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standing before a desert...

And measures and matters of The Truth of the "time" we are in ...how "man" ..."thought to change time and times ...

Dearly beloved, be not ignorant of this one thing, how that one day is with the Lord, as a thousand year, and a thousand year as one day.

The Lord is not slack to fulfil his promise, as some men count slackness: but is patient to us ward, and would have no man lost, but would receive all men to repentance.


     Behold in a nightmare of the dark season ...of the times and time ..of the season of man ...see son of man ...

     and i was taken and shown a man ...

     and the man loved God his father and Jesus his brother and Lord.

     and that in spirit and truth.

     and the man was standing and looking out ...

     and there was nothing beyond him ...

     and only an wide open dry desolate desert ...

     and there was no living thing ...for as far as the eye could see ...

     and that in any direction ...beyond him ...

     nevertheless he could see a high mountain on the horizon ... 


and scripture came back to remembrance ...



   Moses kept the sheep of Jethro his father in law priest of Madian, and he drove the flock to the backside of the desert, and came to the mountain of God, Horeb. And the angel of the Lord appeared unto him in a flame of fire out of a bush. And he perceived that the bush burned with fire, and consumed not. Then Moses said: I will go there and see this great sight, how it cometh that the bush burneth not. And when the Lord saw that he came for to see, he called unto him out of the bush and said: Moses, Moses. And he answered: here am I. And he said: come not hither, but put thy shoes off thy feet: for the place whereon thou standest is holy ground. And he said: I am the God of thy father, the God of Abraham, the God of Isaac and the God of Jacob. And Moses hid his face, for he was afraid to look upon God.
      Then the Lord said: I have surely seen the trouble of my people which are in Egypt, and have heard their cry, which they have of their taskmasters. For I know their sorrow, and am come down to deliver them out of the hands of the Egyptians, and to bring them out of that land unto a good land and a large and unto a land that floweth with milk and honey: even unto the place of the Cananites, Hethites, Amorites, Pherezites, Hevites, and of the Jebusites. Now therefore behold, the complaint of the children of Israel is come unto me, and I have also seen the oppression, wherewith the Egyptians oppress them. But come, I will send thee unto Pharao, that thou mayst bring my people the children of Israel out of Egypt. And Moses said unto God: what am I to go to Pharao, and to bring the children of Israel out of Egypt? And he said: I will be with thee. And this shall be a token unto thee that I have sent thee: after that thou hast brought the people out of Egypt, ye shall serve God upon this mountain.
      Then said Moses unto God: when I come unto the children of Israel and say unto them, the God of your fathers hath sent me unto you, and they say unto me, what is his name, what answer shall I give them? Then said God unto Moses: I will be what I will be: and he said, this shalt thou say unto the children of Israel: I will be did send me to you. And God spake further unto Moses: thus shalt thou say unto the children of Israel: the Lord God of your fathers, the God of Abraham, the God of Isaac, and the God of Jacob hath sent me unto you: this is my name for ever, and this is my memorial throughout all generations. Go therefore and gather the elders of Israel together and say unto them: the Lord God of your fathers, the God of Abraham, the God of Isaac and the God of Jacob, appeared unto me, and said: I have been and seen both you and that which is done to you in Egypt. And I have said it, that I will bring you out of the tribulation of Egypt unto the land of the Cananites, Hethites, Amorites, Pherezites, Hevites and Jebusites: even a land that floweth with milk and honey.
      If it come to pass that they hear thy voice, then go, both thou and the elders of Israel unto the king of Egypt, and say unto him: The Lord God of the Hebrews hath met with us: Let us go therefore three days journey into the wilderness, that we may sacrifice unto the Lord our God. Notwithstanding I am sure that the king of Egypt will not let you go, except it be with a mighty hand: yea and I will therefore stretch out mine hand, and smite Egypt with all my wonders which I will do therein. And after that he will let you go. And I will get this people favour in the sight of the Egyptians: so that when ye go, ye shall not go empty: but every wife shall borrow of her neighbouress and of her that sojourneth in her house, jewels of silver and of gold and raiment. And ye shall put them on your sons and daughters, and shall rob the Egyptians


