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the beginning of a loving relationship...

And measures and matters of The Truth of the "time" we are in ...how "man" ..."thought to change time and times ...

Dearly beloved, be not ignorant of this one thing, how that one day is with the Lord, as a thousand year, and a thousand year as one day.

The Lord is not slack to fulfil his promise, as some men count slackness: but is patient to us ward, and would have no man lost, but would receive all men to repentance.


     Behold in a dream during the dread nightmare of the dark season ...of the times and time ..of the season of man ...see son of man ...

and i was taken and shown a man and a woman sitting with one another at a table ...

and the man and the woman had walked with one another for some time.

and had went on dates.

and had worthy romantic times

and the man had met the woman's son.

nevertheless the woman's son was what is called somewhat autistic...

and the son drew not near to the man for that reason.

evenso the man and the lad had been close to each other many times.

Yet still the lad would not allow the man to touch him.

Now however the woman asked the man if he was ready to try to be closer to the lad.

and to try to draw closer to her son.

and the man answered ..."maybe we should give him a little more time to get used to me ?" 

and to this the woman answered and said ...no time like the present.

and the man said ok ...let's try.

and the man and the woman went to the son ...who was playing in a sand box.

and the young lad had many color full rocks...

and he looked at each one ...one at a time ...and set each rock down in a place.

Now the man smiling at the lad ...went slowly sitting in the sand box himself ...away from the lad ...as not to frighten the lad.

and the woman looked at her son ...

and immediately wanted to get in the sand box also ...to comfort the lad.

Yet the man held up his hand ...and stopped the woman ...that he must go near the lad himself ...

and the woman stopped and stood a short way away from the sand box. watching.

Now the man looked himself for a colorful rock ...

and he began himself to gather more color full rocks ...

and the lad looked ...and saw what the man was doing ...

and the man smiled and offered a most color full rock to the lad.

and at first the lad withheld ...

and then the man smiled warmly and offered another rock to the lad ...

and soon the lad took the rocks the man offered ...

and the lad smiled upon the man ...

and their smiles met one another.

and soon the man reached out smiling warmly to offer another rock.

and the lad reached out also...

and their hands touched ...

and the man smiled the more ...

and the lad did not withdraw his hand.

and the man offered another most color full rock ...

and the lad reached out again ...

and the man held his hand ...one open palm up ...for the lad to lay his hand in the mans ...

and the other with the color full rock.

and the lad looked and placed his hand in the mans hand.

and this time the man very gently ...held the lads hand ...

and placed the most color full rock gently in the lads hand.

and now this went on for some time ...

and the lad allowed that the man would hold his had more and more ...

and soon the man and the lad drew closer to one another.

and the man laid down in the sand.

and the man and the lad came even closer together.

and the lad laid down also near ...next to the man.

and very slowly to come in contact with each other ...

and all of all things were done caringly warmly and lovingly gentle.

and by and by the lad drew close to the man.

and the man very slowly stretched out his arm above the lads head.

and the lad came closer ...

and the mans hand touched the lads shoulder...

and the lad did not move away ...

and they both rested in the son light ...

even one with another side by side.

and woman stood near by ...and wept for gladness.


and scripture came back to remembrance.


ESAI or ISAIAH Chpt 54

Therefore be glad now, thou barren that barest not. Rejoice, sing and be merry, thou that art not with child: For the desolate hath no more children, then the married wife, saith the Lord. Make thy tent wider, and spread out the hangings of thy habitation: spare not, lay forth thy coards, and make fast thy stakes: for thou shalt break out on the right side and on the left, and thy seed shall have the Gentiles in possession, and dwell in the desolate cities. Fear not, for thou shalt not be confounded: Be not ashamed, for thou shalt not come to confusion. Yee thou shalt forget the shame of thy youth, and shalt not remember the dishonor of thy *wedowhead. For he that made thee, shall be thy Lord and husband ( whose name is the Lord of Hosts ) and thine avenger shall be even the holy one of Israel, the Lord of the whole world. For the Lord shall call thee, being as a desolate sorrowful woman, and as a young wife that hath broken her wedlock: sayeth thy God.
      A little while have I forsaken thee, but with great mercifulness will I take thee up unto me. When I was angry, I hid my face from thee for a little season, but through everlasting goodness shall I pardon thee, sayeth the Lord thy avenger. And this must be unto me as the water of Noe: for as like I have sworn that I will not bring the water of Noe any more upon the world: so have I sworn that I will never be angry with thee, nor reprove thee: The mountains shall remove, and the hills shall fall down: but my loving kindness shall not move, and the bond of my peace be shall not fall down from thee, saith the Lord thy merciful lover. Behold thou poor, vexed, and despised: I will make walls of precious stones, and thy foundation of Sapphires, thy windows of Crystal, thy gates of fine clear stone, and thy borders of pleasant stones. Thy children shall all be taught of God, and I will give them plenteousness of peace. In righteousness shalt thou be grounded, and be far from oppression: for the which thou needest not be afraid, neither for hinderance, for it shall not come nye thee. Behold, the *aleaunt that was far from thee, shall dwell with thee: and he that was sometime a stranger unto thee, shall be joined with thee: Behold, I make the smith that bloweth the coals in the fire, and he maketh a weapon after his handy work. I make also the waster to destroy: but all the weapons that are made against thee, shall not prosper. And as for all tongues, that shall resist thee in judgment, thou shalt over come them, and condemn them. This is the heritage of the Lords servants, and the righteousness that they shall have of me, saith the Lord

