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honoring extortion and user usury using us...

And measures and matters of The Truth of the "time" we are in ...how "man" ..."thought to change time and times ...

Dearly beloved, be not ignorant of this one thing, how that one day is with the Lord, as a thousand year, and a thousand year as one day.

The Lord is not slack to fulfil his promise, as some men count slackness: but is patient to us ward, and would have no man lost, but would receive all men to repentance.


     Behold in a nightmare of the dark season ...of the times and time ..of the season of man ...see son of man ...

     and i was taken and shown the most disgusting pawn and loan place ...

     and the wretched extortioners and lovers of usury ruled over the place ...

     and they were to be held in high regard and honored ...

     and owners were whorshiped as stars ...

     and all and any wanted to work for the same ...

     and to be part of ...be an employeeeee of the extortion and usury ...

     even to get their living and life from the same ...

     and the honor and whorship and exemplifying extortion filled the generation ...

     even the last generation ...


No Restrictions On Basic Loan Terms

Though Wisconsin payday loan laws have tried to introduce a few provisions in an attempt to protect the rights and interests of the consumers residing in this state, nothing has been specified regarding the basic loan terms. Lenders are free to charge as much interest and other charges as they want. There are no minimum or maximum limits on the repayment period. Therefore, consumers are strongly recommended to read the terms and conditions mentioned in the loan contract thoroughly before they sign it.

Therefore, consumers are strongly recommended to read the terms and conditions mentioned in the loan contract thoroughly before they sign it. do you think ??


and scripture came back to remembrance ...


      O my people, *ribaudes oppress thee, and women have rule of thee. O my people, thy leaders deceive thee, and tread out the way of thy footsteps. 


      Then shall he swear and say: I can not help you. Moreover, there is neither meat nor clothing in my house, make me no ruler of the people. For Jerusalem and Juda must decay, because both their words and counsel are against the Lord, they provoke the presence of his Majesty unto anger. The changing of their countenance betrayeth them, yee they declare their own sins themselves, as the Sodomites, and hide them not. Woe be unto their souls, for they shall be heavily rewarded. Then shall they say: O happy are the godly, for they may enjoy the fruits of their studies. But woe be unto the ungodly and unrighteous for they shall be rewarded after their works. O my people, *ribaudes oppress thee, and women have rule of thee. O my people, thy leaders deceive thee, and tread out the way of thy footsteps. The Lord is here to commune of the matter, and standeth to give judgement with the people. The Lord shall come forth to reason with the Senators and princes of his people, and shall say thus unto them: It is ye that have burnt up my vineyard, the robbery of the poor is in your house. Wherefore do ye oppress my people, and marred the faces of the innocents? thus shall the Lord God of Hosts revile them.

      Moreover thus sayeth the Lord: Seeing the daughters of Sion are become so proud, and come in with stretched out necks, and with vain wanton eyes: seeing they come in tripping so nicely with their feet: Therefore shall the Lord shave the heads of the daughters of Sion, and make their beauty bare in the day. In that day shall the Lord take away the gorgeousness of their apparel, and spangles, chains, *partlets, and collars, bracelets and hooves, that goodly flowered wide and boarded raiment, brushes and head bands, rings and garlands, holy day clothes and veils, kerchiefs and pins, glasses and smocks, bonnets and *taches

      And instead of good smell there shall be stink among them. And for their girdles there shall be loose bands. And for well set hair there shall be baldness. Instead of a stomacher, a sackcloth, and for their beauty witherdness and *son burning. Their husbands and their mighty men shall perish with the sword in battle.

      *eschue (avoid, escape) *ribaudes ( extortioners :MN). *partlets = ruffled covering for the neck. *taches = buckles, clasps, fasteners. *son burning exactly as recorded.

     The changing of their countenance betrayeth them, yee they declare their own sins themselves,....



If thou lend money to any of my people that is poor by thee,

thou shalt not be as an usurer unto him, neither shalt oppress

him with usury. If thou take thy neighbors raiment to pledge,

see that thou deliver it unto him again by that the *sonne go

down. For that is his coverlet only: even the raiment for his

skin wherein he sleepeth: or else he will cry unto me and I will

hear him, for I am merciful.



If thy brother be waxed poor and fallen in decay with thee, receive him as a stranger or a sojourner, and let him live by thee. And thou shalt take none

*usury of him, nor yet vantage. But shalt fear thy God, that thy

brother may live with thee. Thou shalt not lend him thy money

upon *usury, nor lend him of thy food to have advantage by it:

for I am the Lord your God which brought you out of the land

of Egypt, to give you the land of Canaan and to be your God


     *usury: to use a person; have influence over him by lending money goods, favors or

bribes …mmm ....and also interest taking against loans.


     Thou shalt be no usurer unto thy brother, neither in money

nor in food, nor in any manner thing that is lent upon usury.

