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beware of renegades...

And measures and matters of The Truth of the "time" we are in ...how "man" ..."thought to change time and times ...

Dearly beloved, be not ignorant of this one thing, how that one day is with the Lord, as a thousand year, and a thousand year as one day.

The Lord is not slack to fulfil his promise, as some men count slackness: but is patient to us ward, and would have no man lost, but would receive all men to repentance.


     Behold in a nightmare of the dark season ...of the times and time ..of the season of man ...see son of man ...

     and i was taken and shown a man ...

     and the man loved God his father and Jesus his brother. 

     and that in spirit and truth.

     Now the man was at his his house with his wife and his children and his friends...

     and the man looked ...and not afar off ...were travelers ...from afar off. 

     and the travelers traveled within ...within a wildly painted vehicle ...

     even of images and dark things of their choosing ...

     and they were arguing and fighting ...

     and much yelling and cursing ...

     and one pointed one way ...

     and the other pointed the other ...

     Now the man of the house watching thought within himself ....

     and that he might help them ...

     and that for he perceived that they were lost ...

     and so the man of the house went according to his own thinking ...

     and went to help the angry arguing fighting cursing people ...

     and he went smiling with his hands in the air ...(error) 

     Now the riotous raging angry cursing lost people ...smiled ...

     and that to see what the man brought for them ...

     and what advantage they might have ...

     and the man asked waht they were looking for ? 

     and the riotous raging renegade people said they were looking for that party place ...

     even by that waters of the devil ...

     Now the man of the house said there is a better place ...

     and he showed them the direction to more pleasant places ...

     even the very way ...and signs ...

     even in the Heavens ...

     and the raunchy riotous renegades perceived that they could take advantage of the man ...

     and that by being friendly ...and pretending to be received of the truth of his showing them the way ...

     and they played the friendly so much so ...that the man invited them to his house ...

     Now within the mans house ....wretched rude renegades grinned ...

     and they robbed the mans house of its peace ...

     and robbed the more of whatsoever they could get pleasure of ...

     and they defiled his wife and rudely treated his children ...

     and brought all ill manner and measure of wickedness to the man mans house.

     and when the riotous wretched renegades had their fill of the pleasures of their flesh ...

     and nothing more was to be twisted rung out ripped from the mans house ...

     even then the ruthless renegades smiled ...and left ...

     and they left the mans house in ruin devastation and void ...

     even like a desert ...without waters ...

     and full of thorns and things that gouge and hurt and prick ...

     and causes grievous sores ...that last a long time ...

     and take much healing from ...


and scripture came back to remembrance ...



The Lord hateth as well him that justifieth the ungodly, 

as him that condemeth the innocent.


ESAI or ISAIAH Chpt 46

 Nevertheless, *Bel shall fall, and *Nebo shall be broken: whose images are a burden for the beasts and cattle, to overladen them, and to make them weary. They shall sink down, and fall together: for they may not ease them of their burden, therefore must they go into captivity.
      Hearken unto me, O house of *Jacob, and ye that remain yet of the household of Israel: whom I have borne from your mothers womb, and brought you up from your birth, till ye were grown: I, I which shall bear you unto your last age: I have made you, I will also nourish you, bear you and save you. Whom will ye make me like, in fashion or image, that I may be like him? Ye fools (no doubt ) will take out silver and gold out of your purses, and weigh it, and hire a goldsmith to make a God of it, that men may kneel down and worship it. Yet must he be taken on mens shoulders and borne, and set in his place, that he may stand and not move. Alas that men should cry unto him, which giveth no answer: and delivereth not the man that calleth upon him, from his trouble.
      Consider this well, and be ashamed. Go into your own selves (O ye renegades) Remember the things which are past, since the beginning of the world: that I am God, and that there is else no God, yee and that there is nothing like unto me. In the beginning of a thing, I show the end thereof: and I tell before, things that are not yet come to pass. With one word is my devise accomplished, and fulfilleth all my pleasure. I call a bird out of the East, and all that I take in hand, out of far countries, as soon as I command, I bring it hither: as soon as I think to devise a thing, I do it.
      Hear me, O ye that are of an high stomach, but far from righteousness, I shall bring forth my righteousness. It is not far, and my health shall not tarry long away. I will lay health in Sion, and give Israel my glory

*Bel shall fall, (kjv and other bibles of man = boweth down) and *Nebo shall be broken: (kjv and other bibles of man = stoopeth) *Bel = "lord" a chief Babylonian deity, MAN as Lord , owner, husband , have, master, man given, adversary, archers, babbler, citizens, inhabitants ) rulers, lords, (noun of relationship used to characterize - ie, master of dreams) lord (used of foreign gods) Nebo = "prophet" of : of the Baal :who presided over learning and writings of the Greek Hermes, Latin Mercury, and Egyptian Thoth *(the mountain where Moses died) all from the Hebrew..RN
      Jacob = "heel holder" or "supplanter" `aqab {aw-kab}a primitive root; - supplant take by the heel, stay, utterly, circumvent, follow at the heel, assail insidiously, overreach, attack at the heel , to hold back`athar {aw-thawr}from -thick, suppliants )worshipper, odor, incense (odoriferous smoke)`athar {aw-thar} a primitive root; - deceitful, multiplied, to be abundant, to be plentiful, to multiply, become abundant . from the Hebrew. RN