Woe be unto thee Babylon and Asia, woe be unto thee Egypt and Syria: gird yourselves with clothes of sack and hear, and mourn for your childern, be sorry, for your destruction is at hand. A sword is sent upon you, and who will turn it back? A fire is kindled among you, and who will quench it: Plagues are sent unto you, and what is he that will drive them away? May any man drive away an hungry lion in the woods? Or may any man quench the fire in the stubble, when it hath gone to burn? May one turn again the arrow, that is shot of a strong archer? The mighty Lord sendeth the plagues, and what is he that will drive them away? The fire is kindled and gone forth in his wrath, and what is he that will quench it? He shall cast lightings, and who shall not fear? He shall thunder, and who shall not be afraid: The Lord shall threaten and who shall not utterly be beaten to powder at his presence? The earth quaketh, and the foundations thereof: the sea ariseth up with waves from the deep, and the floods of it are unquiet and the fishes thereof also before the Lord, and before the glory of his power. For strong is his right hand that holdeth the bow, his arrows that he shooteth, are sharp, and shall not miss, when they begin to be shot to the ends of the world.
      Behold, the plagues are sent, and shall not turn again, till they come upon the earth. The fire is kindled, and shall not be put out, till it consume the foundations of the earth. Like as an arrow shot of a mighty archer, returneth not backward: even so the plagues that shall be sent upon the earth, shall not turn again. Woe is me, woe is me, who will deliver me in those days? The beginning of sorrows and great mourning: the beginning of *darth and great death: the beginning of wars, and the powers shall stand in fear: the beginning of evils, and they shall tremble everyone. What shall I do in these things, when the plagues come? Behold, hunger, and plague, trouble and anguish are sent, as scourging for amendment. But for all these things they shall not turn from their wickedness, nor be always mindful of the scourging.
      Behold, vitals shall be so good cheap upon the earth, that they shall think them selves to be in good case? And even then shall mischief grow up upon the earth, wars, darth and great disquietness. For many of them that dwell upon the earth shall perish of hunger, and the other that escape the hunger, shall the sword destroy: And the dead shall be cast out as dung, and there should be no man to comfort them. For the earth shall be wasted, and the cities shall be cast down: there shall be no man left to till the earth and to sew it. The trees shall give fruit, and who shall pluck them of and gather them? The grapes shall be ripe, and who shall tread them: for all the places shall be desolate of men, so that one man shall desire to see another, or to hear his voice. For of one whole city there shall be ten left, and two in the field, which shall hide themselves in the thick bushes, and in the cliffs of stones: like as when there remain three or four olives upon the tree, or as when a vineyard is gathered there are left some grapes, of them that diligently sought through the vineyard.
      Even so, in those days there shall be three or four left, for them that search their houses with the sword. And the earth shall be left waste, and the fields thereof shall wear old: and her ways and her paths shall grow full of thorns, because no man shall travel there through. The daughters shall mourn, having no bridegrooms: the women shall make lamentation, having no husbands, their daughters shall mourn, having no help of their bride groom. In the wars shall they be destroyed, and their husbands shall perish of hunger. O' ye servants of the Lord, hear these things, and mark them. Behold, the word of the Lord, O' receive it: behold the plagues draw near, and are not slack in tarrying. Like as a travailing woman, which after nine months bringeth forth a son, when the hour of the birth is come, an hour two or three afore that the pains come upon her body, and when the child cometh to the birth, they tarry not the twinkling of an lie: Even so shall not the plagues be slack to come upon the earth, and the world shall mourn, and sorrows shall come upon it on every side.
      O' my people, hear my word, make you ready to the battle: and in all evil be as pilgrims upon the earth He that selleth, let him be as he that flyeth his way: and he that buyeth, as one that will lease. Who so occupieth merchandise, as he that winneth not: and he that buildeth, as he that shall not dwell therin: he that soweth, as one that shall not reap: he that twisteth the vineyard, as he that shall not gather the grapes: they that marry, as they that shall get no children: and they that marry not, as the widows: and therefore they that labor, labor in vain. For strangers shall reap their fruits, and spoil their goods, overthrow their houses, and take their children captive, for in captivity and hunger shall they get children. And they that occupy their merchandise with robbery, how long deck they their cities, their houses, their possessions, their persons? the more will I punish them for their sins, sayeth the Lord. Like as an whore envieth an honest woman, so shall righteousness hate iniquity, when she decketh herself, and shall accuse her to her face, when he cometh that defendeth, which shall make inquisition for all sin upon the earth. And therefore be not ye like thereunto, near to the works thereof: for or ever it be long, iniquity shall be taken away out of the earth, and righteousness shall reign among you.
      Let not the sinner say, that he hath not sinned: for coals of fire shall burn upon his head, which sayeth before the Lord God and his glory: I have not sinned. Behold, the Lord knoweth all the works of men, their imaginations, their thoughts and their hearts. For he spoke but the word: let the earth be made, and it was made: let the heaven be made, and it was made. In his word were the stars made, and he knoweth the number of them. He searcheth the ground of the deep, and the treasures thereof: he hath measured the sea, and what it containeth. He hath shut the sea in the midst of the waters, and with his word hath he hanged the earth upon the waters. He spreadeth out the heaven like a *vawte, upon the waters hath he founded it. In the desert a dry wilderness hath he made springs of water, and poles upon the tops of mountains, that the floods might pour down from the stony rocks to water the earth. He made man, and put his heart in the midst of the body, and gave him breath, life and understanding, yee and the spirit of the Almighty God, which made all things, and hath searched the ground of all the secrets of the earth.
      He knoweth your imaginations and inventions, and what ye think when ye sin, and would hide your sins. Therefore hath the Lord searched and sought out all your works, and he shall *bewray you all. And when your sins are brought forth, ye shall be ashamed before men, and your own sins shall be your accusers in that day. What will ye do? Or how will ye hide your sins before God and his Angels? Behold, God himself is the judge, fear him, leave off from your sins, and forget your unrighteousness, and meddle no more with them: so shall God lead you forth, and deliver you from all trouble. For behold, the heat of the great multitude is kindled over you, and they shall take away certain of you, and feed the idle with Idols: and they that consent unto them, shall be had in *derision, laughed to scorn, and trodden under foot.
      For unto the places there shall be a place, and in the next cities a great insurrection upon those that fear the Lord. They shall be like madmen, they shall spare no man: they shall spoil and waste such as fear the Lord, their goods shall they take from them, and shut them out of their houses. Then shalt it be known who are my chosen, and they shall be tried as the gold in the fire. Hear O' ye my beloved, sayeth the Lord: behold, the days of trouble are at hand, but I will deliver you from the same. Be not afraid, despair not, for God is your captain.
      Who so keepeth my commandments and precepts ( sayeth the Lord God ) let not your sins weigh you down, and let not your unrighteousness be lift up. Woe be unto to those that are subdued unto their own sins, and tangled in their wickednesses: like as a field is hedged in with bushes, and the path thereof covered with thorns, that no man may travel through: and so is he taken, and cast in the fire, and burnt

