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no man chasing...

And measures and matters of The Truth of the "time" we are in ...how "man" ..."thought to change time and times ...

Dearly beloved, be not ignorant of this one thing, how that one day is with the Lord, as a thousand year, and a thousand year as one day.

The Lord is not slack to fulfil his promise, as some men count slackness: but is patient to us ward, and would have no man lost, but would receive all men to repentance.


     Behold in a nightmare of the dark season ...of the times and time ..of the season of man ...see son of man ...

     and i was taken and shown a person fleeing ...

     and fleeing in dread fear ...

     and fleeing of a past ...

     or fleeing of the present ...

     or fleeing of an unworthy love ...

     nevertheless fleeing to escape ...

     even whatsoever they fear within ...

     and having no rest ...


and scripture came back to remembrance ...



The ungodly fleeth no man chasing him, but the righteous standeth fast as a lion.
      *Because of sin the land doth often change her prince: but through men of understanding and wisdom a realm endureth long.
      One poor man oppressing another by violence, is like a continual rain that destroyeth the fruit.
      They that forsake the law praise the ungodly: but such as keep the law, abhor them.
      Wicked men discern not the things that is right, but they that seek after the Lord, discuss all things.
      A poor man leading a godly life, is better than the rich that goeth in froward ways.
      Whoso keepeth the law, is a child of understanding: but he that feedeth riotous men, shameth his father.
      Who so increaseth his riches by vantage and winning, let him gather them to help the poor withal.
      He that turneth away his ear from hearing the law, his prayer shall be abhorred.
      Whoso leadeth the righteous into an evil way, shall fall into his own pit, but the just shall have the good in possession.
      The rich man thinketh himself to be wise, but the poor that hath understanding, can perceive him well enough.
      When righteous men are in prosperity, then doth honor flourish: but when the ungodly come up, the state of men changeth.
      He that hideth his sins, shall not prosper: but whoso knowledgeth them and forsaketh them, shall have mercy.
      Well is him that standeth always in awe: as for him that hardeneth his heart, he shall fall into mischief.
      Like as a roaring lion and a hungry bear, even so is a ungodly prince over the poor people.
      Where the prince is without understanding, there is great oppression and wrong: but if he be such one as hateth covetousness, he shall long reign.
      He that by violence sheddeth any mans blood, shall be a renegade unto his grave, and no man shall be able to succure him.
      Who so leadeth a godly and innocent life, shall be safe: but he that goeth froward ways, shall once have a fall.
      He that tilleth his land, shall have plenteousness of bread: but he that followeth idleness, shall have poverty enough.
      A faithful man is to be greatly to be commended, but he that maketh to much haste to be rich, shall not be unguilty.
      To have respect of persons in judgement is not good: And why? he will do wrong, yee even for a piece of bread.
      He that will be rich all to soon, hath an evil eye, and considereth not that poverty shall come upon him.
      He that rebuketh a man, shall find no favor at the last, than he that flattereth him.
      Whoso robbeth his father and mother, and saith it is no sin: the same is like unto a murderer.
      He that is of a proud stomach, stirreth up strife: but he that putteth his trust in the Lord, shall be well fed.
      He that trusteth in his own heart, is a fool: but he that dealeth wisely, shall be safe.
      He that giveth unto the poor, shall not want: but he that turneth his eyes from such as be in necessity, shall suffer great poverty himself.
      When the ungodly are come up, men are faine to hide themselves: but when they perish, the righteous increase

*Compare kjv as to this text. RN


     *Because of sin the land doth often change her prince: but through men of understanding and wisdom a realm endureth long.

     king james version ....[2] For the transgression of a land many are the princes thereof: but by a man of understanding and knowledge the state thereof shall be prolonged.