 O' be joyful in God, all ye lands, sing praises unto the honor of his name, make his praise to be glorious.
      Say unto God: How wonderful are thy works? through the greatness of thy power shall thine enemies be confounded. O' that all the world would worship thee, sing of thee, and praise thy name. Selah.
      O' come hither and behold the works of God, which is so wonderful in his doings among the children of men. He turned the sea into dry land, so that they went through the water on foot: therefore will we rejoice in him.
      He ruleth with his power for ever, his eyes behold the people: the *renegates shall not be able to exalt themselves. Selah.
      O' magnify our God, ye people, make the voice of his praise to be heard.
      Which holdeth our soul in life, and suffereth not our feet to slip.
      For thou, O' God, hast proved us, thou hast tried us like as silver is tried.
      Thou hast brought us into captivity, and layed trouble upon our loins.
      Thou hast *suffered men to ride over our heads, we went through the fire and water, but thou hast brought us out, and refreshed us.
      Therefore I will go into thy house with burnt offerings, to pay thee my vows, which I promised with my lips, and spake with my mouth, when I was in trouble. I will offer unto thee fat burnt sacrifices with the smoke of rams, I will offer bullocks with goats. Selah.
      Come and harken, all ye that fear God, I will tell you, what he hath done for my soul.
      I called unto him with my mouth, and gave him praises with my tongue.
      If I incline unto wickedness in my heart, the Lord will not hear me.
      Therefore God hath heard me, and considered the voice of my prayer.
      Praised be God, which hath not cast out my prayer, nor turned his mercy from me

*renegades = Hebrew carar (saw-ra') those that contradict: the truth, love, and will of God. ( loving contradiction ) This term "exalted" is then understood that these renegades" though exalted of the world, can not exalt themselves before God. RN
*suffered (allowed)


 Let God arise, so shall his enemies be scattered, and they that hate him, shall flee before him.
      Like as the smoke vanisheth, so shalt thou drive them away: and like as wax melteth at the fire, so shall the ungodly perish at the presence of God.
      But the righteous shall be glad and rejoice before God, they shall be merry and joyful. O sing unto God, sing praises to his name: magnify him that rideth above the heavens (whose name is the Lord) and rejoice before him.
      He is a father of the fatherless, he is a defender of widows: even God in his holy habitation. He is the God that maketh men to be of one mind in a house, and bringeth the prisoners out of captivity in due season, but letteth the renegades continue in scarceness.
      O' God, when thou wentest forth before the people, when thou wentest through the wilderness. Selah:
      The earth shook, and the heavens dropped at the presence of God in Sinai, at the presence of God, which is the God of Israel. Thou, O' God sendest a *gracious rain, upon thine inheritance, and refresheth it, when it is dry.
      That thy beasts may dwell therin, which thou of thy goodness hast prepared for the poor.
      The Lord shall give the word, with great hosts of Evangelists.
      Kings with their armies shall flee, and they of the household shall divide the spoil.
      If so be that ye lay among the *pales, the doves feathers shall be covered with silver, and her wings the color of gold.
      When the Almighty setteth kings upon the earth, it shall be clear even in the darkness.
      The hill of Basan is Gods hill, the hill of Basan is a plenteous hill.
      Why hope ye so, ye great hills?
      It pleaseth God to dwell upon this hill, yee the Lord will abide in it for ever.
      The chariots of God are many thousand times a thousand, the Lord is among them in holy Sinai. Thou art gone up on high, thou hast led captivity captive, and received gifts, for men: yee even for thine enemies, that they might dwell with the Lord God.
      Praised by the Lord daily even the God which helpeth us, and poured his benefits upon us. Selah.
      Thee that is our Savior, even God the Lord by whom we escape death. The God that smiteth the enemies upon the heads and upon the hearty scalps: such as go still in their wickednesses.
      The Lord hath said: some will I bring away from Basan, some will I bring again from the deep of the sea.
      That thy foot may be dipped in the blood of thine enemies, and that thy dogs may lick it up.
      It is well seen, O' God, how thou goest, how thou my God and my King goest in the *Sanctuary.
      The singers go before, and then the minstrels among the maidens with tumbrels.
      O' give thanks unto God the Lord in the *congregation, for the wells of Israel.
            There is little *Benjamin, the Princes of Judah, the Princes of Zabulon, and the Princes of Nephtali bear rule among them.
       Thy God hath committed strength unto thee, stablish the thing, O' God, that thou hast wrought *in us.
      For thy temples sake at Jerusalem shall Kings bring presents unto thee.
      Reprove the beasts among the reeds, the heap of bulls with the calves: those that drive for money.
      Oh scatter the people that delight in battle.
      The Princes shall come out of Egypt, the *Morians land shall stretch out her hands unto God.
      Sing unto God, O' ye kingdoms of the earth: O' sing praises unto the Lord. Selah.
      Which setteth in the heavens over all from the beginning: Lo, he shall send out his voice, yee and that a mighty voice.
      Ascribe ye the power unto God, his glory is in Israel, and his might in the clouds.
      God is wonderful in his Sanctuary, he is the God of Israel, he will give strength and power unto his people. Blessed be God