*wedowhead (wedowhead; of the wed/ widowhood). *aleaunt ( alien )

ESAI or ISAIAH Chpt 63

  What is he this, that cometh from *Edom, with stained red clothes of *Bosra: ( which is so costly cloth ) and cometh in so nimbly with all his strength: I am he that teacheth righteousness, and am of power to help. Wherefore then is thy clothing red, and thy raiment like his that treadeth the winepress? I have trodden the press myself alone, and of all people, there was not one with me. Thus have I trodden down mine enemies in my wrath, and set my feet upon them in my indignation: And their blood sprang upon my clothes, and so have I stained all my raiment. For that day of vengeance that I have taken in hand, and the year of my deliverance is come. I looked about me, and there was no man to show me any help, I fell down, and no man held me up. Then I held me by mine own arm, and my ferventness sustained me. And thus have I trodden down the people in my wrath, and bathed them in my displeasure: In so much that I have shed their blood upon the earth.
      I will declare the goodness of the Lord, ye and the praise of the Lord for all that he hath given us, for the great good that he hath done for Israel: which he hath given them of his own favor, and according to the multitude of his loving kindnesses. For he said: These no doubt will be my people, and no shrinking children, and so he was their Saviour. In their troubles he forsook them not, but the angel that went forth from his presence delivered them: Of very love and kindness that he had unto them, redeemed he them: He hath born them, and carried them up ever, since the world began. But after they provoked him to wrath and vexed his holy mind, he was their enemy, and fought against them himself. Yet remembered he the old time of Moses and his people: How he had brought them from the water of the sea, as a shepherd doeth with his sheep: how he had given his holy spirit among them: how he had led Moses by the right hand with his glorious arm: how he had divided the water before them ( whereby he gat himself an everlasting name ) how he led them in the deep, as an horse is led in the plain, that they should not stumble. The spirit of the Lord led them as a tame beast goeth in the field.
      Thus ( O' God ) hast thou led thy people, to make thyself a glorious name withal. Look down then from heaven, and behold the dwelling place of thy Sanctuary and thy glory. How is it, that thy jealousy, thy strength, the multitude of thy mercies and thy loving kindness, will not be entreated us. Yet art thou our father: For Abraham knoweth us not, neither is Israel acquainted with us. But thou Lord art our father and redeemer, and thy name is everlasting. O' Lord wherefore hast thou led us out of thy way? Wherefore hast thou hardened our hearts, that we fear thee not ? Be at one with us again, for thy servants sake that are the generation of thine heritage. Thy people hath had but little of thy Sanctuary in possession, for our enemies have taken it in: And we are become even as we were from the beginning: but thou art not their Lord, for they have not called upon thy name

*Edom..is a name given to Esau as well as to the nation descending from him.
*Bosra ...is modern day Iraq


