise and thanks greatly unto God, because of his wonders which he did in time, and because he governeth the same, and such as is in time, and there I sat three days

*durst= dare *Oseas = Hosea, *Salmanasar = Shalmaneser


 And I beheld when he opened the sixth seal, and lo there was a great earthquake and the *sun was as black as sack cloth made of hair. And the moon waxed even as blood: and the stars of heaven fell unto the earth even as a fig tree casteth from her, her figs, when she is shaken of a mighty wind. And heaven vanished away, as a scroll when it is rolled together. And all mountains and isles, were moved out of their places. And the kings of the earth, and the great men, and the rich men, and the chief captains, and the mighty men, and every bondman, and every free man, hid themselves in dens, and in rocks of the hills: and said to the hills and rocks: fall on us, and hide us from the presence of him that sitteth on the seat, and from the wrath of the lamb: for the great day of his wrath is come, and who can endure it



 And when he had opened the seventh seal, there was silence in heaven about the space of half an hour. And I saw angels standing before God, and to them were given seven trumpets. And another angel came and stood before the altar having a golden censer, and much of odors was given unto him, that he should offer of the prayers of all saints upon the golden altar, which was before the seat. And the smoke of the odors which came of the prayers of all saints, ascended up before God out of the Angels hand. And the Angel took the censer and filled it with fire of the altar and cast it into the earth, and voices were made, and thunderings and lightnings, and earthquake.
      And the seven Angels which had the seven trumpets prepared themselves to blow. The first Angel blew, and there was made hail and fire, which were mingled with blood, and they were cast into the earth: and the third part of trees was burnt, and all green grass was burnt. And the second Angel blew: and as it were a great mountain: burning with fire was cast into the sea, and the third part of the sea turned to blood, and the third part of the creatures which had life, died, and the third part of ships were destroyed.
      And the third Angel blew, and there fell a great star from heaven burning as it were a lamp, and it fell into the third part of the rivers, and into fountains of waters, and the name of the star is called wormwood. And the third part was turned to wormwood. And many men died of the waters because they were made bitter. And the fourth Angel blew, and the third part of the sun was smitten, and the third part of the moon, and the third part of stars: so that the third part of them was darkened. And the day was smitten that the third part of it should not shine, and likewise the night. And I beheld and heard an Angel flying through the midst of heaven, saying with a loud voice: Woe, woe, to the inhabiters of the earth because of the voices to come of the trumpet of the three Angels which were yet to blow


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Mountains of fear!

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