 Now when the King of Egypt let them go their way, and the plague ceased, and then followed after them, and to bring them again into his service, while they were fleeing away, the God of heaven opened the sea, so that the waters stood fast upon both sides as a wall, and these went through the bottom of the sea dry shod. In the which place when an innumerable people of the Egyptians followed upon them, they were so overwhelmed with the waters, that there remained not one, to tell them that came after, how it happened. So when this people was passed through the reed sea, they came into the wilderness of the mount Sinai, where never a man might dwell afore, and where the *son of man had never rested. There were the bitter waters made sweet for them, that they might drink, and forty years had they meat from heaven. Wheresoever they went ( without bow and arrow, without buckler or sword ) their God fought for them, and caused them to have the victory. Yee no man was able to hurt this people, except it were so, that they departed unfaithfully from the worshiping of the Lord their God. But as often as they worshiped any other beside their God, he gave them over to be spoiled, to be slain, and to be put to confusion. Nevertheless as often as they were sorry for departing from the worship of their God, the same God of heaven gave them power and strength to withstand their enemies


 Now when all the host heard that Holofernes was headed, their mind and counsel fell from them: and such a fear came upon them, that they undertook to defend themselves by fleeing away: one spoke not to another, but hanged down their heads, left all behind them, and made haste to escape from the Hebrews: for they heard, that they were hastening to come after them with their weapons, and so they fled by the ways of the fields, and through all the foot paths of the dales.
      And when the children of Israel saw that they fled, they followed upon them, and went down with trumpets, blowing and making a great cry after them. As for the Assyrians, they had no order, and kept not themselves together, but fled their way. Nevertheless the children of Israel fell upon them with one company and order, and discomfited as many as they might get. And Osias sent messengers unto all the cities and countries of Israel.
      So all the regions and every city sent out their best men after them in harness, and smote them with the sword, till they came to the uttermost part of their borders. And the other that were in Bethulia came into the tents of the Assyrians, and took all that they which were fled had left behind them, and so they found great good. And they that came again to Bethulia from the battle, took with them such things as had been theirs: there was no number of cattle, and of all costly Jewels, so that from the lowest to the highest, they were all made rich of the spoils of them. And Joachim the High priest at Jerusalem, came to Bethulia with all the elders, that they might see Judith.


 As for the ungodly, the wrath came upon them without mercy unto the end. For he knew before what should happen unto them: how that ( when they had consented to let them go, and had sent them out with great diligence ) they would not repent, and follow upon them. For when they were yet mourning and making lamentation by the graves of the dead, they devised another foolishness: so that they persecuted them in their fleeing, whom they had cast out afore with prayer. Worthy necessity also brought them unto this end, for they had clean forgotten the things that happened unto them afore. But the thing that was wanting of their punishment, was requisite so to be fulfilled upon them with torments: that thy people might have a marvelous passage through, and that these might find a strange death.
      Then was every creature fashioned again of new according to the will of their maker, obeying thy commandments that thy children might be kept without hurt, for the cloud overshadowed their tents, and the day earth appeared, where afore was water: so that in the reed sea there was a way without impediment, and the great deep became a green field: where through all the people went that were defended with thy hand, seeing thy wondrous and marvelous works. For as the horses, so were they fed, and leapt like lambs, praising thee ( O' Lord ) which haddest delivered them. And why? they were yet mindful of the things, that happened while they dwelt in the land: how the ground brought forth flies instead of cattle, and how the river crawled with a multitude of frogs instead of fishes.
      But at the last they saw a new generation of birds, what time as they were deceived with lust, and desire for delicate meats. For when they were speaking of their appetite, the quails came up unto them from the sea, and punishments came upon the sinners not without tokens which came to pass afore by the vehemence of the streams: for they suffered worthily according to their wickedness, they dealt so abominably and *churlishly with strangers. Some received no unknown guests, some brought the strangers into bondage that did them good. Beside all these things there were some, that not only received no strangers with their wills, but persecuted those also, and did them much evil, that received them gladly. Therefore were they punished with blindness, like as they that were covered with sudden darkness at the doors of the righteous so that every one sought the entrance of his door. Thus the elements turned into themselves, like as when one time is changed upon an instrument of music, and yet all the residue kept their melody: which may easily be perceived, by the sight of the things that are come to pass. The dry land was turned into watery, and the thing that afore swam in the water, went now upon the dry ground. The fire hath power in the water ( contrary to his own virtue ) and the water forgot his own kind to quench. Again, the flames of the noisome beasts hurt not the flesh of them that went with them, neither melted they the ice, which else melted lightly. In all things hast thou promoted the people ( O' Lord ) and brought them to honor: thou hast not despised them, but alway and in all places hast thou stand by them