Unto a stranger thou mayst lend upon usury, but not unto thy

brother, that the Lord thy God may bless thee in all that thou

settest thine hand to in the land whither thou goest to conquer it.


[Chpt 5] And there arose a great complaint of the people,

and of their wives against their brethren the Jews. And there

were some that said: our sons and daughters are too many, let

us take corn for them to eat, that we may live. Some said: Let

us set our lands, vineyards, and houses, to pledge, and take up

corn in the darth. But some said: let us borrow money of the

kings tribute for our lands and vineyards. Now are our

brethrens bodies as our own bodies and their children as our

children: else should we subdue our sons and daughters into

bondage, and some of our daughters are subdued already, *and

no strength is there in our hands, and other men shall have our

lands and vineyards.

But when I heard their complaint and such words, it

displeased me sore, and I advised so in my mind, that I

rebuked the counselors, the rulers, and said unto them: Will ye

require *usury one of another? And I brought a great

congregation against them and said unto them: We ( after our

ability ) have bought our brethren the Jews, which were sold

unto the Heathen. And will ye sell your brethren, whom we

have bought unto us? Then held they their peace, and could

find nothing to answer.

Also I said: It is not good that ye do. Ought ye not to walk

in the fear of God because of the rebuke of the Heathen our

enemies? I and my brethren, and my servants have lent them

money and corn: but as for usury, let us leave it. Therefore this

same day see that ye restore them their lands again, their

vineyards, oil gardens, and houses, and the hundred part of the

money of the corn, wine, and oil, that ye have won of them.

Then said they: We will restore them again and will require

nothing of them and will do as thou hast spoken. And I called

the priests, and took an oath of them, that they should do so.

And I shook my lap, and said: God shake out every man after

the same manner from his house and from his labor, that

maintaineth not this word: even thus be he shaken out, and

void. And all the congregation said: Amen, and praised the

Lord. And the people did so.


He giveth not his money upon usury, and taketh no reward

against the innocent.

Who so doth these things, shall never be moved.


[Chpt 24] Behold, the Lord waste and *plague the world,

he shall make the face of the earth desolate, and scatter abroad

the inhabitors thereof. Then shall the Priest be as the people,

the master as the servant, the dame like the maid, the seller like

the buyer, he that lendeth upon usury, like him that borroweth

upon usury, the creditor like the debtor. Yee miserably shall

the world be wasted and clean destroyed. For the Lord hath so

determined in himself. The earth shall be heavy and decay: The

face of the earth shall perish away, the proud people shall

come to naught. For the earth is corrupt of her indwellers.

For why? they have offended the law changed the

ordinances, and made the everlasting testament of none effect.

And therefore shall the curse devour the earth: for they that

dwell theron have sinned, wherefore they shall be burnt also,

and those that remain, shall be very few. The sweet wine shall

mourn, the grapes shall be weak, and all that have been merry

in heart, shall sigh. The mirth of tabrets shall be layed down,

the cheer of the joyful shall cease, and the pleasure of the lutes

shall have an end: there shall be no more wine be drunk with

mirth, the beer shall be bitter to them that drink it, the wicked

cities shall be broken down, all houses shall be shut, that no

man may come in.

In the streets shall there be lift up a cry because of wine, all

mens cheer shall vanish away, and all joy of the earth shall

pass. Desolation shall remain in the cities, and the gates shall

be smitten with wasteness. For it shall happen unto all lands

and to all people, like as when a man smiteth down the olives,

that are left on the olive tree: or seeketh after grapes, when the

wine gathering is out. And those same ( that remain ) shall lift

up their voice, and be glad, and shall magnify the glory of the

Lord, even from the *see and praise the name of the Lord God

of Israel in the *valleys and Flondes. We heard songs sung to

the praise of the righteous, from all the ends of the world.

Therefore I must speak: O mine unfruitfulness, O my poverty.

Woe is me, all is full of sinners, which offend of purpose and

malice. And therefore ( O thou that dwellest upon the earth )

there is at hand for thee, fear, pit and snare. Who so escapeth

the terrible cry, shall fall in to the pit. And if he come out of

the pit, he shall be taken with the snare. For the windows

above shall be opened, and the foundation of the earth shall

move. The earth shall give a great crack, it shall have a sore

ruin, and take an horrible fall. The earth shall *stacker like a

drunken man, and be taken away like a tent. Her misdeeds

shall lay so heavy upon her, that she must fall, and never rise

up again. At the same time shall the Lord muster together the

high host above, and the Kings of the world upon the earth.

These shall be coupled together as prisoners be, and shall be

shut in one ward and punished innumerable days. The Moon

and the Sun shall be ashamed, when the Lord of Hosts shall

rule them at Jerusalem upon the mount Zion, before and with

his excellent counsel.