Harken now what the Lord sayeth: Up, reprove the mountains, and let the hills hear thy voice. O hear the punishment of the Lord, ye mountains, and yee mighty foundations of the earth: for the Lord will reprove his people, and reason with Israel: O my people, what have I done unto thee? or wherein have I hurt thee? give me answer. Because I brought thee from the land of Egypt, and delivered thee out of the house of bondage? Because I made Moses, Aaron, and Miriam to lead thee? Remember ( O my people ) what Balach the king of Moab had imagined against thee, and what answer that Balaam the son of Beor gave him, from Sethim unto Galgal, that ye may know the loving kindness of the Lord.
      What acceptable thing shall I offer unto the Lord? shall I bow on my knee to the high God? Shall I come before him with burnt offerings, and calves of a year old? Hath the Lord a pleasure in many thousand rams, or innumerable streams of oil? Or shall I give my first born for my offenses, and the fruit of my body for the sin of my soul? I will show thee, O man, what is good, and what the Lord requireth of thee: Namely, to do right, to have pleasure in loving kindness, to be lowly, and to walk with thy God: that thou mayest be called a city of the Lord, and that thy name may be righteousness. Hear ( O ye tribes ) who would else give you such warning? Should I not be displeased, for the unrighteous good in the houses of the wicked and because the measure he is minished? Or should I justify the false balances and the bag of deceitful weights, among those that be full of riches ungraciously gotten: where the city signs deal with falsehood, speak lies, and have deceitful tongues in their mouths?
      Therefore I will take in hand to punish thee, and to make thee desolate because of thy sins. Thou shalt eat, and not have enough: yee thou shall bring thyself down. Thou shalt flee but not escape: and those that thou wouldest save, will I deliver to the sword. Thou shalt sow but not reap: thou shalt press out olives, but oil thou shall not have, to anoint thyself withal: thou shalt tread out sweet must, but shall drink no wine. Ye keep the ordinances of Amri, and all the customs of the house of Ahab: Ye follow their pleasures, therefore will I make thee waste, and cause thy inhabitors to be abhorred, O my people: and thus shalt thou bare thine own shame


  It happened also in the fourth year of king Darius, that the word of the Lord came unto Zachary in the fourth day of the ninth month, which is called Chisleu: what time as Sarasar and Rogomelech and the men that were with them, sent unto Bethel for to pray before the Lord: and to speak unto the priests, which were in the house of the Lord of hosts, and to the prophets: Should I weep in the fifth month, and abstain, as I have done now in certain years? Then came the word of the Lord of hosts unto me, saying: Speak unto all the people of the land, and to the priests , and say: when ye fasted and mourned in the fifth and seventh month ( now this seventy years ) did ye fast unto me? When ye ate and also drunk, did ye not eat and drink for your own selves? Are not these the words, which the Lord spake by his prophets afore time, when Jerusalem was yet inhabited and wealthy, she and the cities around her: when there dwelt men, both toward the south and in the plain countries?
      And the word of the Lord came unto Zachary, saying: Thus sayeth the Lord of hosts: Execute true judgment, and show mercy and loving kindness, every man to his brother. Do the widow, the fatherless, the stranger, and poor no wrong: and let no man imagine evil against his brother in his heart. Nevertheless they would not take heed, but turned their backs, and stopped their ears, that they should not hear: yee they made their hearts as an Adamant stone lest they should hear the law and words, which the Lord of hosts sent in his holy spirit by the prophets afore time.
      Wherefore the Lord of hosts was very wroth at them. And thus is it come to pass, that like as he spake and they would not hear: even so they cried, and I would not hear ( sayeth the Lord of hosts ) but scattered them among all Gentiles, whom they knew not. Thus the land was made so desolate, that there traveled no man in it neither to, nor for, for that pleasant land was utterly layed waste.