*churlishly (rude, boorish, miserly)


When Timotheus had knowledge of Judas coming, he sent the women, children and the other baggage unto a castle called Carnion.( For it could not be won and was hard to come unto, the ways of the same places were so narrow ) and when Judas company came first in sight, the enemies were smitten with fear, through the presence of God, which seeth all things: In so much that they fleeing one here, another there, were rather discomfited of their own people, and wounded with many strokes of their own swords. Judas also was very earnest in following upon them punishing those ungodly, and slew thirty thousand men of them. Timotheus himself fell into the hands of Dositheus and Sosipater, whom he besought with many prayers, to let him go with his life: because he had many of the Jews fathers and brethren in prison which ( if they put him to death ) might be disappointed. So when he had promised faithfully to deliver them again according to the condition made, they let him go without harm, for the health of the brethren. And when Judas had slain twenty five thousand he went from Carnion.
      Now after he had chased away a slain his enemies, he removed the host toward Ephron a strong city, wherein dwelt many diverse people of the Heathen, and the strong young men kept the walls, defending them mightily. In this city was much ordinance, and provision of darts. But when Judas and his company had called upon Almighty God ( which with his power breaketh the strength of his enemies ) they won the city and slew twenty five thousand of them, that were within. From thence went they to the city of the Scythians, which lieth six hundred furlongs from Jerusalem. But when the Jews which were in the city testified, that the citizens dealt lovingly with them, yee and entreated them kindly in the time of their adversity, Judas and his company gave them thanks, desiring them to be friendly still unto them: and so they came to Jerusalem the high feast of the weeks being at hand. And after the feast they went forth against Gorgias the governor of Idumea, with three thousand men of foot and four hundred horsemen. Which when they met together, it chanced a few of the Jews to be slain. And Dositheus one of the Bachenors a mighty horsemen took hold of Gorgias, and would have taken him quick. But a horseman of Thracia fell upon him, and smote off his arm, so that Gorgias fled into Moresa. When they now that were of Gorgias side, had fought long and were weary: Judas called upon the Lord that he would be their helper, and captain of the field: and with that, he began with a manly voice to take up a song of praise, and a cry: In so much that he made the enemies afraid, and Gorgias men of war took their flight.
      So Judas gathered his host, and came into the city of Odolla. And when the seventh day came upon them, they cleansed themselves ( as the custom was ) and kept the Sabbath in the same place. And upon the day following, Judas and his company came to take up the bodies of them that were slain, and to bury them in the fathers graves. Now under the coats of certain Jews which were slain, they found Jewels that they had taken out of the temple and from the Idols of the Jamniters: which thing is forbidden the Jews by the law. Then every man saw that this was the cause, wherefore they were slain.
      And so every man gave thanks unto the Lord for his righteous judgment, which had opened the thing that was hid. They fell down also unto their prayers, and besought God, that the fault which was made, might be put out of remembrance. Besides that, Judas exhorted the people earnestly, to keep themselves from such sin: for so much as they saw before their eyes, that these men were slain for the same offense. So he gathered of everyone a certain, insomuch that he brought together two thousand drachms of silver, which he sent unto Jerusalem, that there might a sacrifice be offered for the misdeed. In the which place he did well and right: For he had some consideration and pondering of the life that is after this time. For if he had not thought that they, which were slain, did yet live, it had been superfluous and vain, to make any vow or sacrifice, for them, that were dead. But for so much as he saw, that they which die in favor and belief of God, are in good rest and joy, he thought it to be good and honorable for reconciling, to do the same for those which were slain, that the offense might be forgiven

     *Jerome (kjv =Hieronymus) *Caspin. (kjv= Caspis) *Taraca (kjv=Characa)
*Tubianei (kjv= Tubieni)











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