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a boat at the end 

of the world of the worldly...

And measures and matters of The Truth of the "time" we are in ...how "man" ..."thought to change time and times ...

Dearly beloved, be not ignorant of this one thing, how that one day is with the Lord, as a thousand year, and a thousand year as one day.

The Lord is not slack to fulfil his promise, as some men count slackness: but is patient to us ward, and would have no man lost, but would receive all men to repentance.


     Behold in a dream near the end of the dread nightmare of the dark season ...of the times and time ..of the season of man ...see son of man ...

and i was taken and shown as though the cities of the coast ...of world of the worldly were destroyed.

and it was of high wicked waters of the world of the worldly.

Nevertheless there were a few souls that had been shown higher ground.

and the few had also been shown and found an old boat.

and they came out of the swamp ...for all of the world of the worldly appeared as a swamp.

even as the wicked waters of the world became like a flood upon the coasts ...

and an aged man appeared.

and the aged man loved God his father and Jesus his brother and Lord.

and that in spirit and truth.

and the aged man had ...had experience with wicked waters and boats and the swamp and the ways wilderness of the world.

and the few listened to the aged man as he spoke to them in spirit and truth.

and to help them with works and calm the worries.

and the aged man explained that the world was not destroyed again of floods.

Yet the wicked wretched cities of the coasts were destroyed.

even as was prophesy of the word of God.

and the aged man said that there was even higher ground.

and a ground dry of the wicked waters of the world of the worldly.

and the few and the aged man pushed the boat out upon the flood waters of the prophesy.

and went to higher ground afar off.

Yet they could not see the higher ground as they left ...left the swamp.

even as the swamp of the wicked cities of the cost were swallowed up of the flood waters.


and scripture came back to remembrance.


Come together and gather you, O *froward people: or the thing go forth that is concluded, and or the time be passed away as dust: or the fearful wrath of the Lord come upon you, yee or the day of the Lords sore displeasure come upon you. Seek the Lord all yee meek hearted upon the earth, ye that work after his judgement: seek righteousness, seek lowliness: that yee may be defended in the wrothfull day of the Lord. For Gaza shall be destroyed, and Ascalon shall be laid waste. They shall cast out Asood at the noon day, and Accaron shall be plucked up by the roots.
      Woe unto you that dwell upon the sea coast, ye murderous people: the word of the Lord shall come upon you. O Canaan thou land of the Phillistines, I will destroy thee, so that there shall no man dwell in thee any more: and as for the sea coast, it shall be herdmans cottages and sheep folds: yee it shall be a portion for such as remain of the house of Juda, to feed there upon. In the houses of Ascalon shall they rest toward the night: for the Lord their God shall visit them, and turn away their captivity. I have heard the despite of Moab, and the blasphemies of the children of Ammon how they have shamefully entreated my people, and magnified themselves within the borders of their land. Therefore as truly as I live ( sayeth the Lord of hosts the God of Israel ) Moab shall be as Sodom, and Ammon as Gomora: even dry thorn hedges, *salt pits and perpetual wilderness. The residue of my folk shall spoil them, the remnant of my people shall have them in possession. This shall happen unto them for their pride, because they have dealt so shamefully with the Lord of hosts people, and magnified themselves above them . The Lord shall be grim upon them, and destroy all the goods in the land. And all the Isles of Heathen shall worship him, every man in his place.
      Ye Morians also shall perish with my sword: yee he shall stretch out his hand over the north, and destroy Assur. As for Nivive, he shall make it desolate, dry and waste. The flocks and the beasts of all the people shall lye in the midest of it, pelicans and storks shall abide in the upper posts of it, fowls shall sing in the windows, and ravens shall sit upon the *balcks, for the boards of cedar shall be run down. This the proud and careless city, that said in her heart: I am, and there is else none. O how is she made so waste, that the beasts lie therein? Who so goeth by, mock her, and pointeth at her with his finger

*froward=stubbornly contrary to truth, love and /or the spirit. *as barren as the places where salt is cast.       *balcks= wooden beam or rafter


And he said: whereunto shall we liken the kingdom of God? or with what comparison shall we compare it? It is like a grain of mustardseed, which when it is sown in the earth, is the least of all seeds that be in the earth: but after that it is sown, it groweth up, and is greatest of all herbs: and beareth great branches, so that the fowls of the air may dwell under the shadow of it.
      And with many such similitudes he preached the word unto them, after as they might hear it. And without similitude spake he nothing unto them. But when they were apart, he expounded all things to his disciples. And the same day when evening was come, he said unto them: let us pass over unto the other side. And they left the people, and took him even as he was in the ship. And there were also with him other ships.
      And there arose a great storm of wind, and dashed the waves into the ship, so that it was full. And he was in the stern asleep on a pillow. And they awoke him, and said to him: Master, carest thou not that we perish? And he rose up, and rebuked the wind, and said unto the sea: peace and be still. And the wind *allayed, and there followed a great calm. And he said unto them: why are ye so fearful? How is it that ye have no faith? And they feared exceedingly, and said one to another: what fellow is this? For both wind and sea obey him

*anon (shortly) *privy ( private, secret) *mete (worthiness;use for a measure)
*allayed (settled down),




and others of a similitude...

"homeless on the highway...of the east coast..."

"east coast window..."

"east coast...west coast...darkness moving against the heartland..."








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