And it happened after that I had spoke out these words, that there was sent unto me an angel, which had been by me also the nights afore, and he said unto me: Up Esdras, and hear the words that I am come to tell thee. And I said: speak on Lord my God. Then said he unto me: The sea is set in a wide place, that it might be deep and great: but the entrance is narrow and small like a river. For who would go into the sea, to look upon it, and rule it? If he went not through the narrow, how might he come into the broad?
      Item another: A city is builded and set upon a broad field, and is full of all goods: the entrance is narrow and sodden, like as there were a fire at the right hand, and a deep water at the left, and as it were only one straight path betwixt them both, so small that there could be but one man go there.
      If this city were now given to an Liar and he never went through the perilous way, how would he receive his inheritance? And I said: It is so Lord. Then said he: Even so is Israel also a portion. And why? for their sakes I have made the world: And when Adam transgressed my statutes, then was the thing judged that was done. Then were the entrances of the world made narrow, full of sorrow and travail: They are but few and evil, full of perils and labor. For the entrances of the fore world were wide and sure, and brought immortal fruit.
      If they now which are entered into this world, may not comprehend these straight and vain things, much less they comprehend and understand the secrete things: Why disquietest thy self then, seeing thou art but a corruptible man: And what wouldest thou know, where as thou art but mortal? And why hast thou not received in thine heart the thing that is for to come, but that is present?
      Then said I: O' Lord, Lord, thou hast ordered in thy law, that the righteous should inherit these things, but that the unfaithful and ungodly shall perish. Nevertheless the righteous shall suffer straight things, and hope for wide: for they that have lived ungodly and *suffered straight things, shall not see the wide.
      And he said unto me: There is no judge above God, and none that have understanding above the Highest. For there be many that perish, because they despise the law of God that is set before them. For God hath given straight commandment to such as come, that they know what they do, and how they should live: and if they keep this they should not be punished.
      Nevertheless they were not obedient unto him, but spoke against him: and said moreover that there was no God, and that God regarded it not. His ways they have not known, his law they have despised, and denied his promises: in his statutes and ordinances they have not been faithful and steadfast, and have not performed his works.
      And therefore Esdras unto the full, plenty: and to the empty, emptiness. Behold the time shall come, that those tokens which I have told thee, shall come to pass, and the bride shall appear: and the earth that is now passeth away, shall be showed: and whosoever is delivered from the afore said evils, shall see my wonders. For my son Jesus shall be openly declared, with those that be with him: and they that remain, shall be merry in four hundred years.
      After these same years shall my son Christ die, and all men that have life, and the world will be turned into the old silence, seven days, like as in the fore judgements, so that no man shall remain. And after seven days, the world that yet awaketh not, shall be raised up, and shall die corrupt. And the earth shall restore those that have slept in her, and so shall the dust those that dwell in silence, and the secrete places shall deliver those that be committed unto them. And the most highest shall be openly declared upon the seat of judgement, and all mystery shall vanish away, and long suffering shall be gathered together. But the judgement shall continue, the truth shall remain, and faith shall wax strong, the works shall follow, and the reward shall be showed, the righteousnesses shall watch, and the unrighteousnesses shall bear no rule.
      Then said I: Abraham prayed first for the sodomites, and Moses for the fathers that sinned in the wilderness, and he that came after him for Israel, in the time of Achas and Samuel: and David for the destruction, and Solomon for them that came into the Sanctuary, and Oseas for those that received rain, and for the dead, that he might live: and Ezechias for the people in the time of Sennacherib: and diverse other in like manner, which have prayed for many.
      Even so now seeing the corrupt is grown up, and wickedness increased, and the righteous have prayed for the ungodly, wherefore shall it not be so now also?
      He answered me, and said: This present world is not the end, there remaineth much honor in it, therefore they have prayed for the weak. But the day of dumb shall be the end of this time, and the beginning of the immortality for to come, wherein all corruption vanisheth all voluptuousness is loused and misbelief taken away, righteousness grown, and the verity spring up. Then shall no man be able to save him that is destroyed, nor to oppress him that hath gotten the victory. I answered then, and said: This is my first and last saying: that it had been better, not to have given the earth unto Adam: or else when it was given him, to keep him that he should not sin. For what profit is it for men now in this present time to live in heaviness, and after death to look for punishment? O' thou Adam, what hast thou done? For though it was thou that sinned, thou art not fallen alone, but we all that come of thee. For what profit is it unto us, if there be promised us immortal time, where as we meddle with deadly works? And that there is promised us an everlasting hope, where as we ourselves are evil and vain? And that there are laid up for us dwellings of health and freedom, where as we have lived evil? and that the worship of the Highest is kept to defend them, which have led a patient life, where as we have walked in the most wicked ways of all? And that there shall be showed a paradise, whose fruit endureth forever, wherein is freedom and medicine, where as we shall not go in? for we have walked in unpleasant places: And that the faces of them which have abstained, shall shine above the stars, where as our faces shall be black and dark? For while we lived and died unrighteously, we considered not, that we should suffer therefore after death!
      Then answered he me, and said: This is the consideration and thought of the battle, which man hath upon the earth: That if he be overcome, he shall suffer as thou hast said. But if he get victory, he shall receive the thing that I say. For this is the life, whereof Moses spake unto the people, while he lived, saying: Choose the life, that thou mayest live. Nevertheless they believed him not neither the Prophets after him. No nor me which have spoken unto them, that heaviness should not reach unto them to their destruction like a joy is for to come over those, that have suffered themselves to be informed in salvation.
      I answered then and said: I know Lord, that the Highest is merciful, in that he hath mercy upon them, which are not yet in the world, and upon those also that walk in his law: and that he is patient and long suffering toward those that have sinned in their works: and that he is liberal to give where as it requireth: and that he is of great mercy, for he multiplies his loving kindness toward those that are present, and that are past, and to them which are for to come. For if he multiplied not his mercies, the world shall not be made living, with those that dwell therein: He giveth also, for if he gave not of his goodness, that they which have done evil, might be eased, the ten thousand part of men should not be living. And if the judge forgave not those that be healed with his word, and if he would destroy the multitude that striveth, there should be very few left in an innumerable multitude

*suffered (allowed)



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