For *plagues; see Job (of the heart, and also the flesh) RN

*see (sea). *valleys and Flondes (floods). (kjv and other bibles of man = isles of the

sea). The earth shall *stacker (stagger) like a drunken man.


Behold, all souls are mine. Like as the father is mine, so is

the son mine also. The soul that sinneth, shall die. If a man be

godly, and do the thing that is equal and right, he eateth not

upon the hills: he lifteth not his eyes up to the Idols of Israel,

he defileth not his neighbors wife: he meddleth with no

menstruous woman: he grieveth nobody: he giveth his debtor

his pledge again , he raketh none other mans goods by

violence: he parteth his meat with the hungry: he clotheth the

naked: he lendeth nothing upon usury: he taketh nothing over:

he with draweth his hand from doing wrong: he handleth

faithfully between man and man: he walketh in my

commandments, and keepeth my laws, and performeth them

faithfully: This is a righteous man, he shall surly live saith the

Lord God.

If he now get a son, that is a murderer, a shedder of blood: if

he do one of these things ( though he do not all ) he eateth

upon the hills: he defiled his neighbors wife: he grieveth the

poor and needy: he robbeth and spoileth: he giveth not the

debtor his pledge again, he lifteth up his eyes unto Idols, and

meddle with abominable things: he lendeth upon usury, and

taketh moreover. Shall this man live? He shall not live. Seeing

he hath done all these abominations, he shall die his blood shall

be upon him.

Now if this man get a son also, that seeth all his fathers sins,

which he hath done: and feareth, neither do such like: Namely ,

he eateth not upon the mountains: he lifteth not up his eyes to

the Idols of Israel: he defileth not his neighbors wife: he vexeth

no man: he keepeth no mans pledge, he neither spoileth, nor

robbeth any man: he dealeth his meat with the hungry: he

clotheth the naked: he opresseth not the poor: he receiveth no

usury, nor anything over: he keepeth my laws, and walketh in

my comandments: this man shall not die in his fathers sin, but

shall live without fail. As for his father: because he oppressed

and spoiled his brother, and did wickedly among his people:

Lo, he is dead in his own sin. And yet say ye: Wherefore then

should not the son bear his fathers sin? Therefore shall he live

in deed. The same soul that sinneth, shall die. The son shall not

bear the fathers offense. The righteousness of the righteous

shall be upon him, and the wickedness of the wicked shall be

upon him self also. But if the ungodly will turn away from all

his sins that he hath done, and keep all my comandments, and

do the thing that is equal and right: doubtless he shall live, and

not die. As for all the sins that he did before, they shall not be

thought upon: but in his righteousness that he hath done, he

shall live. For have I any pleasure in the death of a sinner,

sayeth the Lord God: but rather that he convert, and live?

Again: If the righteous turn away from his righteousness, and

do iniquity, according to all the abominations, that the wicked

man doeth, shall he live? All the righteousness that he hath

done, shall not be thought upon: but in the fault that he

offended withal and in the sin that he hath done, he shall die


Thou hast taken usury and increase, and thou

hast oppressed thy neighbors by extortion, and forgotten me,

saith the Lord God. Behold, I have smitten my hands upon thy

covetousness, that thou hast used, and upon the blood which

hath been in thee. Is thy heart able to endure it, or may thy

hands defend themselves, in the time that I shall bring upon

thee? Even I the Lord that speak it, will bring it also to pass.


And the word of the Lord came unto me, saying: Thou son

of man, tell her: Thou art an unclean land, which is not rained

upon in the day of the cruel wrath: thy Prophets that are in

thee, are sworn together to devour souls, like as a roaring

Lion, that liveth by his prey. They receive riches and good, and

make many widows in thee. Thy priests break my law, and

defile my Sanctuary. They put no difference between the holy

and unholy, neither discern between the clean and the unclean:

they turn their eyes from my sabbaths, and I am unhallowed

among you. Thy rulers in thee are like raving wolves, to shed

blood, and to destroy souls, for their own *covetous lucre. As

for thy Prophets, they daub with untempered clay, they see

vanities, and prophecy lies unto thee, saying: the Lord God

sayeth so, where as the Lord hath not spoken. The people in

the land useth wicked extortion and robbery. They vex the

poor and needy and oppress the stranger against right. And I

sought the land for a man, that would make up the hedge, and

set himself in the gap before me in the lands behalf, that I

should not utterly destroy it: but I could find none. Therefore

will I poured out my cruel displeasure upon them, and burn

them in the fire of my wrath: their own ways will I recompense

upon their heads saith the Lord God.

*dross=waste product formed during the firing of metal to make it soft (molten).

*covetous lucre= unearned profit, unjust gain, and/ or gain (profit) acquired by

violence and or usury (Heb) RN






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