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every thought and works...

And measures and matters of The Truth of the "time" we are in ...how "man" ..."thought to change time and times ...

Dearly beloved, be not ignorant of this one thing, how that one day is with the Lord, as a thousand year, and a thousand year as one day.

The Lord is not slack to fulfil his promise, as some men count slackness: but is patient to us ward, and would have no man lost, but would receive all men to repentance.


     Behold in a dream during the nightmare of the dark season ...of the times and time ..of the season of man ...see son of man ...

     and i was taken and shown a huge store like a maul mart ...

     and there was a certain man that was neither rich nor poor ...

     Yet had a necessary living ...

     evenso his truck needed a battery and tubes for brakes ...

     and so he went to the maul mart ...to obtain the goods ...

     and he purchased the goods and went on his way ...

     Nevertheless he when he was about to repair the truck he dropped the battery ...

     and the battery was cracked and broken ...

     and so he went back to the maul mart with his head hung down ...

     and asked for another battery ...

     and the clerk said ...hey were you not just in here ...?

     and did you not just buy this new battery ...? 

     and the man said yes and how he accidentally dropped the battery ...

     and the clerk leaned down and smiled at the man ...

     and he said i "think" i know a way around this broken battery ...

     and he said i "believe" i can help you out ...

     and the clerk filled out the forms ...

     and gave the man an employee discount ...

     and so the man who was neither rich nor poor ...

     Yet had a necessary living ...was very thank full ...

     and thanked God and Jesus ...

     and the clerk for his helps sake ...


and scripture came back to remembrance ....

The Proverbs of Solomon

[Chpt 30] The words of Agur the son of Jakeh

*The prophecy of a true and faithful man, whom God hath

helped, whom God had comforted and nourished.

For though I a least of all, and have no mans understanding (

for I never learned wisdom) yet have I understanding, and am

well informed in Godly things. Who hath climbed up into

heaven? Who hath come down from thence? Who hath holden

the wind fast in his hands? Who hath comprehended the waters

in a garment? Who hath set all the ends of the world? What is

his name, or what is his sons name? Canest thou tell? All the

words of God are pure and clean, for he is a shield unto them

that put their trust in him. Put thou nothing unto his words,

lest he reprove thee, and thou be found a liar.

Two things I require of thee, that thou will not deny me

before I die. Remove from me vanity and lies: give me neither

poverty nor riches, only grant me a necessary living. Lest I be

so full, I deny thee, and say: What fellow is the Lord? And lest

I being constrained through poverty, fall unto stealing, and

foreswear the name of my God. Accuse not a servant unto his

master, lest he speak evil of thee also, and thou be hurt. He

that bringeth up an evil report upon the generation of his father

and mother, is not worthy to be commended.

The generation that think themselves clean, shall not be

cleansed from their filthiness. There are people that have a

proud look, and cast up their eyelids. This peoples teeth are

swords, and their chaft bones they consume and devour the

simple of the earth, and the poor from among men.

This generation which is like an horseleach, hath two

daughters: the one is called fetch hither, and the other bring


There are three things that are never satisfied, and the fourth

sayeth never hoo. The hell, a womans womb, and the earth

hath never water enough. As for fire, it sayeth never, *hoo.

Whoso laugheth his father to scorn, and setteth his mothers

commandment to naught: the ravens pick out his eyes in the

valley, and devoured be he of the young eagles

There be three things too high for me, and as for the fourth,

it passeth my knowledge. The way of an eagle in the air, the

way of a serpent over a stone, the way of a ship in sea, and the

way of a man with a young woman. Such is the way of an wife

that breaketh wedlock, which wipeth her mouth like as when

she hath eaten, and saith. As for me, I have done no harm.

Through three things the earth is disquieted, and the fourth

may it not bear: Through a servant that beareth rule, through a

fool that hath great riches, through an idle housewife, and

through an handmaiden that is heir to her mistress.

There be four things in the earth, the which are very little:

but in wisdom they exceed the wise. The *Emmettes are but a

weak people, yet gather they their meat in the harvest. The

conies are but a feeble folk, yet make they their couches

among the rocks. The grasshoppers have not a guide, yet go

they forth together by heaps. The spider laboreth with her

hands, and that in the Kings palace.

There be three things that go stiffly, but the going of the

fourth is the godliest of all. A Lion which is King of beasts,

and giveth place to no man: A cock ready to fight: A ram and

a King that goeth forth with his people. If thou be so foolish to

imagine thyself, or meddlest with any such thing, then lay thine

hand upon thy mouth. Who so churneth milk, maketh butter:

he that rubbeth his nose, maketh it bleed: and he that causeth

wrath, bringeth forth strife.

*The prophecy of a true and faithful man, whom God hath helped, whom God had

comforted and nourished. kjv has this line... spake unto Ithiel, even unto Ithiel and Ucal,

RN *hoo (whoa, stop ). *Emmettes (ants) cap E.


Chpt 3 The Revelation of St John

And unto the messenger of the congregation which is in

Laodicia, write: This saith (Amen) the faithful and true

witness, the beginning of the creatures of God. I know thy

works that thou art neither cold nor hot: I would thou were

cold or hot. So then because thou art between both, and

neither cold nor hot, I will spew thee out of my mouth:

because thou sayst thou art rich and increased with goods, and

hast need of nothing, and knowest not how thou art: wretched

and miserable, poor, blind, and naked. I counsel thee to buy of

me gold tried in the fire, that thou mayst be rich: and white

raiment, that thou mayst be clothed, that thy filthy nakedness

do not appear: and anoint thine eyes with eye salve, that thou

mayst see.

As many as I love, I rebuke and chasten. Be fervent

therefore and repent. Behold I stand at the door and knock. If

any man hear my voice and open the door, I will come in unto

him and will sup with him, and he with me. To him that

overcometh, will I grant to sit with me in my seat, even as I

over came and have sitten with my father, in his seat. Let him

that hath ears, hear what the spirit saith unto the



Chpt 39 The Psalmes of David

O' Lord my God, great are thy wondrous works which thou

hast done: and in thy thoughts toward us there may none

likened unto thee. I would declare them, and speak of them:

but they are so many, that they can not be told.







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