*darth=famine, lack. *vawte, ( vault ; from Mid Eng vaute: meaning an arched overhead covering). *bewray (disclose, reveal, uncover). *derision; laughed to scorn, and trod under foot contempt.


She ordered their works in the hand of the holy prophet: They went through the wilderness that was not inhabited, and pitched their tents in the waste desert. They stood against their enemies, and were avenged of their adversaries. When they were thirsty, they called upon thee, and water was given them out of the rock, and their thirst slackened out of the hard stone. For by the things, where through their enemies were punished, were they helped in their need. For unto the enemies thou gavest mans blood instead of living water. And where as they had scarceness in the rebuke when the infants were slain, thou gavest unto thine own a plenteous water unlooked for: Declaring by the thirst that was at that time, how thou wouldest bring thine own unto honor, and slay their adversaries.

  For when they were tried and nurtured with fatherly mercy, they knowledged how the ungodly were judged, and punished through the wrath of God. These hast thou exhorted as a father, and proved them: but unto the other thou hast been a *boisterous king, layed hard to their charge, and condemned them. Whether they were absent or present, their punishment was alike. For their grief was double: namely, mourning, and the remembrance of things past. But when they perceived that their punishments did them good, they thought upon the Lord, and wondered at the end. For at the last they held much of him, of whom in the out casting they thought scorn, as of an object. Nevertheless the righteous did not so when they were thirsty: but even like as the thoughts of the foolish were, so was also their wickedness, Where as certain men now ( through error) did worship dumb serpents and vain beasts, thou sendest a multitude of dumb beasts upon them for vengeance: That they might know, that look wherewithal a man sinneth, by the same also shall he be punished. For unto thy almighty hand, that made the world of naught, it was not unpossible, to send among them a multitude of Bears, or wood lions, or cruel beasts of strange kind, such as were unknown, or spout fire or cast out a smoking breath, or shooting horrible sparkles out of their eyes: which might only destroy them with hurting, but also kill them with their horrible sight. Yee without these beasts might they have been slain with one wind, being persecuted of their own works, and scattered abroad through the breath of your power.
      Nevertheless thou hast ordered all things in measure, number and weight. For thou hast ever had great strength and might, and who may withstand the power of thine arm? And why? like as the small thing that the balance weigheth so is the world before thee: yee as a drop of the morning dew, that falleth down upon the earth. Thou hast mercy upon all, for thou hast power of all things: and makest thee as though thou sawest not the sins of men, because they should amend. For thou lovest all the things that are, and hatest none of them whom thou hast made: neither didest thou ordain or make anything, of evil will. How might any things endure, if it were not thy will? Or how could anything be preserved, except it were called of thee? But thou sparest all, for all are thine, O' Lord, thou lover of souls     




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