*By this gracious rain is signified the word and the gospel which is the law of the spirit and of life. MN *pales = pots ,vessels. *Sanctuary:This is to say; it is well known how God works, even in the hearts of men. RN *Note this word "congregation" is singular, as there is but one congregation. And is not many congregations of many compromises RN *Benjamin = "son of the right hand" Judah = "praised" Zebulun = "exalted" Naphtali = "wrestling" RN *Discern and see this "in " us rather than "for" us. RN *Moriah = "chosen by Jehovah"


     The ungodly fleeth no man chasing him, but the righteous standeth fast as a lion.
      *Because of sin the land doth often change her prince: but through men of understanding and wisdom a realm endureth long.
      One poor man oppressing another by violence, is like a continual rain that destroyeth the fruit.
      They that forsake the law praise the ungodly: but such as keep the law, abhor them.
      Wicked men discern not the things that is right, but they that seek after the Lord, discuss all things.
      A poor man leading a godly life, is better than the rich that goeth in froward ways.
      Whoso keepeth the law, is a child of understanding: but he that feedeth riotous men, shameth his father.
      Who so increaseth his riches by vantage and winning, let him gather them to help the poor withal.
      He that turneth away his ear from hearing the law, his prayer shall be abhorred.
      Whoso leadeth the righteous into an evil way, shall fall into his own pit, but the just shall have the good in possession.
      The rich man thinketh himself to be wise, but the poor that hath understanding, can perceive him well enough.
      When righteous men are in prosperity, then doth honor flourish: but when the ungodly come up, the state of men changeth.
      He that hideth his sins, shall not prosper: but whoso knowledgeth them and forsaketh them, shall have mercy.
      Well is him that standeth always in awe: as for him that hardeneth his heart, he shall fall into mischief.
      Like as a roaring lion and a hungry bear, even so is a ungodly prince over the poor people.
      Where the prince is without understanding, there is great oppression and wrong: but if he be such one as hateth covetousness, he shall long reign.
      He that by violence sheddeth any mans blood, shall be a renegade unto his grave, and no man shall be able to succure him.
      Who so leadeth a godly and innocent life, shall be safe: but he that goeth froward ways, shall once have a fall.
      He that tilleth his land, shall have plenteousness of bread: but he that followeth idleness, shall have poverty enough.
      A faithful man is to be greatly to be commended, but he that maketh to much haste to be rich, shall not be unguilty.
      To have respect of persons in judgement is not good: And why? he will do wrong, yee even for a piece of bread.
      He that will be rich all to soon, hath an evil eye, and considereth not that poverty shall come upon him.
      He that rebuketh a man, shall find no favor at the last, than he that flattereth him.
      Whoso robbeth his father and mother, and saith it is no sin: the same is like unto a murderer.
      He that is of a proud stomach, stirreth up strife: but he that putteth his trust in the Lord, shall be well fed.
      He that trusteth in his own heart, is a fool: but he that dealeth wisely, shall be safe.
      He that giveth unto the poor, shall not want: but he that turneth his eyes from such as be in necessity, shall suffer great poverty himself.
      When the ungodly are come up, men are faine to hide themselves: but when they perish, the righteous increase

*Compare kjv as to this text. RN



Therefore holy brethren, partakers of the celestial callings consider the ambassador and high priest of our profession Christ Jesus, which was faithful to him that made him, even as was Moses in all his house. And yet was this man counted worthy of more glory than Moses: In as much as he which hath prepared the house, hath most honour in the house. Every house is prepared of some man. But he that ordained all things, is God. And Moses verily was faithful in all his house, as a minister, to bear witness of those things which should be spoken afterward. But Christ as a son, hath rule over the house, whose house are we, so that we hold fast the confidence and the rejoicing of that hope, unto the end.
      Wherefore as the *holy ghost saith: today if ye shall hear his voice, harden not your hearts, after the rebellion in the day of temptation in the wilderness, where your fathers tempted me, proved me, and saw my works forty years long. Wherefore I was grieved with that generation and said: They *erre ever in their hearts: they verily have not known my ways so that I sware in my wrath, that they should not enter into my rest. Take heed brethren that there be in none of you an evil heart in unbelief, that he should depart from the living God: but exhort one another daily, while it is called today, lest any of you wax hard hearted through the deceitfulness of sin.
      We are partakers of Christ if we keep sure unto the end the first substance, so long as it is said: today if ye hear his voice, harden not your hearts, as when ye rebelled. For some, when they heard, rebelled: how be it not all that came out of Egypt under Moses. But with whom was he displeased forty years? Was he not displeased with them that sinned whose carcasses were overthrown in the desert? To whom sware he that they should not enter into his rest: but unto them that believed not? And we see that they could not enter in, because of unbelief

*holy ghost saith: aka: spirit of truth. *erre (error) then is plain; against the very truth and verity (realness) of God and Christ.

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